Xinquan Co., Ltd. (603179): Product support from independent to joint venture is expected to improve profitability

Xinquan Co., Ltd. (603179): Product support from independent to joint venture is expected to improve profitability

Performance is in line with expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 21 in the first three quarters.

45 ‰, an average of 18 in ten years.

6%, to achieve net profit attributable to mother 1.

31 ‰, 42 years ago.

7%, net of non-attributed net profit1.

2.2 billion, previously 45 per second.

7%, EPS is 0.

57 yuan.

The lower growth rate of net profit was mainly due to lower gross profit margin and higher period expense ratio.

Affected by the growth rate of sales of downstream customers, the short-term gross margin of the company affected was 21 in the first three quarters.

3%, ten-year average 1.

Nine averages, of which the gross profit margin in the third quarter was 20%, which was extended by 3.

1 average value, the ring value is 0.

The 7 averages are expected to be mainly due to the increase in sales volume of downstream car companies, which will affect the revenue scale and increase production capacity to generate depreciation, which will lead to a decline in gross profit margin.

Expenses during the first three quarters14.

3%, an increase of 2 per year.

2 units; management expense ratio (including R & D expenses) 8.

8%, an increase of 1 per year.

6 units, of which R & D expense rate increased by 0.

6 units.

The company’s net cash flow from operating activities in the first three quarters was -1.

78 ‰, with a ten-year average of 139.

8%, mainly due to an increase in bank acceptances and an increase in cash payments.

Revenue improved in the third quarter, and the company ‘s product portfolio expanded from autonomous to FAW-Volkswagen, which is expected to increase profitability and estimate levels.

Realized operating income in the third quarter6.

970,000 yuan, an increase of 0 from the previous month.

4%, ten-year average.

1%, narrowing the excess by 10.

1 single; 3774 net profit attributable to mother.

50,000, the molecular weight is 1.


  From the perspective of the company’s downstream customers’ sales in the third quarter, Geely Auto Parts17.

2%, narrowing beyond 7.

4 units; SAIC passenger cars grow by 6 per year.

6%, the growth rate improved by 15.

4 single; improved sales of downstream customers drove the company’s revenue improvement.

The company actively expands new customers. Among its own brands, this year has been equipped with BYD, GAC Weilai, GAC New Energy and other models. The joint venture brand, Sinotech, has been equipped with FAW-Volkswagen Jetta new models. The SUV VS5 and sedan VA3 were launched in September.Reaching 8,140 and 2,940 vehicles is expected to become the company’s profit growth point.With the overall stabilization of the auto industry and the improvement in sales of downstream car companies, the company’s profit improvement is expected to improve in the fourth quarter.

  Financial forecast and investment proposal: slightly adjust the expense ratio and gross profit margin. It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

99, 1.

35, 1.

71 yuan (originally 1.


46, 1.

81 yuan), with reference to comparable company estimates, giving the company 13 times PE in 2020, with a target price of 17.

55 yuan, maintain BUY rating.

  Risk warning: Passenger car industry demand is lower than expected, and passenger car and commercial vehicle 杭州桑拿网 trim products are less than expected.

Sino-Singapore (002912): Equity Incentive Landed to Bind Long-Term Interest Relationships

Sino-Singapore (002912): Equity Incentive Landed to Bind Long-Term Interest Relationships

Event: The company issued a budget stock incentive plan. The proposed number of additional stocks was 3.2 million shares, accounting for 3% of the company ‘s share capital at the time of the announcement of the plan.Core technology (business) backbone.

  Performance evaluation for 4 years and higher evaluation conditions The performance evaluation conditions of this incentive plan are higher. Among them, the first restricted period, the 20-year ROE is not less than 13苏州夜网论坛%, 19?
The average 20-year net profit has increased by not less than 40% compared with 18 years; in the second restricted period, the 21-year ROE is not less than 13.

5%, 19?
The average three-year net profit in 21 years has increased by not less than 50% compared to 18 years; the third restricted period, the 22-year ROE is not less than 14%, 19?
The average four-year net profit in 22 years increased by not less than 65% compared with 18 years.

  The company has a wide range of employees, and 378 people have been motivated for the first time since it has been locked for a long time, accounting for about one-third of the total number of companies at the end of 2018, with a wide coverage.

