Young people go into the wrong zone for two meals a day without losing weight

Young people go into the wrong zone for two meals a day without losing weight

Health and misunderstanding, eating and drinking is good for health?

Can you lose weight two meals a day?

Drinking milk plasma cholesterol increased?

Misunderstanding 1: It is reasonable to say that eating and drinking is good for health and saying that “three-point recovery is cold and safe”.

Because of the lack of exercise throughout the day, it leads to excess energy, which can cause too much, accelerate aging, and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, eight-point fullness is good for health.

Misunderstanding 2: Two meals a day can lose weight Some women are slim, only eat two meals a day, think that this can lose weight.

On the contrary, people who eat two meals a day have more capacity to gain weight.

Myth #3: Drinking milk reduces plasma levels Many people do not drink milk because they feel that the milk intake of the plasma is increased, but this is not the case.

The cholesterol contained in milk is not high, and drinking milk can also help reduce coronary heart disease and hypertension.

However, it is not allowed to drink milk on an empty stomach, because drinking milk on an empty stomach is not conducive to the absorption and utilization of nutrients; in the fasting state, the stomach acid is too high, and the lactic acid bacteria are difficult to survive, which reduces the health care function of the yogurt.

Myth 4: The old hen is best to use the old hen to make up the body. It is a long-standing public statement, but it is not.

The old hen contains too much chicken oil, its muscle elastic fiber is reduced, the connective tissue is aging, the chicken is thick and tough, it is hard to cook for a long time, and it is not easy to digest and absorb.

The chickens that are kept for one year are suitable for cooking and stewing. They are easy to boil and become crispy, and the meat is tender and delicious.

Misunderstanding 5: More vinegar is good for vinegar to increase appetite, but also to protect vitamin C in vegetables, is conducive to the body’s absorption of vitamin C, and also has a certain effect in lowering blood pressure and preventing influenza.

So some people think that jealousy has many advantages and excessive vinegar, or even vinegar.

As everyone knows, excessive consumption of vinegar will burn the esophagus and corrode the gastric mucosa, which will soften the bones and aggravate osteoporosis, leading to fractures.

Misunderstanding 6: Chewing gum can be healthy. Some advertisements say that chewing gum can be healthy, so many people eat chewing gum and don’t lick. As a result, the sugar of chewing gum will ferment in the mouth to produce acid, which will corrode teeth and form dental caries.

Chewing gum contains sulfides, anti-aging agents, plasticizers and other additives, which have certain toxicity and are not good for human health.

Misunderstanding 7: The more calcium is added, the more calcium is gradually becoming fashionable, but many people do not know that the body’s demand for calcium varies with age.

Especially for children, if too much calcium is added, it may cause swelling, sweating, anorexia, nausea, constipation, indigestion, and severe hypercalciuria.

At the same time, excessive calcium supplementation in children may also limit brain development, which in turn affects normal development.

Misunderstanding 8: Vitamins are nutrients Many people regard vitamins as health supplements, but they do not know how to take vitamins.

Patients with colds can be supplemented with vitamin C. People who drink alcohol regularly can supplement vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the absorption of trace amounts and proteins. It can be used as an auxiliary component to prevent mild liver. People who like exercise can supplement vitamin B1 appropriately.And vitamin C to supplement the consumption caused by excessive sweating; children in the growth stage, because the body is prone to lack of vitamin D in the daily supplement, can be appropriate to supplement.

Language art of love

Language art of love

Why do we always feel that the other party is not loving ourselves?

Why isn’t the other party doing what we want?

Why do we pay a lot but not necessarily touch each other?

Why are there so many misunderstandings, conflicts and helplessness in love?

  I tell you, “I want to go to Hokkaido, the Netherlands, and enjoy the spectacular flower sea.”

“I thought you would care about worrying: “Where do you want to go, let’s plan.”

“Even if you have a few words, you said: “It’s boring, spending a lot of money on that boring place.

“I am angry, I feel that you don’t love me, don’t understand me.”

