Develop children’s mental capacity

Develop children’s mental capacity

Today, some children often run away from home for reasons that are insignificant to adults, and even cause extreme behavior.

Many parents and teachers say that today’s children are too spoiled and their mental capacity is too poor.

As long as one participates in social life, he will encounter various pressures, difficulties and frustrations.

In doing so, some people are strong, optimistic, and brave enough to overcome it; others cause cowardice, pessimism, and escape from it everywhere.

Cultivating children to form a psychological quality that is free from chaos and spoils is based on maintaining a healthy mentality.

  Psychological tolerance is a question of psychological quality, which reflects a person’s rationality in dealing with difficulties and setbacks, social risk awareness, and ability to control self-thinking, emotions, and behavior.

Therefore, the cultivation of psychological endurance should be carried out step by step based on the formation of good behavior habits and mental health education as the main content.

  Let the children decide and handle their own affairs thoroughly.

As parents and teachers, try to let your children decide and handle their own affairs.

As long as it is not a bad thing, as long as the children can do it, let them take their own ideas and do it themselves.

  Flatter your children as little as possible.

Many children grew up in a vibrant flattering environment. Even if the child did something he should do, people around him would always praise it; the child made mistakes, and the parents were afraid to “stimulate” the child and do everything possibleThe child makes excuses.

This makes the child capricious and vanity.

Not flattering the child, is not simply to please the child, is to be good at letting the child bear the obligations he should assume, is to let the child know what is right, what is wrong, what should be done, what should not be done, and face yourself from childhoodEvery problem encountered.

  Eliminate the child’s psychological pressure in a timely manner.

Sometimes a child faces psychological stress that he cannot bear.

At this time, teachers and parents are required to actively resolve and counsel.

The commonly used methods are: (1) Talk to your children, and untie their worries.

(2) Make certain commitments to your child to eliminate concerns.

(3) Help the child analyze the cause and solve the problem.

(4) Encourage your child to be strong, confident, and relieve psychological pressure.

(5) Caring for your child in good faith, and having a direct relationship with each other and the cause of psychological stress, will give your child a sense of trust.

(6) Engage in some stylistic activities and divert their attention.

  Targeted “psychological training”.

Psychological and physical, you must promote their health through certain exercise activities.

In order to cultivate children’s ability to bear, some “psychological exercises” can be carried out purposefully and systematically.

For example, you can consciously cultivate your child’s will quality in sports activities; build up children’s self-confidence by organizing various activities; carry out “life independence ability contests”, etc., so that children can establish a correct sense of competition; sometimes, achieve resultsYou can come up with some difficult problems, encourage them when they fail, and be frustrated, educate your children to “worse well, fail to worry”, always participate in life and competition with a peaceful and natural attitude, and be able to withstand the future of life.Ups and downs.

How to treat chloasma?

Recommended Chinese medicine acupuncture beauty freckle

How to treat chloasma?
Recommended Chinese medicine acupuncture beauty freckle

Acupuncture treatment of chloasma 1, liver qi stagnation: must take the pulse points.

Take the line, too rushing, gas sea, Sanyinjiao, causing acupuncture and ventilating blood and face ecchymosis.

Chest flank full of Jiamen, waist and knees plus kidney.

2, kidney deficiency fire (hepatic kidney yin deficiency) take liver Yu, Shenshu, Zusanli, Guan Yuan, life door.

(Yi Jingxue, Buganshen and Kidney) above the points to nourish liver and kidney to regulate qi and blood, nourishing yin and fading.

3, spleen deficiency and dampness: spleen, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, Zusanli.

With the disease to take a point of abdominal distension: squat, gas sea; note: Tianshu.

In addition to this, acupuncture or spurting at the lesion site is mainly to clear the local qi and blood.

You can also add Liuwei Dihuang Pills and Jiawei Xiaoyao Pills along with the card.

1 course of 10 times every 20-30 minutes starting every other day.

Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of chloasma is related to the following diseases: 1, the emotion does not follow, leading to liver qi stagnation, poor air, qi and blood can not be on the face; 2, diet is not good, damage the spleen and stomach, spleen lost health, water wetStop inside, blood is not smooth, face is dying; 3, old and poor, kidney yin, resulting in inflammation on the virtual fire, skin dying, the true color of the kidney is in the face; 4, the wind is not affected by the windCan not support face.

Clinical manifestations: light brown or brown plaque, irregular shape is often symmetrically distributed in the lips, forehead, sputum, retina, nose, eyes, temples, etc., some are butterfly-shaped, no symptoms, some patients have some initialReddish and faint spots will not be found. Once found, they have grown very long, spring, summer deepening, autumn, and winter lightening.

