Blu-ray Development (600466) First Coverage Report: Sales of 100 Billion Arrows Penetrate on the Strings to Open Long-Term Growth Space

Blu-ray Development (600466) First Coverage Report: Sales of 100 Billion Arrows Penetrate on the Strings to Open Long-Term Growth Space
Sales of 100 billion arrows on the strings, regional penetration opened up long-term growth space, and for the first time, the coverage was given a “buy” level.We estimate that the company’s operating income from 2019 to 2021 will be 38 billion / 48.9 billion / 61.2 billion, and the net profit attributable to the mother will be 33.4 ppm / 50.1 ppm / 68.500 million, EPS is 1.12 yuan / 1.68 yuan / 2.3 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 5.8 times / 3.9 times / 2.8 times.Target price 8 for the first time.4 yuan, give “buy” rating. A large amount of value drives short-term sales growth, and the penetration of six regions opens up long-term growth space.In the short term, the company plans to start an area of 18 million square meters this year, an annual growth of 67%, which strongly promotes the release of value and drives short-term sales growth; in the long term, the company has basically covered major urban agglomerations and economic belts, and the region has continued to penetrate and open up the longGrow ceiling.The company’s existing soil storage (undeveloped area) is about 14 million square meters. We believe that the company will be more aggressive in acquiring land in the future. It is estimated that the amount of land acquisition 北京桑拿洗浴保健 will gradually reach 400 trillion, and the supplementary value will be about 1,400 trillion, which will strongly support sales next year. Delivery of housing drives the release of short-term results, and the repair of net profit margins boosts long-term results.In the short-term, accounts received in advance in 19Q1 were 56.4 billion, and the coverage ratio for the previous year’s operating income reached 1.83 times, sufficient resources to be settled, and a high completion growth rate this year will effectively promote the release of performance; in the long run, the company’s net profit margin is significantly lower than the industry average. Through product structure improvement, cooperative development, and deepening of OEM and construction,Net profit repairs are expected to boost long-term results. The proposed listing of Garbo Property brings opportunities for asset revaluation.The company is actively promoting the listing of Blu-ray Garbo Hong Kong shares.After Garbo’s listing, the scale can hire more investors to provide ammunition for mergers and acquisitions. The reorganized Blu-ray Garbo is still on the list of listed companies, bringing opportunities for reassessment of assets of listed companies.According to the general estimated level of Hong Kong property companies, conservatively estimate that Jiabao’s price-earnings ratio will remain at 10 times after listing, corresponding to a market value of at least US $ 3 billion, and Blu-ray Development’s current market value is only US $ 18.7 billion. The degree of property listing for listed companies is worth looking forward to. High dividends are underestimated, leverage is reasonable, and equity incentives lock in performance.According to the company’s stock budget exercise conditions, the attributable non-net profit from 2019 to 2020 will be 3.3 billion and 5 billion, respectively, and the exercise price will be 6.84 yuan / share, higher than the market price; the company’s five core executives have fully completed the first exercise, the total exercise amount1.800 million, showing strong confidence in the company’s future development.The estimated budget is only 5 for the current year.8 times, lower than the plate average. Risk warning: the project completion and settlement progress are less than expected; the settlement gross margin is less than expected; the company’s sales are less than expected; the Blu-ray Jiabao Hong Kong shares are listed less than expected.

Polyfluoropoly (002407): an outstanding leader in lithium hexafluorophosphate

Polyfluoropoly (002407): an outstanding leader in lithium hexafluorophosphate

This report reads: We believe that cost will drive additional demand upwards, and it is expected that the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate will rise steadily in 2019; polyfluoropoly, as the domestic company with 佛山桑拿网 the most lithium hexafluorophosphate replacement, promotes direct benefits.

Investment points: first coverage, overweight rating.

Polyfluoropoly is a domestic leader in the field of inorganic fluorination, and its lithium hexafluorophosphate production capacity and transportation volume are among the highest in the industry.

EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

48, 0.

60, 0.

68 yuan, with reference to the average assessment level of the industry, and given a certain premium, the target price is 16.

8 yuan, corresponding to the 2019 35X PE, for the first time coverage, increase the level of holdings.

Costs are driving increased demand, and we expect lithium hexafluorophosphate prices to rise steadily in 2019.