Later, I found that the travel magazines in the home, whether domestic or foreign, have a crease in the corner of the page, as long as there is a page of the flower introduction, and there are your notes inside.

  I told you, “I will go out with my friends and I will come back later in the evening.

“I thought you would care about the following: “Who is going out with you, be careful, go home early.”

“But you said: “If you are, you are happy.”

“I am angry, I feel that you don’t love me, don’t care about me.”

Later, I was dragged to go home at 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, I saw you sitting on the sofa and fell asleep.

  I told you, “My big aunt is coming, my stomach hurts.

“I thought you would comfort me and say: “Forbearance, one day will pass.”

“But you said: “Women are really troublesome and can’t stand it.”

“I am sad, I feel that you don’t love me, don’t hurt me.”

Later, there were a lot of chocolates and red beans in the snack bar at home, which you bought, but you have not eaten.

Until a month has passed, you cook red bean soup every day for a week before and after my vacation.

  I told you, “I am so happy to marry you, you are the best husband.

“I thought you would happily answer me and said, “I think so, you are the best wife.”

“But you said: “Marry is married, otherwise, what do you want?”

“I am angry, I feel that you don’t love me, don’t understand me.”

Later, I accidentally found that you wiped the 40-inch wedding photo on the bed before going to bed, and then looked at the photo for a long time.

  I think I finally understood that you loved me, but the way is different.

  My friend sent this text to me. She told me that she looked at this passage and she cried. She said that she is such a wife. She always feels that her husband does not care, does not care about herself, and sometimes even thinks that he does not love at all.She, she has come up with a variety of questions to test him, he almost always let her down.

But when I think about it, my husband doesn’t really love her. He always remembers what she said and did a lot of things for her.

  Sometimes, she forgot to make some kind of wish, and when he let her get what she wanted after a lot of time, she had no desire, so she didn’t feel much moved.

However, now that scene suddenly appeared, she suddenly found out that she was such a happy woman.

  We come from different regions, grow up in different families, accept different educations, have different personalities, preferences and pursuits. Therefore, we also have a variety of different understandings and expressions for love.

Everyone is loving each other in their own way. Perhaps, when you are depressed and he does not love you, he is actually concerned about you and caring for you in his own way.

  With regard to love, we are all talking about our own language, and happiness requires you to use a pair of eyes that are good at discovering, a grateful heart, to read each other’s love words.

See how vegetarians affect health

See how vegetarians affect health

Whether vegetarianism is beneficial to the human body or not is a problem that has been long-standing for many years.

Some people live long, he does adhere to the vegetarian theory in life; some people are omnivores come, but he is also a long-lived.

These dual behaviors have made many people who are pursuing health at a loss. For these, scientists are once again working on the effects of vegetarians on human health.

#hzh_woman { display: none; }  素食,长期的素食,对人体健康的影响如何?Is it good, is it bad?

Too many people and vegetarians are very concerned about this issue.

Especially extreme, the problem of hardening of the arteries seriously threatens the health and life of human beings.

In many countries, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by hardening of the arteries are listed as the leading cause of death every year.

  Many factors that cause arteriosclerosis, such as increased blood levels, high blood pressure, obesity, lack of exercise, nervousness, smoking, endocrine and vitamin imbalance, etc., are the main factors for eating animal sex.

  In this way, does vegetarianism have any effect on the prevention and treatment of hardening of the arteries?

What is the impact of long-term vegetarianism of Chinese Buddhist believers on physical health?

Under the auspices of Professor Chen Ruisan, the physician of the Department of Experimental Diagnostics of the National Taiwan University Medical College presented the results of a survey of more than a decade of academic value.

  They use modern blood instruments such as blood auto-analyzers, protein electrophoresis, isotope analyzers, electrocardiograms, X-rays, and ophthalmoscopes to analyze the effects of long-term vegetarian diets on the human body from many angles.