  The third period of lifting the sale restriction is 48 from the grant date.
60 months, long lock-up time, binding on long-term interests of employees.

  The broadband network maintains a high degree of prosperity, and the mobile network develops from the front end to the company’s broadband network product industry consolidation and maintains a leading position. We believe that this subdivision will continue to maintain a high degree of prosperity in the context of the regulatory department continuing to promote relevant deployments nationwide.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the company will fully benefit from the deployment of network visual front-end deployment.

The company expanded its initial market expansion of mobile networks, and network content security products will make initial contributions.

Sino-Singapore is a product restructuring company in the field of network security management and control. The growth rate of its staff size is lower than the growth rate of revenue, the level of medium- and long-term cost rates is gradually decreasing, and the potential for long-term returns is further enhanced.

  Maintaining a “Buy” rating The network visualization industry maintains a high level of prosperity, the company’s orders in hand guarantee a high degree of certainty, and we continue to be optimistic about the company’s leading position in controlling the market’s cutting-edge business, as well as the mobile network’s ability to expand the development potential and maintain a 19-year net profit forecastUnchanged, considering 20?
The amortization cost of the distribution incentive fee in 21 years is relatively high.
The net profit for 21 years was 3.


77 to 3.


22 trillion, the corresponding diluted EPS is 2 respectively.



84 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk Warning: Government Procurement Budget Fluctuations; Increased Competition in Mobile Networks

Test your marriage temperature

Test your “marriage temperature”

Everyone hopes that the love will be vigorous. If the marriage is like this, if the temperature continues to be high, it will be easy to “fever” and burn each other. Just like the human body temperature, the ideal marriage temperature should be constant at about 37 degrees Celsius.
The following editor will tell you about the test and importance of “marriage temperature”.
  什么是婚姻温度  婚姻温度是指夫妻双方在生活中的相处,而婚姻和人体体温一样,需要正常的温度,高于37摄氏度,会导致婚姻发烧,从而引起疾病;低于37摄氏度,婚姻便会In an indifferent state, freezing temperatures are the most likely to frostbite marriages.
37 degrees Celsius is just right, the temperature is suitable, the husband and wife are always in a warm and warm state.
  Test topic 1. A small dispute suddenly turned into a loud quarrel, scolding each other fiercely, and pulling out the old accounts.
  2. My lover will ignore my opinions, feelings and needs.
  3. My words or actions are often considered malicious by my partner.
  4. When there is a problem that needs to be resolved, we always seem to be in a hostile position.
  5. I can’t tell my partner what I really think and feel.
  6. I often imagine that if I can change a lover, I do not know what it is like.
  7. In marriage, I feel very lonely.
  8. When we quarrel, one party is always reluctant to talk and starts to escape or leave the scene.
  The scoring criteria are: 1 point for each question “never” or “rarely”; 2 points for “occasional”; 3 points for “frequently occurring”.
When you add the scores of each question, if the total score is 8-12, your marriage temperature is constant and healthy; if the total score is 13-17, your marriage needs vigilance; if the total score isOver 18 points, your marriage needs to be adjusted immediately.
  What does the marriage temperature show? First, couples should not be too sticky. Some wives are too sticky. They treat their husbands as “private things” and want to get tired of each other every day.
This kind of dependency psychology just shows that the wife’s mind is empty or immature. They hope that the other party can accept themselves anytime, anywhere and unconditionally, and put themselves in the first place.Demands are not working.
  Second, learn and communicate well To maintain the perfect marriage temperature, learn and communicate well is the most important.
Communication is to express one’s thoughts and learn about the other’s thoughts. It cannot be negative or personal attack.
For example, the husband wants to go out for entertainment, and the wife is not willing, and can complain: “You have been away recently, we haven’t eaten together for a long time, and I am lonely.
“This is a complaint, and the wife has spoken out of the trouble caused by her husband’s going out.
  But if his wife yells, “You always do this, just go out and play with yourself.
“That becomes accusation.
To change your partner’s too sticky state, on the one hand, you need to tell the truth that you need independent space and social activities, and the understanding partner is generally acceptable; on the other hand, you can encourage them to cultivate their hobbies and social circles.
  Third, use gratitude and praise to ignite each other’s enthusiasm. If the husband really can’t share the housework, then he should at least show gratitude in his heart and should not take it for granted.
Most women are willing to go to the fire for the man they love, but if the other party has not responded, cherish it. Over time, the woman’s heart will cool down.
  Therefore, it is also a good idea to say a few words to your wife every day.
From the appearance of the wife to the inside, she should be accustomed to it and praise it.
For example, his wife has dark and moving hair, good laughter, or a fit figure, who is easy-going, enthusiastic, nurturing children, or caring for elders, and chooses the most important qualities to praise, and ca n’t just sayOnce, repeat at least 5 times to achieve the effect.
And tell others the advantages of your wife, family members, friends, and colleagues on both sides. When others tell her your compliments, it will stimulate her love.
Remember, a wife who lives in praise will always be beautiful.
  Fourth, list 5 housework that your wife wants you to do most: cooking and raising children is the heaviest burden for a woman after marriage.
It is estimated that his wife spends 20 hours more on housework and chores every week than her husband.
If the wife has to work during the day, it is a candle burning on both ends, no wonder she is exhausted.
Experts suggest that your wife should list five household chores that she most hopes her husband can help, and then let the husband show his support and concern for his wife through actual actions.
These things must be very clear, and make the wife happy without conflict.
For example, helping a child take a bath, helping to take care of the child while cooking, dumping garbage or cleaning the house on weekends.
Do one thing for your wife every day and persevere so that your wife can fully feel your love and make the relationship between two people harmonious and smooth.
Studies have found that men who love to do housework are the most charming, and many women find that men are the sexiest when using a vacuum cleaner.  Fifth, be gentle and considerate in bed instead of brave and incomparable research experiments show that when asking husband and wife, “Have you ever asked your wife’s feelings after having sex?”