Since 2015, the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate has increased rapidly from about 10 mg / ton to 4杭州桑拿网0 million, and then the capacity has been increased again. The price of the product has gradually dropped to about 10 million.

After the recent rise in the price of lithium hexafluorophosphate, we believe that prices will continue to rise steadily in 19 years: 1) According to our calculations, the current production cost of lithium hexafluorophosphate is about 7.

550,000 yuan / ton (excluding tax), the sales price of less than 100,000 yuan has reached the company’s gross profit margin dropped to about 10%, after considering factors such as sales expenses, it has been close to some of the company’s cost line, so companies are facing price increases2) From the demand side, we expect that by 2019, the sales of new energy vehicles will continue to grow rapidly, and emissions are expected to increase to about 30%, and the second half of the year will be the peak period of battery installation, which will further promote the development of lithium hexafluorophosphate.product demand.

Polyfluoride and multi-capacity continued to expand, leading enterprises took the lead to benefit.

The company’s lithium hexafluorophosphate production capacity reached 6,000 tons at the end of 2018, and it is expected that the production capacity will reach 9,000-10,000 tons in 2019. Correspondingly, the company’s product measurement volume is expected to rise from 5440 tons in 2018 to 7500-8000 tons in 2019, and the lithium hexafluorophosphate business is back on track.

Catalyst: Risk of price rise of lithium hexafluorophosphate: New energy vehicle sales are lower than expected, raw material prices have risen sharply

Monetary policy new year and new weather: keep the focus and strengthen the orientation

Monetary policy new year and new weather: keep the focus and strengthen the orientation
In the past year, monetary policy showed obvious structural characteristics. About four “fancy” targeted reductions were made, and a medium-term loan facility (TMLF) was created to further enrich the monetary policy toolbox with practice.  There is a certain amount of power in the new year.Combined with the latest policy statement, the tone of the stable monetary policy has not changed, the orientation has changed, and precise drip irrigation is still the main feature of monetary policy operations. It maintains a reasonable and sufficient liquidity and escorts the stable development of the economy.  There is new weather in the new year.Combined with the direction of the development and transformation of monetary policy, whether monetary policy can more effectively respond to price increases, more reasonable market laws, and more meaningful “doubles coordination” with macro-prudential policies is worth looking forward to.  Orientation trend is more obvious. In 2018, monetary policy tools continued to innovate, and the characteristics of structure and orientation were obvious.During the year, there were 4 targeted reductions, and the total amount of funds released was about 2.3 trillion yuan; comprehensive use of reverse repurchase, medium-term borrowing facilities (MLF), mortgage supplementary loans (PSL) and other tools to provide liquidity of different maturities and increase medium and long-term liquidity supply.  In 2019, this “precision drip irrigation” trend is expected to continue.With the highest creation level at the end of December 2018 as a sign of medium-term lending facilities (TMLF), the directional tools are further enriched, and the directional characteristics are more obvious.  Bank of Communications chief economist Lian Ping pointed out that the central economic work conference’s formulation of monetary policy basically continued the fundamental tone of monetary policy in the past ten years, which means that monetary policy remains stable, liquidity is reasonable and sufficient, targeted adjustments, and precision drip irrigation is still the currencyThe main characteristics of policy operations continue to increase support for weak areas such as private and small and medium enterprises.At the same time, monetary policy adjustments will also be aimed at strengthening the budget and looking forward, and adjusting according to changes in economic expectations.At the same time, unless there is a serious distortion shock, monetary flooding is unlikely.  ”In 西安耍耍网 this case, it is expected that there may be 2 to 3 reductions in 2019, and the probability of targeted reductions.It is expected that the loan interest rate will soon fall, and the current benchmark interest rate for deposits and loans is the lowest in history. It is expected that the overall interest rate cut is still unlikely.”Lian Ping expected.  Li Chao, chief macro analyst of Huatai Securities, believes that in combination with the executive meeting of the State Council and the long-term statement from the Office of the Financial Committee, the probability of a gradual downward adjustment in January is high.  It is obvious that the TMLF interest rate is 15 basis points lower than the MLF interest rate, and it has also gradually increased the price substitution element in terms of quantity in the market monetary policy.  According to an article written by Zhang Xiaohui, the 杭州夜网论坛 former assistant to the president, China’s current monetary policy adjustment framework is in the process of changing from a quantitative type to a price type.In the next step, we can consider using the short-term repo rate in the open market as a component of the first-rate policy rate and regularly announce it to the public.Establish and improve the “interest rate corridor” with the standing lending facility (SLF) interest rate as the upper limit and the excess reserve or other deposit convenience instruments as the lower limit, replacing the market benchmark interest rate through open market operations, and in the supplementary monetary policy instrument portfolioTo more anticipate the price dimension of the target instrument, further rationalize the mechanism of gradually operating interest rates to the financial market and the real economy, and continuously improve the independent pricing ability of financial institutions, and finally realize the transformation of the monetary policy framework from quantitative to price.  Cooperate with macro prudential policies and increasingly encrypt and cut the report of the 19th National Congress of the People’s Republic of China. It is clearly required to improve the dual pillar framework of monetary policy and macro prudential policies.In 2018, the macro-prudential policy has been continuously improved, and countercyclical adjustments have become more and more proficient. In the macro-prudential assessment (MPA), evaluation indicators for small and micro-enterprises’ financing have been added; the foreign exchange risk reserve ratio for forward exchange sales has been adjusted from 020%; restart the mid-price quote “counter-cyclical factor”.  The marginal changes in international and domestic economic and financial indicators in 2019 objectively require monetary policy and macro-prudential policies or strengthen “doubles coordination”.  The regular meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee recently pointed out that the counter-cyclical adjustment should be strengthened and the two-line framework of monetary policy and macro-prudential policy should be improved.At the same time, the new formulation of “promoting a sound monetary policy, enhancing the vitality of micro-subjects and forming a virtuous circle of triangles between capital market functions” also requires coordination between monetary policy and macro-prudential policies.  Zhang Xiaohui believes that monetary policy is mainly aimed at price stability and economic growth, while macro-prudential policy is mainly aimed at maintaining financial stability; monetary policy is mainly used to regulate aggregate demand, and macro-prudential policy is more targeted at increasing leverage;Monetary policy uses interest rates as tools, while comprehensive prudential policies are mainly aimed at adjusting capital requirements, leverage levels, and down payment ratios.Although each of the two policies has its own emphasis, there is a very close relationship between monetary policy and macro-prudential management. Even you have me and you have me, and they need to be integrated.  Lian Ping said that considering that domestic and foreign economic and financial indicators are still intricate in 2019, the internal financial markets, including the stock market, bond market, and exchange market, will still fluctuate. The risk of resonance in each market cannot be underestimated, and appropriate monitoring and monitoring are needed.Handle properly.