The survey was conducted in dozens of temples throughout Taiwan and Taipei. A total of 394 people were surveyed. Their vegetarian period was more than one year and the longest was 72 years.

  First of all, depends on whether the food nutrition absorbed by vegetarians is suitable for modern nutrition standards?

The results showed that the total speed, trace amount, saccharide, phosphorus, vitamin A, and C were all more than the standard amount.

Selective scalars are protein, calcium.

Iron, vitamin B, and niacin, but these five items are less than the standard amount, which is a non-vegetarian Chinese, and has a similar tendency.

This is closely related to the quality and hobbies of Chinese food, and is not unique to vegetarians.

  In further analysis of the comparison of various components of vegetarians’ blood and urine with non-vegetarians, it was found that the total protein content and the amount of various proteins of vegetarians and non-vegetarians were very close.

In addition, vegetarians such as urea nitrogen, creatine liver, and uric acid are also in the normal range.

From these results, although the protein intake of vegetarians is different from that of non-vegetarians, the protein in the blood is very different, and the quality of serum protein in long-term vegetarians is no worse than that of non-vegetarians.

  How to prevent and treat atherosclerosis is a major problem in the medical field.

Although the reason is not very clear, the quality and quantity of the body’s unfortunate changes are considered to be significant, especially the amount of saturated fatty acids in food and in the blood and the most serious occurrence of the disease.

Saturated fatty acids are high in meat, milk, processed milk, and egg foods, and low in plant foods, while those in plant foods are high in non-cannon and fatty acids.

  Since the United States Dr. in 1952



Kinsell et al. have proved that human consumption of oils with high levels of unsaturated fatty acids (such as vegetable oils such as corn oil) can reduce the blood plasma in the experimental results. Since the publication of research reports from various countries around the world, most of the papers have investigatedThe number of people and the period of eating vegetable oil are not enough.

  In this regard, Chinese vegetarians can be said to provide valuable information unique to the world, because we can conduct in-depth investigations from more people and more long-term and strict plant-based vegetarians.

The oils eaten by Chinese vegetarians are mainly peanut oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil, and a small amount of sesame oil is added. These are all oils with high unsaturated fatty acid content. Long-term consumption is obviously good for a few serum.influences.
At the same time, the results of the analysis also showed that the serum plasma, triglyceride, phospholipid and whole fat components of the vegetarian diet were lower than those of the non-vegetarian, and the abnormal lipoprotein type of the vegetarian diet was less.

  Does the human body have atherosclerosis?

What is the extent of this disease?

For these two problems, it is important and feasible to examine the fundus vessels.

Therefore, with the help of ophthalmologists at National Taiwan University Hospital, they used ophthalmoscopy to examine the fundus vessels of vegetarians. The results also clearly showed that the number of vegetarians suffering from arteriosclerosis was very low, and the degree was mild.
  In the comparative study, they also found a very special result, that is, there are not only those with long-term vegetarians who have atherosclerosis, but also a large number of patients with fundus vein expansion, even 37%.

  Fundus venous dilatation is a phenomenon of hypotension * This phenomenon is not common among ordinary non-vegetarian Chinese, which is another strong proof that long-term vegetarians suffer from less atherosclerosis.In addition, they also surveyed their blood pressure by age and gender. As a result, vegetarians had very little high blood pressure, and the average blood pressure was lower than that of non-vegetarians.

  However, does not eat animal food for a long time will cause anemia?

In the preliminary question, Professor Chen has also been verified by various aspects.

In the examination of the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin related to anemia caused by blood components, it was found that the estimates of vegetarians were very close to those of non-vegetarians, and the rate of anemia was not higher than that of non-vegetarians.

It is usually felt that the skin color spots of vegetarians are slightly yellow, not necessarily caused by anemia.

  Vitamin B is an indispensable ingredient in the body’s hematopoiesis, and its supply is usually based on animal food.

From plant foods, humans rarely get the vitamin B they need. Therefore, in theory, the lack of vitamin B can occur without eating animal food, and the lack of vitamin B leads to giant red anemia.Possible.