TCM syndrome differentiation 1, liver qi stagnation: face plaque, waist and knees are sore, irritable, irritable, chest fullness, dark tongue or purple plaque, thin thin fur, thin pulse.

2, kidney deficiency fire: face with spots, sometimes some dark brown plaque, and some are accompanied by weak waist and knees, fatigue, weakness, redness, less mossy and sometimes thin.

3, spleen dampness: face spots are yellow-brown, stagnation, abdominal distension, tongue pale moss, veins and sometimes strings.

Self-care for the treatment of chloasma 1, pay attention to diet conditioning and eat more foods containing more vitamin C; 2, regular work, work and rest, to ensure redundant sleep; 3, keep the mood comfortable and worry, angry; 4,Avoid sun exposure.

5, avoid abuse of cosmetics.

6, to avoid excessive mental stress.

7, adhere to exercise and improve physical fitness.

Women have a natural manhood

Women have a natural manhood

1 塑造男人缘好的基本外型   男人缘好的女生大多必须具备以下的几个条件,那就是河幸煌分钡某しⅲ鲂运婧停;崽鹛鸬男Γ慈说难凵袢 萌 卓 械 胶 芪 甲  氯
/ P> Because today’s boys are generally afraid of being hurt, they usually start as friends first. If this girl is less likely to refuse, it is certainly ideal, so it is not difficult to find an iceberg beauty girl.It is more and more unaffordable.
  According to more observations and experiences, there are many heterosexual suitors and girls with good male relationships are very feminine.It makes people feel softer and gentler. For boys, such girls do not have pressure and make people feel comfortable.
  2 Release more feminine traits. To create a manhood, first of all, do not set limits, do not think that there is no opportunity to be with this man, because even if it is impossible to be a man and woman, it is still possible to be friends.
  I have always felt that increasing the chance to get along with each other is also a kind of learning. I suggest that you might as well release more of your female characteristics in the process of getting along.
  do you know?
I have observed that girls wearing thin straps in summer are most likely to attract the attention of boys, because they look more sexy.
The combination of clothing is very interesting, and it will also draw closer to each other.
  Of course, I do n’t want you to dress hot and hot every day, just do n’t wear dark clothes at all. Moderately bright clothes will also make you different. Remember the principle is to let others know you, andNot thinking of you as a shadow.
  3 Make people’s relationships better A woman needs a pursuer anytime, anywhere, no matter what age she is, because it can not only increase a woman’s self-confidence, but also affirmation for women.
Just as men like to be verbally affirmed and praised by women, it is the same reason.
  To increase the heterosexual relationship is actually to make the relationship improve moderately. Too much or less is not good. It is recommended that you may first observe the friends with good interpersonal relationships around you and learn from them, such as the tone of speech and attitude.There is also a respect for people.
  It is moral to show a little woman’s posture in front of the boys appropriately.
You should know that you are not stubborn and try to take everything by yourself. When your abilities can’t be carried, you can rely on boys to rely on them. This is not bad.
  4 肢体语言具有感染力  关于开创男人缘的方法,肢体语言比较轻松自然的女生,也比较容易受到男生的青睐,因为肢体语言是有感染力的,也就是说你若不太会讲话,或是If you feel nervous and restrained, you will also convey this feeling to the other person, so when your body language is natural, it will attract people to want to get along with you.
  5 Don’t reject people thousands of miles away. Here we warmly remind, if you are strict with others, then others will treat you?
The relationship between people is actually relative. If you reject others from the beginning, how can others come to you?

Test your role in the circle of friends

Test your role in the circle of friends

Test your role in the circle of friends 1.Do you eat breakfast every day?

  yes-go to Q2 no-go to Q3 2.Have you ever owned a pet?

  yes-go to Q7 no-go to Q3 3.Do you have any work experience?

  yes-go to Q7 no-go to Q4 4.Are your motor cells good?

  yes-go to Q8 no-go to Q5 5.Are you losing weight?

  yes-go to Q9 no-go to Q66.
Do you think you must eat and drink while watching a movie at the cinema?

  yes-go to Q9 no-go to Q10 7.Do you think there are no aliens in the world?

  yes-go to Q11 no-go to Q8 8.Do you have many friends of the opposite sex?

  yes-go to Q12 no-go to Q9 9.Do you rarely read comics?

  yes-go to Q13 no-go to Q10 10.Can you sing as soon as you get to Karaoke?

  yes-go to Q17 no-go to Q14 11.Do you like to eat sandwiches?

  yes-go to Q14 no-go to 12 12.Are you good at finding different dishes?

  yes-go to Q15 no-go to 313 13.Do you know how to draw comics?