“,” What pose makes her most comfortable? ”

“Do you know where she is most sensitive?

“,” What makes her excited?

“If you can’t answer these questions, you may have to re-understand your wife’s body and feelings.

More than half of married women do not like to have sex and regard it as suffering, usually for the sake of the husband’s needs.

  Therefore, your husband’s understanding of his wife’s feelings and emotions on the bed is suddenly particularly important. She should take care of his wife’s feelings and let her enter the realm of beautiful sex with you.

Xiaohan eats more hawthorn moles

Xiaohan eats more hawthorn moles

Following the folk traditions of this period, once Xiaohan passed, he would have entered 39, 49 days before going out on the ice, but people ‘s appetite is always good in cold weather, because they always feel full to overcome the coldWeather.

But the appetite is good, it will inevitably increase our gastrointestinal burden. What should we do? Here we introduce a simple and easy thing-hawthorn.

Hawthorn, also known as mountain red, sour hawthorn, etc., what does it have to do with our digestive problems.

  According to experts, hawthorn contains amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements. Some people have calculated that 100 grams of hawthorn contains 89 grams of vitamin C, which is equivalent to eight or nine times that of carrots. In addition, hawthorn also contains cellulose, which can promote bowel movements.Hawthorn contains pepsin, pepsin activity, and trace enzyme activity, so it can promote the breakdown of trace amounts of protein, which is good for food accumulation and helps digestion.

  And experts say that hawthorn has a very good effect on preventing arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. If you think that eating hawthorn as a fruit is monotonous, you can also put it on a cutting board and dried hawthorn.

And boiled water of hawthorn and rose flowers brown sugar can treat dysmenorrhea caused by cold, hawthorn and motherwort are used to treat postpartum lochia endlessly, hawthorn and salvia substitute tea can slowly relieve hypertension, hyperlipidemia, chest tightness and so on.Symptoms, hawthorn plus Ophiopogon and lotus leaves, often use it to soak water and rinse, gargle, dry mouth and dry tongue caused by radiotherapy of head tumors, have the effect of nourishing yin, clearing heat and detoxifying.

  However, experts suggest that it is best not to eat hawthorn on an empty stomach, and not everyone is suitable for hawthorn.

Eating sour hawthorn has the adverse effect of promoting blood circulation and qi depletion.

It should be noted that hawthorn cannot be used with ginseng, as well as vitamin K, sodium bicarbonate and other alkaline things. The internal organs of animals, especially the liver, contain iron and zinc. These chemicals are also easy to cause in the acidity of acid hawthorn.Reaction, affecting absorption, so it is best not to cook acid hawthorn with animal liver.