  In the survey, although no vegetarians were found to have this symptom, the amount of vitamin B in the blood was reduced by 70%. This is the biggest disadvantage of vegetarians. Therefore, vegetarians should supplement their owed vitamins with pharmacists.B.
In addition, some small vegetarians also have serum reduction, but the degree is not very harmful, similar to non-vegetarians.

  Overall, the survey results show that long-term vegetarian diets are more beneficial to adults, especially for middle-aged people and those with severe arteriosclerosis.

Spring equinox health care

Spring equinox health care

The vernal equinox festival details the earth at 5:48:46 every 365 days. It revolves around the sun for a week and rotates every 24 hours.

Since the orbital plane of the earth’s rotation is not consistent with the equatorial plane, it still maintains a certain inclination, so the position of the sun’s direct light to the earth is different throughout the year.

In the northern hemisphere, the sun is directly at 23 latitude.

At 5 degrees, the astronomical name is called the summer solstice; the sun is directly at the south latitude 23.

The 5th degree is called the winter solstice; the summer solstice and the winter solstice mean that it has reached the middle of the summer and winter seasons.

When the sun is shot twice on the equator twice a year, it is the spring equinox and the autumn equinox. This is the middle of the spring and autumn seasons. The two days are as long as the night.

  ”4:8″, in the twenty-four solar terms, the spring equinox is one of the basic solar terms.

“Spring equinox, yin and yang are also half.

Therefore, staying up all night and cold and flat.”

A “point” word tells the boundaries of staying up late, the heat of summer.

At this time, the sun yellow is 0 degrees, and the sun is above the equator.

The Lunar Calendar records that “the bucket refers to the spring equinox, and it is about Sundays. The north and south hemispheres are equally divided into the night and the night, and they are called the spring equinox.

“The ancient habits were to establish spring, stand in summer, stand in autumn, and stand in winter to express the beginning of the four seasons.

The vernal equinox, the summer solstice, the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice are located in the middle of each season.

On the day of the spring equinox, the sun shines directly on the equator, and the day and night time around the earth is similar. Therefore, the ancient spring equinox is also called “day and night”, and the folks have the proverb of “spring equinox, day and night”.

After the vernal equinox, the wintering crops in most areas of spring enter the spring growth stage.

  In Central China, there is a farmer who has “the spring equinox gets up and is worth a thousand dollars.”

The temperature in all parts of the province continues to rise, but it is generally not as fast as the rain to the spring equinox.

In the second half of March, the average temperature in the north is 13 ° C to 15 ° C, and the northern part is 15 ° C to 16 ° C.

Most of the plateau has been snow melting, and the average temperature in June is about 5 °C to 10 °C.

The temperature in the valleys of the Jinsha River and Anning River in the southwestern part of the province is the highest, with an average of 18 ° C to 20 ° C.

In addition to the marginal mountainous areas, the average daily temperature in the basin is steadily rising to above 12 °C for ten or eight years. It is conducive to sowing of rice, corn and other crops, and afforestation is also very suitable.

However, the basin before and after the vernal equinox often has a cold air intrusion, and the temperature drops significantly. The minimum temperature can be as low as 5 °C.

Sometimes there are small cold air coming one after another, forming a low temperature and rain that lasts for several days, which is not good for agricultural production.

According to this feature, the weather forecast should be fully utilized, and the cold-tailed warm head should be seized at the right time.

  In order to facilitate farming, the western part of the world divided the year into a clothing season, and the second season was “from the spring equinox to the seven stars of Virgilier.”

The vernal equinox is the midpoint of the spring, and at the same time one year a year, “the spring equinox, the yin and yang are also half, so the night and night are cold and flat.”

On the vernal equinox, the sun is just above the equator, and at the same time, its own light is evenly distributed to the north and south of the earth.

People usually say: just as fair as the law.