  yes-go to Q16 no-go to Q14 14 14.Do you like plaid patterns?

  yes-go to Q16 no-go to Q18 15.Ever since you were young you have wanted to study abroad?

  yes-go to Q19 no-go to Q16 16.
Have you ever attended an artist’s fan club or lingered on its website?

  yes-go to Q20 no-go to Q17 17.Are you easily moved and crying?

  yes-go to Q21 no-go to 818 18.Have you ever been in a two-footed relationship?

  yes-go to Z21 no-go to Z2219.
If there is no flashlight in your life, do you find it very inconvenient or even disruptive?

  yes-go to Q23 no-go to Q20 20.Do you watch the newspaper’s economic and TV news every day?

  yes — go to Q24 no — go to Q21 21.Are you afraid of watching horror movies?

  yes-go to Q22 no-go to Q25 22.Do you like coffee

  yes-go to Q26 no-go to Q25 23.Do you like to spray perfume?

  yes — A no-B 24..Do you have more than 5 bottles of skincare in your home?

  yes-C no-D 25.Are you a person who is not afraid of trouble?

  yes — E no — F 26.Are you often invited by friends to participate in different types of activities?

  yes -- G no -- HB A: You are a leader in general. No matter you are in a familiar or unfamiliar environment, you will take the initiative to say hello to others; you always have no hesitation when there are problemsThe ground immediately rushed forward to solve, like to enjoy the appreciation of others.

You are born with leadership skills, often as part of a command in a group, and easily gain the trust of others.

  B: Pistachio You are good at engaging in the atmosphere, you will find things to do when you are fine, and you will talk when you are fine. There is laughter where you are.

Your interpersonal relationship is good, everyone likes to get along with you, and you are always cheerful and generous, so you have a lot of friends, but be careful of those endless parties that make you tired.

  C: Trendy people, you pay great attention to popular information. As long as someone talks with you about this type of topic, you can immediately become a good friend with whom he talks about everything.

At the same time, you are a very principled person. As long as there is no conflict with your principles, you will be able to discuss everything, but once you violate your principles, there is no room for negotiation!

  D: A good girl is very self-disciplined. You are very disciplined and have high self-requirements. On the other hand, you don’t relax with others. You like people with high self-discipline and people with loose personality cannot be friends with you.

You work very hard. You are a good girl in the eyes of others. You often ignore relationships because you are too focused on learning.

  E: At 13 o’clock, you don’t have any particular dislikes or dislikes for people. However, if someone can talk to you about topics of interest, you will want to get acquainted with him immediately without any thought.
People feel comfortable with you, so it’s easy to make friends. Even if you don’t actively expand your relationships, friends will automatically bury themselves.

  F: The exclusive village is in a group. You don’t have much to say, and you have reservations. Other people’s impression of you is “mysterious”.

In fact, you don’t like to be with the crowd, but you like to hide and observe, so you can very well trim what others are thinking about.
You like to discuss numerology, horoscope, divination and other topics with others.

  G: Little angel, you are a very easy-going person. It will not cause other people’s pressure. You will be considerate and sympathetic to your friends.

Anyone come to you for help, you will do what you can to provide?

Help, do n’t ask for returns, and you wo n’t be impatient, so your interpersonal relationship is very good, and it is a spiritual first aid station for many people.

  H: Xiao Tianzhen, you are a sloppy person. You have simple ideas, and you do n’t have any plans or think too far.

In principle, your friends will like you, but sometimes your innocence can cause some potential trouble for others.

Litang’s passion and romance

Litang’s passion and romance

Being able to see the scene of a horse racing in Litang, known as the High City of the World, is an unexpected harvest.

  Litang was not in the plan of my Shangri-La tour.

On the way to the Aden in Daocheng, I met Guangdong’s “Yuyou” Jingjing. She said that the horse racing festival in Litang is coming, and asked if I can’t go.

This is a good news that makes me excited.

Three years ago, the trip to Tibet, I missed the horse racing festival of Nagqu for some reason, and I have regretted it for a while.

  On the way to Litang, Jingjing told me about the origin of the Litang Horse Racing Festival.

It turned out to be related to the word “romantic”.

  When the six-day Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, who was known as the “Love Song Prince”, was still at the threshold of his hometown, there was a girl named Sangji Zhuoma who was born in Litang, often living with his father.The homes of my loved ones are beautiful and can sing and dance.

The two can also be regarded as a childhood friend.

I don’t want to, when Tsangyang Gyatso was 15 years old, he was chosen as the reincarnation of the fifth Dalai Lama and sent to the Potala Palace.

Since then, the two have been in the same place, but they have the same kind of lovesickness.