Self massage is painless and comfortable

Self massage is painless and comfortable

Most women have experienced dysmenorrhea, especially primary dysmenorrhea in young women is very common.

For the treatment of dysmenorrhea, pain is usually relieved by taking analgesics. In fact, massage is also very effective for dysmenorrhea without complications, and can be treated.

Attending physician Li Ming from the Massage Department of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Foshan City, Guangdong Province introduced some massage techniques to female friends. The armor performs self-care in life to prevent dysmenorrhea.


Lump and lumbosacral massage method: Use your fists to tap your lumbar and sacrum parts gently with moderate strength. The speed is uniform, alternating left and right, at 100 times / div.

  Efficacy: Traditional Chinese medicine refers to menstruation as Tiangui. Tiangui is actually kidney essence, and the waist is the place of kidney. Therefore, beating the lumbosacral region can make up the effect of kidney filling and achieve the effect of pain relief and menstruation.


Kneading and pressing Taichong acupoint massage method: use your left thumb to twist the right Taichong acupoint (located at the midpoint of the first metatarsal space between the back of your foot), it is advisable to have a soreness, and then change the right thumb and abdomen after 1 minuteZuo Taichong acupoint for 1 minute.

  Efficacy: TCM believes that “Taichong pulse is flourishing, and the moon is the present day.”

Taichong is the most important acupuncture point on the liver meridian. It is also very effective for women’s irregular menstruation. Most women with dysmenorrhea have varying degrees of liver stagnation and qi stagnation, which causes pain if they do not pass through.effect.


Rubbing and rubbing the lower abdomen massage method: Put your hands on the middle of the lower abdomen, rub the abdomen with slow and gentle movements, and control the frequency at about 10 times per minute, until there is a feeling of heat in the lower abdomen. After 5 minutes, rub your abdomen with your hands.Wipe the back of the lower abdomen in a single direction from the back to the front, and forward the groin with the degree of heat penetration.

  Efficacy: The lower abdomen is where the cell palace is located. Rubbing and rubbing the lower abdomen can promote microcirculation in the lower abdomen and regulate menstruation and analgesia.


Point rubbing uterine point massage method: the uterine point is located in the lower abdomen, 4 inches below the umbilicus, and 3 inches beside the middle pole.

Stimulating the uterine points is a conditioning method directed at the female genitals. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and regulating qi and pain.


Click Zusanli massage method: Zusanli is located 3 inches below the outer knee of the front lateral of the lower leg, and a lateral finger on the lateral side of the anterior condyle of the upper bone. Rub the Zusanli acupoint with the thumb and abdomen slightly, taking the degree of acid swelling.

Gonghan dysmenorrhea can use moxa stick moxibustion.

  Efficacy: The popular statement of “Frequently pressing Zusanli, rather than drinking chicken soup” is widely known, especially for frail women with inadequate qi and blood, tapping Zusanli has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, warming menstruation and regulating menstrual pain.

  Obviously, the method of self-massage to correct painful menstruation should be started about a week before menstruation. The purpose of treatment is to clear the meridians and channels, draw blood down, and make the menstruation smooth. After the menstrual cramps, stop the manual massage and wait for the next time.Repeat the cycle.

If the examination reveals organic diseases such as endometriosis, specialist treatment should also be performed at the same time.

Wet bed technology makes the climax

Wet bed technology makes the climax

The wet sex bed technique makes the orgasm surge and the harmonious sex life is the love of overwhelming water. It is the entanglement of dry fire and fire. It is a hot and hard fight, and it is a heavenly world.

The male sperm is up in the brain, but there are many requirements for women to go to bed.

This article summarizes the sexual skills of bed overturning the rain, and teaches you how to do sex and sex, so that making love is more crazy.

1, leaving a little restrained clothing for women does not strip her at once, not just for slow and slow.

Leave her little vest close to her, or don’t take off her high heels; in fact, even if only one necklace and two earrings are left, it is enough to make you excited.

Moreover, these restrained clothing and accessories will also greatly stimulate her physical and psychological sexy valves.

The moment that causes a woman to long for cravings requires men to have this power.

2, give her a little more freshness. Don’t think that your three tricks and two styles that have made other girls cool are equally effective in front of her!

Not only women and women are different, even the same woman will have different needs through different emotions and atmosphere.

Learning the form of observation and the contingency is the martial arts of the top players.