Actually this is the ratio of the spring equinox or the autumn equinox. This is a metaphor that is not very appropriate (because the law is ultimately reflected by the judge).

Before and after the vernal equinox, if you take a little walk in the morning, notice that the sun is rising from the east.

After the vernal equinox, the northern people who were “unclear and unclear, and closed by the sky” clearly felt that the sun was getting closer.

How to treat the elderly returning children

How to treat the elderly “returning children”

In life, you can see such elderly people. Their language, thinking and movements are like a child who is not sensible. They speak like children, behave in a wrong way, and their mood changes.
Such elderly people often have a bad atmosphere because of small things, and even care about their children and grandchildren, making people feel ridiculous.
  This phenomenon is called “returning child phenomenon” in psychology.
Its appearance is a manifestation of a person’s psychological abnormality. It is the subjective lack of self-control ability of the elderly, the objective lack of other people’s concern and comfort, and the loss of normal communication with the surrounding people. It is also the result of degeneration of brain function.
As a member of the family, you should be kind to such an elderly person.
When encountering something that the elderly love to eat, it is best to patiently enlighten them like a child. When there are differences of opinion, try to ignore their attitudes. Instead, use gentle language to help the elderly control their emotions.Make them feel the warmth of the family. At the same time, they must also insist on reasoning so that the “returning children” can raise their awareness.
The facts tell us that the phenomenon of “returning children” is relatively rare among the elderly with high cultural accomplishment and strong will.

Morning reading of Children’s memories

Morning reading of “Children’s memories”

In the Zodiac, my favorite animal is the cow.

This is not all because I am a cow, but also because I have had a love that I can’t forget.

When I was only a teenager, I was a responsible calf.

At that time there were six or seven cows in the production team. I was grazing an old ox.

The cow is small, but the cow listens to me. I call it away, it just goes, I call it stop, it stops.

The cow is a “big labor”. When the busy season is over, the farming, hoeing, hoeing, plowing, and all kinds of farm work are inseparable from it.

As soon as I removed the skeleton of the cow, I took the cow and let it go to eat grass and drink water.

Look at it, eat it slowly, and drink it with joy. I am also very happy and happy.

When the cow was full and full, he looked up and screamed a few times, as if he was monopolizing me.

After a short break, I took it to Tiantou again. The hard oxen started a new work, and behind it, left a scent of scented earth.

On a hot day, the cow was panting, and I saw that my father had picked up the bamboo branches and slammed its ass.

I distressedly told my father not to fight, but my father said: “Do not fight, do not fight, can it be hardworking?

“I saw tears in the eyes of the cow.”

Going home at noon, I brought it to the grass to eat it, but it didn’t even smell it, just lying in the cowshed and panting, it must be a cow.

I said to my father: “Let the cow rest for a long time in the afternoon.

“But the father did not agree. He severely thought:” How can a cow get sick, he said.

“In the afternoon, my father was still driving the cattle and continued to plow the fields.”

Not much can’t be plowed, the big yellow calf slammed down.

Later, an experienced old farmer gave the cow a kind of folk medicine called “vegetable oil salt” to turn the cow into safety.

In the days of slack farming, I have to hurry up the mountain to graze and feed the cattle.

I made a flute with the golden bamboo in the hawthorn, often riding on the back of the cow. The melodious flute sounded the children in the mountains to the heart, and brought joy to the big yellow cow.Beautiful scenery in the mountains.

The ox is very kind to me and never bullies me.

I also know a lot about the temper of the cow, when I am hungry, when I am thirsty, I know.

When the cow is eating grass, I especially like to stand by and see how beautiful and honest the face is; how bright and bright its big eyes are!

Its eyelashes twitch from time to time; its clever ears, agile tails are constantly swaying while driving invading mosquitoes.

Look at its thick mouth, licking the green grass, chewing slowly and slowly. I took a tender grass and handed it to it. It was eaten with gusto, and without a tongue, gently glaring at me.The little hand seems to say, “Is there still, is there?

“But, the cow also has a big temper.”