  Six years later, the two of them met again in Lhasa, and the fire of love ignited again.

However, the teachings of the Yellow Church are strict. In order to avoid the harm of the lama (protection law) lama, Zhuoma’s father quietly brought Zhuoma back to Litang.

Since then, the two have never seen each other.

Tsangyang Gyatso in Acacia once and again screamed: “The white crane between the clouds / please lend me a pair of wings / I will not go too far / at most only fly to Litang.

Later, after the 24-year-old Tsangyang Gyatso disappeared in Qinghai due to being trapped and ruined, people found his reincarnation Geng Sang Gyatso in Litang according to his poem, which is the 7th Dalai Lama.Lama.
Since then, Litang’s reputation has been greatly enhanced.

  To commemorate this event, the lama of the Changchunkol Temple, located on the northern hill of Litang City, summoned the full-length rider to antique the grand jockey on the Maotangba grassland on the edge of Litang City.

In the years to come, it will form the most important festival on the Khampa Prairie.

This makes those Khampa people, there have been a lot of show and passion for the big stage. Litang’s altitude is above 4200 meters.

Don’t look at her city is not big, but she is surrounded by vast grasslands, looking up, green and dazzling, a piece of green.

Baiyun swims in the blue sky, and the distant mountain snakes are in the sky.

Herders’ tents, such as white lotuses, bloom in the green waves, and groups of yak-like black whirls sway in the grasslands.

The vast grassland pastures and the faint distant snow peaks, the picturesque scenery, how can it not be refreshing and full of passion?

  The day after I and Jingjing came to Litang, they were catching up with the opening of the horse racing festival.

On the field more than ten miles away from the city, it can be said that it is a sea of people, shoulder to shoulder.

There are monks, journalists, and tourists from home and abroad. Of course, more Tibetans who came to participate in the grand meeting on the Khampa Prairie are estimated to have tens of thousands of people.

On the wide field, the riders of various walks are doing various warm-up activities across their love horses wearing ribbons.

After the opening ceremony, it was a variety of equestrian competitions, immediately throwing hydrangea, picking up Hada, shooting and archery, tilting upside down. It can be said that each style is full of style.

The game was full of excitement, and the crowd was excited. The sound of cheers, “Call, Humah,” came and went, and it rang through the grassland.

  The next day is the speed race.

The ten-mile long track stood on both sides of the audience waiting for the audience.

Jingjing and I did not go to the starting point, but to the red flag that fluttered in the wind at the end, hoping to see the first time the flag-bearer unplugged the red flag.

Through the telescope, I saw more than one hundred riders in the front of the black-pressed crowd at the starting point, and they were eager to try.

At about 9:20, a thunderous cannon was heard from the starting point, and then I saw from the telescope that the riders were riding and marching forward.

1. A whip flew in the air and screamed and sang on the grassland.

Because it was raining at night, there was water in the pits under the grass.

At the beginning, the horses fought and the hooves rang, only the ground beneath them felt vibrating.Like the flood of the gates, they took the road and rushed.

One rider, half a squat on the saddle, the front bow of the torso, the left hand holding the shackles, the right hand holding the whip, the sound of “driving”, such as Lei and Ming; horse racing, with the first squat, picking up four hooves, all the way.
Just over halfway through the race, more than a dozen horses stood out and gradually pulled the other riders behind.

They are like a sharp arrow shot, lightning fast, wrapped up in the blast, and the Tibetan robes on the riders are bulging.

  The dozen riders who ran in the forefront were, of course, the first riders to usher in a severe test.

As soon as they stepped on the grass, they quickly replaced the riders and were tripped or slipped. The other races were splashed and they passed by them in an instant.

The riders, who were almost the same, also quickly opened the distance because of horsepower and riding skills.

  At this time, I saw only a red horse like a lightning bolt. Under the control of the blue robe, all the riders swiftly slammed into the red flag of the finish line, and pulled the flag in the face of lightning.

After struggling to mount the mount, he just shook his voice and shouted two “hhh”, and he was wrapped up by the crowd.

Surrounded by excitement, he shouted: “No. 36!

No. 36!
No. 36!
“This is the entry number on his body, because no one knows his name at the time.”

  Just as the cheering crowd was still unfinished, the soldiers and the staff of several races quickly dialed out the crowd and handed the flag with the “first place” to “No. 36” and made him tall.Lifted in the high ground.

A soldier pulled up the stable of his mount and quickly walked to the main venue.

At this time, I noticed that the “No. 36” young man is a very typical Kangba man. It has a thick eyebrow, a wide nose, a long hair, a back, a strong body, and a young face with a plateau red.Charming and heroic.

