The classic six strokes against the spring sleepy

The classic six strokes against the “spring sleepy”

The breeze of spring has blown, and the cold winter has gradually moved away from us.
The alternation of the warm and cold season will always have an impact on our health.
How can I adjust my body to meet the spring?
Life Family Xiaobian specially prepares the most abundant health and wellness knowledge for you to help you have a healthy and happy spring.
  Spring blossoms, everything recovers, birds and flowers are fragrant, and the earth is thriving and thriving.
However, many people have symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue, eyelid dizziness, unbearable spirit and drowsiness, which is medically known as “spring sleep disorder.”
  To deal with the “spring sleepy”, what do we have to “defend the tricks” in the usual clothes, food, shelter and transportation?
  A reasonable diet is a brain refreshing agent, and proper spring supplements can make people energetic.
  Reasonable arrangement of three meals a day: breakfast should eat some starch-containing staple food, the sugar produced after metabolism is the only heat card available in the brain, and should increase the protein non-staple food, such as egg milk, soy milk and meat, to ensure the fullThe energy of the sky is 30% of the total calories; Chinese food should be eaten more high-protein nutrients, such as soy products, peanuts, fish eggs, etc., to supplement the body’s consumption.
These foods have a high content of methionine, which has the effects of cold resistance and disease resistance.
Dinner should not be eaten, so as not to affect sleep, increase the symptoms of spring sleep.
  The diet should be light and properly supplemented in spring.
Greasy food can cause symptoms of fatigue and depression, which will aggravate the phenomenon of “spring sleep”.
The principle of spring supplement: it is suitable for supplementing, clearing, and supplementing food. For special people, it is necessary to make medicines, such as lotus root, yam, lily, lentils and red dates. It is best to make porridge to relieve fatigue and strengthen the
  Ingesting a sufficient amount of protein: high-quality protein can enhance physical strength, exuberant energy, drive out the “spring sleepy”, and rich in casein amino acids that can make the brain awake and alert, so eat more beef and mutton, fish, animal offal, chicken and duck meat in spring.Hey and so on.
  Eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamins and minerals: Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and rich in minerals that maintain cell moisture.
Eat more fruits such as bananas, grapes, oranges, apples and alfalfa, which are rich in potassium and magnesium. Because of the lack of potassium, the muscles will be weak, weak, and distracted.
  At the same time, this season, with the arrival of spring, in order to supplement the internal force, some people use medicine to make up, some people use food supplement, and some people suggest that medicine is not as good as God.
The so-called god is the synthesis and generalization of the vitality phenomenon of the human body, which is also the mental outlook of a person.
God supplement is through the pleasure of the spirit to make the cerebral cortex vasodilatation, subcutaneous center and autonomic nervous system function coordination, the secretion of various glands is normal, thus promoting good health and health, is no substitute for any drugs and nutrients.
Moreover, people’s living standards are generally improved now. The amount of nutrients ingested from the diet basically meets or exceeds the body’s needs. If you eat supplements, it will inevitably be counterproductive.
Therefore, “the medicine is not as good as the food supplement, and the food supplement is not as good as the god.”
So, how to carry out “God supplement”?
  Keeping your eyes green, spring back to the earth, full of green eyes, germination of grass, makes people pleasing to the eye.
When we are tired and bored, when we stroll through the lush forests or meadows, it will naturally feel refreshed and comfortable.
Medical experts believe that: green is soft and bright, and the reflection of light is relatively weak. It can absorb ultraviolet rays harmful to the eyes in the sun and prevent the eyes from being hurt. It can make people eliminate visual fatigue and relieve tension in people’s brains.
  Stepping on the fitness The spring is bright and the scenery is beautiful. It is a great time for the spring tour.
Not only can you feel relaxed and happy after relaxing, but it can also promote your body’s metabolism, strengthen blood circulation, regulate the nervous system to normal, make the heart and lung function stronger, and let the muscles and bones of the whole body be exercised.The “sunbathing” of the time can also make your skin healthy and beautiful.
  Flying a kite to activating blood and taking a family out of a kite is also a “sacrifice” activity that benefits the body and mind.
Flying a kite, moving all over the body, the body leans forward and leans back and forth, the eye tracking is far-sighted, the movement is static, the hands, feet, eyes and brain move at the same time, and coordinate with each other.
Flying a kite can not only bring joy, but also make people feel good and blood.
  The use of hobbies and good love and the cultivation of hobbies is the best way to make up for God.
For example, raising flowers and plants not only beautifies the environment, but also purifies the air, which is good for physical and mental health.
Test demonstration: People walking between flower and grass gardens every day can increase endurance by 15%, skin surface temperature by 1 °C to 2 °C, pulse reduction by 4 to 8 times per minute, and time to eliminate fatigue by 80%.The human sense of smell, hearing, vision, and touch are improved to the best.
No wonder some people say that flowers and plants are the best “health doctor doctors” of our humanity.
Hobbies like calligraphy, painting, writing, and raising birds are good measures for God to make up. As long as you like it, you can cultivate your temperament and you will not be in any form.
Take practice calligraphy, ask for a high concentration of spirits, wrap the pen and wrap the dragon, use the eyes, hands, and hearts. When you practice to a certain extent, you can communicate the internal air and transport it to the pen end to achieve the effect of practicing Qigong.
  To control the regulation of the skin, the skin nerves are also controlled by the brain. If the spirit is not good or long-term tension, fear, depression, etc., it will lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient nutrient supply, pale skin, wrinkles, premature aging.