Once, I rode on the shoulder of her, and it was too slow to slam it.

This can be a disaster, the old ox has actually launched a cow that has never been, and rushed to run.

I only felt like a whirlwind on the back of the cow. When I was “difficult to ride a cow”, I was suddenly smashed down and fell on a pile of rocks. I was unconscious. I couldn’t think of it later, the miracle happened: the old oxFollowed the original footprints and ran home, “哞, 哞” called out loud and led the family to save me.

When I was 13 or 14 years old, my father added a new task to me, that is, I must lick (捡) some cow dung every time I go out to release the cow.

Cow dung is a farmer’s treasure, with good fertility, and 30 points can get 2 points.

Of course, I have nothing to say. I said that I would do it. On several occasions, the cow dung that I had returned was thirty or forty pounds, and I received my father’s compliment.

The ancients said: “If you enter the abalone, you will not smell it for a long time.

“Working with the cows all day, mixing with the cow dung, I really don’t feel anything stinking, but I still smell a faint grassy fragrance.”

Sometimes I can’t find cow dung everywhere, I have to follow the cow tightly, and my eyes are fixed on the cow’s buttocks, as if it would be golden.

Speaking of cow dung, it’s really a good baby!

Completely relieved my illness.One winter, my heart was suffering from a strange sore, and I was crying all day.

It is said that this was accidentally stepping on the dead snake on the mountain and letting the snake bone poke.

If the snake bone is not removed in time, the whole foot will rot.

I listened more scared.

An old farmer told my father that it would be good to step on the foot in the cow dung, but the cow dung must be fresh, preferably just smashed out and hot.

My father really did what he said. It was really effective, and it took a few times. My feet didn’t hurt, and I was able to walk.

Today, fifty or sixty years have passed, but I still remember, and as if I still realize how warm the cow dung that has just emerged from the old ox’s buttocks.

With the development of society and the advancement of agricultural modernization, there are fewer and fewer cattle farming, and some are only for the “vegetable cattle” that people slaughter and taste.

The deeper the color of the soap, the better the harm

The deeper the color of the soap, the better the harm

Nowadays, all kinds of soaps appear in people’s eyes. In the dazzling array of products, brightly colored soaps are ready to be favored.

But experts suggest that soaps are best chosen for color and taste.

  He Zhixin, an associate professor of dermatology at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said that under normal circumstances, many brighter and more concentrated soaps have added some pigments and flavors to varying degrees, or have a large amount of alkali. If the skin is sensitive, use it.After these soaps, it is likely to cause some bad irritation in the skin or respiratory tract.

The alkaline component is too heavy. For long-term use, the sebum on the surface of the skin will be reduced, the skin will be dry, and the skin will be peeled off. At the same time, the slightly acidic environment in the skin will be destroyed and the skin will be damaged.

The soap with a light taste and inconspicuous color, which is generally contained in the place where the pigment and the fragrance are broken, is also weak in alkalinity, and the irritation is not large, so the damage to the skin is relatively small.

  Some functional soaps that are currently on the market are also available. Some soaps can set certain special effects, remove medicinal soaps that remove acne, and have soaps that have antipruritic effects.

But there are also some functional soaps that are not so magical.

He Zhixin reminded that it is necessary to choose soap according to the characteristics of its skin, light color, full and round surface, not easy to shrink after storage, no cracking, the best smell.

In addition, you must carefully check the manufacturer, logo and product implementation standards, functions, production dates, etc. on the product packaging.

Be sure to choose a recent product, the water will be lost on the date, affecting the effect of soap.

  When using soap, be careful to observe that a good quality soap can produce a fine, firm and stable foam when used, and the body feels refreshed after use.

If the skin feels very dry after washing, tight, etc., it is best to use it.

Nothing to massage 8 anti-aging parts

Nothing to massage 8 anti-aging parts

When the old man is idle, he can have more activities and activities, often licking the following 8 parts to prevent aging. You can use your anti-aging secret anytime, anywhere.