  In the chaotic crowd, I actually met Jingjing again.

Jingjing said: “This kind of lovable Kamba boy, but do not know what the name is.

I want to know, you can help me.

“I also want to know, so I asked a few Tibetan compatriots in the flow of people to the main stadium, but they all waved their hands and said they didn’t know.”

Finally, I still know from a very awkward, beautiful Tibetan girl: “His name is Pupa.

Jingjing was happy to jump and said: “Puba, so cute name!”

“Oh, what is the name cute?”

Who knows how the handsome and handsome young rider who shines like a new moon on the Khampa Prairie will become a dream lover in the eyes of many Tibetan girls!

Four reasons to make white-collar workers Moonlight clan _1

Four reasons to make white-collar workers “Moonlight clan”

“Moonlight illuminates the hall .” As a child, this lyrics often accompanied us to sleep.
However, the reporter recently discovered in an interview that “Moonlight” has now become a true portrayal of the life of many white-collar workers in Tancheng.
Due to factors such as higher living costs due to rising prices, advanced consumption concepts, and inadequate financial management experience, many white-collar workers spend little in a few days after they receive their wages.In the days when the clothes were shrunk, even reaching out to family and friends for “relief” became an out-of-the-box “Moonlight clan”.
  For 6 years of habitual work, my dad “relieves” 爸 “Dad, my salary is running out this month. Can you send me 500 yuan?”
“This is a sentence that Xiao Wu, who works for a publishing house in Guangxi, called home two days ago.
Xiao Wu, 28, has been working for almost 6 years, but his deposit in the bank is still close to zero.
Speaking of his dilemma, Xiao Wu said to reporters with embarrassment: “I usually think about how to play with those friends around me as soon as I get paid, but I do n’t have to pay for food anyway.
“Xiao Wu’s family situation is quite generous. In his words, it means” never worry about money. ”
  Xiao Wu, who is used to living a superior life, is very dissatisfied with his current salary.
He said: “When I was in college, my family paid me 2,000 yuan a month for living expenses, but now my monthly salary adds up to less than 2,000 yuan, which is really boring.
“He is accustomed to using money generously.
“The other day I just took this month’s salary to buy a mobile phone I like, and then I can only use my own private house money. There is really no way I can only ask my father for relief.
“Xiao Wu said.
  Looking at his “bill” in March, Xiao Wu said, “The unit has too little money, which is enough for me to spend.
In fact, I really want to save a little bit. I especially envy those colleagues who can save money every month. A friend once advised me to make a financial plan every month, but I can only listen to it when I have no money.As soon as the money came in, I forgot my friend’s advice. ”
  In the last days of each month, Huatianjiudi borrows money. 日 Compared to some thrifty peers, Mr. Huang, who is the middle-level leader of a private company, is much more “cheerful”.
He said to the reporter quite proudly: “I will invite a few friends to go to the bar for a couple of drinks every three or five, or go to the latest movie blockbuster on the weekend, I think this life is interesting.
“But the” cheap “life will have to pay a certain price.
Mr Huang is always dissatisfied with his life in the last days of each month.
He said: “I am a person who pursues the quality of life, and I hope to enjoy the fun of life to the greatest extent, so when I spend money, I basically don’t think too much about it, as long as I feel worth it, I pay.
  Because of this, I have borrowed money for two or three months to spend the last few days of the last month, which is really disappointing.
“In February and March of this year, Mr. Huang felt a sense of suffocation. Regarding his” financial deficit “ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand yuan, Mr. Huang admitted frankly:” I do n’t know, I am scared.Jump, you can never do it again.
“Mr. Liang’s colleague Miss Liang has almost 1,000 yuan of” free money “deposited in the bank every month. When talking about the reason, Miss Liang frankly said:” I don’t have any special tricks to save money.I think that spending money must be within means, especially when spending large amounts of money, it is best to discuss with family or a few friends, so that you can be sure of spending every penny.