The taste of the stir-fry will never be more savory than the slow-cooked stew.

When you kiss, you should stick the glass like your lips. When you are licking, you should brush the dust like an antique. When you touch it, apply a cream to the back of the burned hand. In short, direct your mouth, tongue, and hand according to the speed of the movie slow motion.Make her skin more sensitive than ever.

3, don’t always be the same, don’t always do the same thing before going to bed after dinner, and still fixed in bed!

Such a woman will be distracted because she is not fresh and irritating. Of course, she cannot call the bed. The consequence of not being able to call the bed is that your orgasm is difficult to achieve.

Change some places, some on the floor, in some cars.

Change time, sometimes on the weekend morning or in the sun and warm afternoon.

4. Don’t go directly to the subject and use your temperature to lead your movements, instead of burning them with your fire.

This should be the rule for any next skill you use.

For example, she doesn’t touch them until she doesn’t take the initiative to seduce the seductive skin; she only wanders around her waist and lower abdomen before she grabs your hand between her legs.

Even if you think you can’t even achieve it, you can reach her climax, but the difference between a master and you is here: they can make a reversal.

5, can be a little rough. Of course, for a real man, if you just slap the call, you can also call passionate house!

As long as the time is ripe, you can try the very male and masculine way; grabbing the hair, holding your wrist, holding your shoulders, and even tapping it is no problem, which will also cause her to be greatly stimulated.

However, some of the more intense moves require a flaw that she fully trusts, and never hurt her.

6, before the play, the women must like the foreplay, but unfortunately, few men are fond of foreplay, and few have patience to do foreplay. This stems from the fact that men who are already very laborious, totalIt is a way to consider sex and relieve fatigue.

And if they want to spend a certain amount of time to stroke, kiss, or even let them go to sex preparation, they will feel impatient and not angry.

Just like a movie, in addition to the theme song, there will be a ending song, in addition to advance notice, there will be behind-the-scenes making of the tidbits.

In fact, every perfect sex has a perfect opening and a gorgeous collection. However, it is not until the ejaculation that the ejaculation is done. In fact, the man always feels that after ejaculation, he is done. In fact, the post-play is justStart.

Therefore, foreplay and after-play are an indispensable part of perfect sex.

Top ten taboo men in the workplace

Top ten taboo men in the workplace

1. Smell men, men are lazy, understand, understand, but they are puzzled if they are lazy.

Men stand as strong men, the backbone of interpersonal communication in society, so their own image is also very important. It is not required that everyone be like Zhou Runfa, but due to the importance of work, it should be neat and generous.

But some men’s hair was snoring, their undergarments were shiny, and their shoulders were overwhelmed with smoke. It was really scary, so colleagues couldn’t get close, let alone work together.

From one extreme to the other, the results may be the same. Some men may push the scent to the other end too hard-the aroma is scented.

The office as a very rational public place, this stage-like greasy smell should not be present.

  2, orange men and women love humorous men, men who are overly humorous, women can’t fall in love with anything.

In the office, ridicule during work can relieve the tense working atmosphere and make everyone happy, but the man Huang Huangzi taught successively will not only pollute the air, but also bring some embarrassment that disturbs others.

  3, the man in the place of life is not like a picture of a character in a newspaper. It can exist on the side, but needs to have its own space. It is more convenient in social communication, but some men are too close to their peers in work communication ((Especially women), allowing the existence of others to occupy the reserved space, such as habitually putting the face next to the female colleague’s face, and placing his hand on the back of the chair of the female colleague, destroying the distance of conventional etiquette communication, making female colleaguesThey are not good at reminding each other, but feel very disgusted, affecting the work process of both sides.

  4. Men with long tongues often say that women with long tongues are very annoying. If they accept long tongues into men’s mouths, I’m afraid they need to add a “more” word.

Some men, however, have this hobby. They always inquire about the privacy of their colleagues, and indiscriminately arrange it, causing mutual mistakes between colleagues and disrupting normal interpersonal relationships.

  5. Intolerant men Men are not exaggerated because they need too much to carry alone, so it is only natural to pay them some power.

Afraid of everything, if the ego is played at a super level, it is dangerous for men.

Work is a group action, and it is difficult for one person to complete independently.

So tolerance, mutual support, and mutual understanding have become the basic platform for the successful completion of work.