  Pickpocket: Put your hands on the back of your hand for 50 times, then hold your hand 50.

Frequent handcuffs can promote the excitement of the brain and the whole body, increase the posture of the hands, soft and cold resistance, and also delay the aging of the hands.

  The amount of plaque: the left and right turns up and down the forehead 50 times, often the amount can awake the brain, but also can delay the production of wrinkles.

  Blowing the nose: Use your index finger to rub the bridge of your nose.

Frequent rubbing of the nose can make the nasal cavity clear, and has the effect of complications of colds and rhinitis.

  搓 Ear: licking your ears back and forth with your palms 50, stimulates the body’s health by stimulating the acupuncture points on your ears, and enhances your hearing.

  搓 ribs: First, the left hand and the right hand in the middle of the two ribs, the “thymus” acupuncture points alternately 50 times, often chest pain can cause the heart to calm.

  Abdominal abdomen: Firstly, the left hand and the right hand alternately lick the abdomen for 50 times to promote digestion and prevent accumulation and constipation.

  Waist: The left and right palms are licked at the waist for 50 times, which can replenish the kidney and strengthen the waist, and can also add back acid.

  Lameness: First use the left hand to rub the right sole 50 times, then use your right hand to rub the left sole 50.

The foot is the “second heart” of human beings, which can promote blood circulation, intensify and enhance the function of the endocrine system, strengthen the body’s immunity and disease resistance, thereby increasing the cold resistance of the foot.

  When doing the above-mentioned “gossip”, the techniques of rubbing hands, foreheads and ears should not be heavy, but when rubbing nose, ribs, abdomen, waist and feet, the technique can be heavier.

Nine movements before getting up, good habits and health

Nine movements before getting up, good habits and health

Finger combing hair for one minute: use the fingers of both hands from the forehead to the back of the head to comb, strengthen the blood circulation of the head, increase the blood flow of the brain, prevent brain vascular disease, and make the hair black and shiny.

Comb hair is one of the daily dressings that keep the hairdresser unchangeable.

Combs can remove the floating skin and dirt from the head and hair, and give the scalp a moderate amount of stimulation.

  One minute of squatting the wheel: Use two fingers to gently rub the left and right ears to the heat and comfort. Because the ears are covered with acupuncture points of the whole body, the meridians can be dredged, especially for tinnitus, dizziness and forgetfulness.

Some people may prefer to be hygienic and feel comfortable with their ears. In fact, the ears can be completely ruthless, because the ears themselves have a self-cleaning function, and the secretions will naturally transfer to the outside of the ear. It is recommended not to lick frequently. How long should the ears be licked?

  Rotate your eyes for one minute: The eyeball can be operated clockwise and counterclockwise to exercise your eye muscles and refresh your eyes.

  Thumbs and noses for one minute: gently rubbing the teeth and rolling tongue, resetting the roots and gums to promote blood circulation and healthy teeth.

The tongue can move the tongue freely and increase its sensitivity.

  Stretching and flexing the limbs for one minute: Through the extension and flexion movement, the blood is quickly returned to the whole body, and the oxygen and blood of the heart and brain system are supplied to prevent acute and chronic heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and the complications of the joints of the limbs and the joints are enhanced.

  Lightly rub the navel for one minute: use the palms of both hands to alternately light the navel, because the navel is up and down, the gods, Guan Yuan, Qihai, Dantian, Lieutenant and other acupoints, especially the gods can prevent and treat stroke.

Light rubbing also has the effect of refreshing the qi.

  Abdominal anus for one minute: repeated contraction, lifting the anus, can enhance the contractile force of the anal sphincter, causing blood circulation, prevention of hemorrhoids.

Modern medicine believes that levator ani is a kind of relaxation movement of muscles and soft tissues around the anus, which can improve the local blood circulation. “Frequently raise the anus” to treat acne and rub the foot for one minute: supine to alternate with the feetThe soles of the feet make the feet feel warm.