  入不敷出型最怕和女友一起去逛街   从事营销工作仅两年的张先生这段时间正忙着另找房子租,原因是张先生嫌现在每个月将近400元的房租太贵了,他想Find a house that costs around 200 yuan a month.
Speaking of his monthly income and expenditures, Mr. Zhang is really not happy.
  Looking at his expenses in March, Mr. Zhang told the reporter with a bitter smile: “This month is not enough to make ends meet, so the pressure is really great.
Talking, Mr. Zhang stated to reporters the “reasons” for each of his expenses.
He said, “Like we do sales, we ran outside all day, and almost every meal was settled at an outside fast food restaurant. For a meal, it would cost four or five yuan.
Sometimes I’m too tired to order something for myself, 450 yuan a month is already very small.
“Next, Mr. Zhang pointed to the two expenses of” mobile phone charges “and” motorcycle gas charges “and told reporters:” The sales performance mainly depends on our door-to-door sales and telephone contact.
Then, he pointed to his motorcycle and told reporters that my motorcycle had to run an average of 1200 kilometers a month. Now the price of gasoline has risen again. I originally added 93 gasoline and now I add 90.Can save province.
At the same time, I have to call about ten people every day. I want to save these expenses, but I dare not save.
Speaking of which, Mr. Zhang “pained” his head.
  Relatively “meek” towards himself, Mr. Zhang is more generous towards his friends and customers.
Looking at his entertainment expenses of nearly 300 yuan per month, Mr. Zhang said, “These three hundred dollars are the only ones I can choose freely. Last month, I spent nearly two hundred dollars to entertain several fellow villagers and classmates., The rest of the money is to buy some gadgets for customers.
I especially want to go shopping with my girlfriend on weekends, but the wallet is not thick enough, I am afraid of shopping.
夫妻 The monthly living cost for couples who provide houses and models is only a thousand yuan.
However, for some young white-collar workers whose monthly income is not too high, the days of having a house and a car are not so smart.   Speaking of his house and car, Mr. Hu, who has a monthly income of nearly 3,000 yuan, said frankly: “The pressure on repayment is too great.”

He said: “My wife and I earn about 5,000 yuan a month. I discussed with my wife last year, right?

East’s “Jade Garden” community bought a flat in the middle of the building. At the beginning, the two of us could still face a loan of more than 1,000 yuan a month.

With the improvement of living standards, our family borrowed a few more cars in the first two months.

However, the quality of life of our family has not been greatly improved because of this, but it has led to heavy debts. Our life seems to have suddenly returned to the level of alternative evidence in the years after graduation.

When Mr. Hu took a loan to buy a house last year, the bank loan repaid for a month was only 1,700 yuan. This year, when his family bought a car, the bank raised the loan interest rate. Now their family has to repay a bank loan of 3500 yuan per month.

In addition, each month you need to spend about 500 yuan to raise a car, and only 1,000 yuan is left.

Except for the food fee of 800 yuan, there is little left in the 1,000 yuan.

  ”In order to repay the loan, I almost dared not go out for social entertainment now. I could buy something for my wife after three chariots, and now I have done so with almost no expansion, let alone other activities.

“When it comes to this, Mr. Hu seems to regret the choice of buying a house or car.” I really don’t know when the bank will raise interest rates again. In that case, I don’t know what to do. “

Folk diet therapy 5 kinds of food effect are better than taking medicine

Folk diet therapy 5 kinds of food effect are better than taking medicine

Joints are an important connecting part of bones, and they are also prone to arthritis. Arthritis is a common chronic disease. Middle-aged and elderly people are prone to arthritis.

How to prevent arthritis?

The following are five foods introduced by experts, which are more effective than drugs in treating arthritis.

  People with arthritis eat 5 kinds of foods better than taking green tea: This mild astringent tea contains very rich antioxidants-tea polyphenols. Studies have shown that green tea can effectively relieve rheumatoid arthritis.

In one study, experts treated mice with arthritis before treating them, and the results showed that green tea could reduce joint pain by 50%.

When brewing green tea, the time is too short, the beneficial substances cannot be fully dissolved; if the time is too long, the tea is liable to become bitter.

Therefore, it is best to use boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Some scientists have also pointed out that teabags may be more effective than ordinary teas because tea leaves are more conducive to the dissolution of nutrients.

  Soy products: Soy products such as tofu and tofu are often placed on the most prominent locations on the health food shelves.

They are soy isoflavones, vitamin E, and calcium. In addition to protecting the cardiovascular system, their strong bones can also be transformed into milk.

Too many Asians have lactose intolerance, so milk deserves to be the best substitute for milk.

  Bell pepper: A green bell pepper contains a pair of vitamin C required by the human body every day, while red and yellow bell peppers contain more vitamin C.

In addition, sweet peppers are also an excellent source of vitamin B6 and folic acid, these vitamins can effectively relieve the pain caused by arthritis.

Sweet peppers require oxygen and are stored at low temperatures.

You can mix sweet peppers and other fruits in a blender to make fruit and vegetable juices. You can also mix them with other vegetables to make delicious salads.

  Banana: It is the most abundant potassium-containing fruit and a food that can treat arthritis.

Bananas are rich in vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin C, and they are easy to digest. They are the main source of edible fiber in people’s diet.

Bananas are prone to over-ripe, so storing unripe bananas in a light-proof bag can extend their shelf life.