Some big men have a pearl-pocketed heart, and they have a little friction with their colleagues. They misunderstand and they will not let it go. They try to crack down on revenge. This behavior will only push the careful men to the abyss of isolation.

  6, too stingy men colleagues meet, visit each other, organize activities together is also a very common way of emotional contact of various units, men are often the core strength of a friendship activity, as for activities usually use rotation or flat-type democracy and fairPayment scheme, but some men are actively participating in the event, fully enjoy the delicious entertainment, for the cost they are in line with “you are embarrassed to mention me a warm welcome, you bravely put forward my brave rejection” targeted measures.

Men’s frugality deserves recognition, but they take advantage of themselves, and men who are too stingy can only be ignored.

  7, bragging men The talented men deserve admiration, so the men are trying to move closer to this direction. Some impatient men have adopted the hormonal crash method of “bragging.”

In the office, they eloquently described how they were related, capable, qualified, capitalized, and described success stories in a decent way.

Of course, the speech will usually end in a “hush”. This ridiculous move greatly affects his work image and reduces the trust of colleagues.

  8. It is common for men who love to sigh to encounter difficulties in their work. Women have begun to learn to face clearly, but some men have chosen all-round accusations.

The leadership is not compassionate, the colleagues are not supportive, and the customer is demanding too much, but I never want to be wrong, let alone how to solve the problem.

  From a psychological point of view, there are hardships that are conducive to physical health, but inappropriate occasions without marginal repetition will affect the health of others.

  9. Yang Fengyin’s man who climbed the cause Although the tower is not easy, it is not wise to adopt a derailed approach to life. Although the double-sided parallelism of Yangyin’s way is effective in the short term, it will break a little over time.Not to mention the tower, I think it is difficult to stand even on flat ground.

  10. Cowardly man As soon as the man approached the office and started to work, it was like a game machine that had issued coins. It played super energy for a short time.

If this game machine suddenly stops, then a cowardly coin must have been mistakenly inserted.

Cowardly, afraid of things, men hiding in the corner will only attract the contempt of leaders and colleagues.

Even if some sympathy would be given, no one would ever replenish his coin.

  The above are only some of the views of some women, but it is worthy of confirmation that if the men have all the above 10 points, I think he no longer needs to go to work.

Hawthorn Jianpi digestion 7 ways to lose weight

Hawthorn Jianpi digestion 7 ways to lose weight

Lead: Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn can strengthen the spleen and eliminate product, which is beneficial to weight loss, and can assist in treating secondary obesity.

Hawthorn also contains citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid, enzymes and proteins, glucose, which can lower blood pressure and promote digestion and digestion.

Here are some ways to eat hawthorn: 1. Hawthorn soup material: 500 grams of hawthorn, 100 grams of sugar.

Method: Wash the hawthorn with water, remove the stalk, boil the seeds, put the hawthorn into the sugar, and drink the soup.

2. Hawthorn tea material: 500 grams of hawthorn, 200 grams of dried lotus leaves, 200 grams of coix seed, 100 grams of licorice.

Method: Divide the above several flavors into 10 bags. Take one bag of boiling water daily for brewing.

3, Hawthorn Yinju drink material: hawthorn, silver flower, chrysanthemum each 10 grams.

Method: Smash the hawthorn, put it into the cup of tea with silver flower and chrysanthemum, and make it for one day.

4, hawthorn orange peel drink materials: raw hawthorn, orange peel, lotus leaf 20 grams each, raw barley kernels 10 grams.

Method: Combine the above flavors into the pot, brew with boiling water, and finish the day.

Effective in March.

5. Hawthorn melon peel drink material: 20 grams of hawthorn, 30 grams of winter melon peel, 10 grams of Shouwu and Huaishujiao.

Method: Put the above several flavors together in a pot and cook for 20 minutes, then put in the juice.

6. Bodybuilding fat-removing tea materials: 20 grams of hawthorn, Alisma orientalis, Laizizi, malt, tea, aquilegia, red soybeans, Yun Fuling, Cauliflower, Chenpi, Liushenqu, prunella 7 grams each.

Method: Put the above flavors into a casserole, add water and simmer, and put in the juice for one day.

7, double root tea materials: tea root, hawthorn, reed root 15 grams each.

Method: Mix the above flavors together for 20 minutes, and blend in the juice.