After rubbing the foot, it can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, and has the effects of living meridians, spleen and stomach, and peace of mind.

“揉心心” refers to the source of the source of the foot of the foot.

Yongquan Point is the starting point of the foot Shaoyin kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the point has the functions of “treating good fortune, soothe the nerves, refreshing the brain, clearing the customs and solidifying the gas”.

  Turn left and right for a minute: Turn over on the bed and move the spine joints and waist muscles.

Tears on the hive

Tears on the hive

I went hiking with a few friends and went to noon. I went to a quiet mountain village shop to taste the “farm banquet”.

The owner of the store is a middle-aged man with a good face. He recommended us a dish with the most potential characteristics of the mountain – “fried bee sting”.

  When the waiter brought the “fried bee sting” up, the bee stings that had been blown into golden yellow and swelled exude a tempting aroma.

Clipping one into the mouth, the taste is really good, we are amazed one by one, but the number of bee stings in the plate is too small, each person only tastes a few, it reveals the bottom of the plate.

A friend joked and said: “Boss, your shop is too dark. Is the bee sting more than 90 yuan a little bit?”

“For such a joke, the boss seems to be used to it. He lost his smile and said: “You are eating the bee sting of the tiger head bee. It is the most poisonous and fierce mountain bee in the mountain. It is the beekeeper who risked his life.
“See we are dubious, the boss added: “How can I lie to you?

When you go down the mountain, you can’t walk 3 miles ahead, and you will pass through a small village. There is a fruit farmer named Zhao in the village. When you took the bee sting half a month ago, you died.

“I don’t feel like he is compiling, so I asked strangely: “Since it is so dangerous, why is he still picking it?”

“The boss will give us a detailed explanation of the original.

It turned out that the fruit grower who had been killed by the tiger head had previously taken the bee sting, but the price of the bee sting was low in the past, and it was easy to be injured by the bee, so they could not wash their hands.

In the past two years, the farmer’s feast was on fire, and the bee sting became a tight-fashioned goods. His family’s orchard’s income has been bad, and he had to return to his old business.

He has two daughters. The big one is going to college outside. The younger is admitted to high school this year. In order to get two daughters to go to school, he goes to the mountain forest to find the hive every day.

  That evening, he found a large tiger head hive in a stone cave. It is estimated that he could lick two or three pounds of bee stings, and he ignited the sulfur that he brought with him.

After a pungent smog, the tiger-headed bees that lived on the hive fell to the ground.

When he was excited to pick the heavy hive, he neglected a branch next to the cave, and a slightly smaller hive. More than 200 tiger bees that lived on it “hula” flew up.Surrounded by his group, he hurriedly waved his hand, but it was clearly not the opponent of the tiger head bee.

When people found him on the mountain, he was swollen and swollen like a squeaky rubber man.

  After listening to this tragic story, our appetite disappeared.

The few bee stings left in the plate, no one moved.

  When we went down the mountain, we passed by the small village with only twenty or thirty families.

A friend who works at the newspaper office replaced it and went to the fruit farmer to visit.

  A little girl took us to the fruit farmer.

Only the wife of the fruit grower is alone, realizing that she has not yet come out of the grief of her husband.

  When we mentioned this, she said with a tear in her eyes: “It’s weird. In fact, my daughter’s tuition has already been collected. He wants to add a good suitcase to her daughter.He didn’t stop him.” She finally couldn’t help but sigh, our eyes were wet.

  When I left, a friend found that there was a few dried honeycombs in the corner of the yard, just like the sunflower tray that went to the seed. He whispered to us and suggested buying the honeycombs as a reason to donate to her. So, weEach person took out 100 yuan.

  She looked at us with amazement and was at a loss.

  We lied that these hives were acquired on behalf of another friend.

Finally, she took the money with some hesitation.

  When we left this unfortunate woman, we all became silent.

I faintly felt that the hive in my hand became heavier and heavier, and it seemed to be full of tears.