In addition, the storage temperature of bananas should not be too low, so it is not suitable to be placed in the refrigerator.

Ripe bananas can dissolve drinks: take a banana, a kiwi, some paddles, add the right amount of milk and ice cubes, and stir in a blender for a few minutes. A cup of nutritious beverage that can treat arthritis is prepared.
   Aquatic foods are also one of the main dietary sources of vitamin D.

  90 grams of shrimp can provide 30% of the daily vitamin D requirement, which is higher than the vitamin D content of a glass of milk.

In addition, shrimp also contain omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, iron and vitamin B12.

  Shrimp are susceptible to spoilage, so be sure to eat fresh.

If you ca n’t eat it once, you should freeze the shrimp in the refrigerator as soon as possible, so that it can be stored for 6 months.

Hot weather Chinese medicine recommends Qingrejieshu diet

Hot weather Chinese medicine recommends Qingrejieshu diet

Click to buy The hot summer weather is more likely to cause heat stroke and other diseases.

Chinese medicine pointed out that summer heat should be done well.

The following editors will introduce in detail the dietary recipes recommended by Chinese medicine to prevent heatstroke and cooling: Porphyra mung bean rib soup soup materials: ribs, mung beans, laver, ginger, peppercorns Practice: 1, short ribs, ginger beat broken, laver soaked and washed, mung bean soak.
  2. Fill the pot with water, spare ribs, and ginger with the right amount of pepper.

When the water boiled, skim off the foam.

  3. Cook for about 1 hour and add mung beans.

After about half an hour, pour the laver, and boil it over low heat for about 1 hour.

  4. Add some salt and chicken essence according to personal taste before serving.

  Efficacy: appetizers, detoxification, heat and water.

  Stir-fried purslane material: purslane, salad oil, ginger, salt, garlic (white skin), sesame oil. Method: 1. Wash purslane, cut into 3 cm long, and simmer in a boiling water pot., Drain the water; garlic, minced ginger.

  2. Put the salad oil on the hot pot and cook until it is 70% hot. Add ginger, minced garlic and incense, add purslane, stir-fry with salt, drizzle the sesame oil, and place on the pan.

  Efficacy: Portulaca is also called longevity dish in folk.

This dish has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving water and dampness, and dispersing blood and cooling blood; it is suitable for eyesight, cardiovascular disease, nephritis, edema, heat and diarrhea, blood in the stool, hemorrhoids and bleeding.

Note: Purslane is forbidden to use with armor.

  Here are some cooling drinks: 1. Hawthorn soup.

100 grams of hawthorn tablets, 50 grams of plums plus 3.

Boil 5 pounds of water, add 100 grams of white chrysanthemums, boil and remove, then put in an appropriate amount of sugar and let cool.

  2, iced watermelon dew.

Watermelon peeled, seeds, diced melon, and even juice into the basin and chilled.

Then boil with an appropriate amount of rock sugar, white sugar and water, skim off the foam, and put in the refrigerator to refrigerate.

When eating, pour the diced watermelon into iced sugar water.

  3. Mung bean sour plum soup.

150 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of sour plums, boiled in water, add an appropriate amount of sugar, and let cool.

  4, watermelon Cuiyi soup.

After washing the watermelon, cut off the thin green skin, add water and cook for 30 minutes, remove the residue and add an appropriate amount of sugar, and put it in the cold.

  5. Honeysuckle (or chrysanthemum) soup.

Honeysuckle (or chrysanthemum) 30 grams, add an appropriate amount of sugar, brew with boiling water, and use it after cooling.

  6. Coconut Juice Tremella.

After washing 30 grams of Tremella, use warm water to remove the crust, and 125 grams of coconut milk, the amount of rock sugar and water, boil and serve.

Essentials of samba men and women rotating their upper bodies at the same time

Essentials of samba men and women rotating their upper bodies at the same time

Although the difficulty of samba run is a little bit less, there is a higher requirement for tacit understanding between dance partners, and there are some “speculative” methods to make this action more beautiful.


The man’s left hand holds the woman’s left forearm. When the upper body is forward, the position of the hand is closer to the woman’s elbow, and when the waist is turned to the rear, the woman is held near the wrist.

In other words, the left hand of a man should be gripped tightly, or he can slide on the arm of a woman, turning into a rotation of two people to change the stagnation point on the arm.


At Rhythm 3, the two quickly turned their waists at the same time. When they turned to the rear position, they did not turn their lower backs at the same time, but their legs were bent, the front legs of the ladies were bent, and the upper part was inclined backwardsThat’s it, you don’t need to lower your waist.

The action made by this method is more beautiful and labor-saving. If you observe it, you will find that many international masters also adopt this trick, which will evolve into correct action over time.


When two people rotate, they can revolve in a circle at the same time as the moon while rotating, or they can walk out an arc at will. Maybe the smaller the circle, the arc and the route are not important, as long as they can rotate a beautiful coordinated curveNo sharp corners are enough.


Due to the body position, the left hand of the man has always been left to the left of the woman. Especially when the arms of the two people pass around the woman, the left arm of the man is still a little more to the left than the woman.

  This action is two laps, slow down during practice, you can follow the speed of four laps.

Reduce cholesterol and stay away from heart disease

Reduce cholesterol and stay away from heart disease

People’s caring diets often focus on fruits and vegetables and low-fat diets, and recent test results were published at the China Diabetes Education Program Media Roundtable: The results of nutrition and food safety trials by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that:In the alternative structure, eating a certain amount of whole grain oats for 6 consecutive weeks can effectively reduce serum plasma and low-density lipoprotein plasma levels.

  High cholesterol is an important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

According to the statistics bulletin of China’s health development, cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases account for 39 of the top 10 causes of death among urban residents in developing countries.

3% is the leading cause of death.

Studies have shown that elevated serum total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol are independent risk factors for coronary heart disease and graded stroke.

Professor Hu Dayi, director of the Chinese Diabetes Education Program and chairman of the Cardiovascular Physician Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said: “From this year, we will expand preventive medical education from clinicians to the public.

“Zhang Jian, Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that this clinical trial is the first large-scale human intervention test in China. The test results show that in the cumulative structure of urban residents, oats can be used as a representative.Whole grain substitutes Some refined grains have a good effect on reducing hemoglobin levels. It is recommended that all people with high cholesterol metabolism do not prevent eating a certain amount of oats in daily supplements, instead of some daily processed rice.Surface, lower plasma by anticipating structural changes.

  Oatmeal is a cereal with high nutritional value and can absorb fiber.

In this study, the intake of the oat group was 100 g of oats per day, and no other nutritional interventions were maintained. The previous diet and lifestyle were maintained. After eating some staple foods of 100 g of oat substitutes, the substitution structure changed, and the total energy,Protein, adult intake slightly increased, fiber intake is expected to increase by nearly 50%, and low-density lipoprotein plasma appears to decrease significantly.

Because it has increased intestinal viscosity, promotes bile acid excretion, and inhibits enzyme absorption, β-glucan is considered to be the main functional ingredient of oats to reduce oral intake. It needs to be proposed that, as a β-glucan,Whole grains, oats also contain vitamins, trace elements, polyphenols, phytoestrogens and many other beneficial components to the cardiovascular system.

  这一项目支持者桂格及新产品开发研发部副总监蔡廖华博士表示:“早在1997年,美国食品与药物管理局就特别为桂格品牌作出健康声称‘每日摄取3克由燕麦片提供的水溶性膳食纤维(相当于约70克纯燕麦片),配合低饱和脂肪低胆固醇膳食,有助于降低胆固醇,有助于降低心脏疾病的风险’。”Tip 1: The secret of oatmeal degreasing. New discoveries about the role of oats in reducing the risk of high blood pressure include reducing cholesterol through oatmeal.

The smaller the volume of LDL particles, the higher the density, the easier it is to oxidize, and the more difficult it is to remove. Compared with the edible wheat group, the size of the edible oat group in the blood is smaller and the number of high-density LDL particles is reducedUp to 16.


Oat is unique in a phenolic compound called oat threonamide. Tests have shown that the substance may interfere with early atherosclerosis after it is absorbed by the body.

As a whole grain food, oats have many positive effects on cardiovascular protection.

Investigations have shown that fine grains contain three times as much metabolism as whole grains, and increasing oat food intake can also have a beneficial effect on blood pressure control.

  Tip 2: The four major benefits of oatmeal The American Supplementary Scientific Steering Advisory Committee’s approach is: Eat at least 3 servings of whole grains a day to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A series of new research results have shown that whole grain foods can improve the sensitivity to complications, thereby avoiding or even preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Cereal oats may also have a beneficial effect on glucose homeostasis by providing a wealth of soluble fiber.

Sufficient amount of soluble viscous fiber can continuously empty the stomach and build a physical barrier for the absorption of the small intestine from the effects of digestive enzymes, thereby slowing the postprandial blood glucose rise.

Whole grain foods and plenty of fiber supplements themselves can help to maintain better weight.

In the preliminary evidence-based research conducted by the World Health Organization, there is already sufficient evidence that a high-fiber diet can reduce the occurrence of excess.

Cooked oat foods are also high-volume, low-energy-density foods.