Simple and easy to get coarse grain nutrition

Simple and easy to get coarse grain nutrition

Background: A survey conducted by the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the intake of cereals and foods by Beijing residents was lower than the national level, and the main staple foods were used, and the diet structure was not scientific.


hzh {display: none; }  “你知道吃粗粮有什么好处吗?”It is estimated that many people can say a few words casually:” It can prevent constipation and help lose weight . “But if you then ask:” Do you eat coarse grains often? ”

“There may be too many people who will answer negatively for no other reason than not being able to do it, no time, etc.

  ”Infiltrating coarse grains into your daily diet is actually very simple.

Professor Jiang Zhengqiang, College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, said, “Add a handful of millet or cut a few sweet potatoes to the rice when porridge is cooked; add some corn kernels to the rice when steaming; do not want to cook, simply steamSeveral sweet potatoes and potatoes are staple foods, these are all good ways to absorb coarse grains in a time-saving manner.

“In addition to being troublesome in making, some people have a clear concept of coarse grains, which is also one of the reasons affecting the intake of coarse grains.

In fact, grains and cereals other than rice and white noodles are considered coarse grains, such as corn, millet, buckwheat, soy beans, mung beans, red beans, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., can be eaten in a variety of ways every day.

  Modern people often feel tired. This is related to the lack of B vitamins. Eating coarse grains often can effectively supplement B vitamins. It is an essential nutrient to eliminate fatigue.

  First, healthy adults should absorb 300 to 500 grams of grains a day, and coarse and fine grains should be eaten together.

Coarse grain is not good. Because it contains a lot of dietary fiber, it is not easy to digest, and it will hinder the absorption of other nutrients by the human body. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat too much. Generally, the absorption ratio of coarse grains is 3: 7.More appropriate.

Want to drink four health soup often in winter

Want to drink four health soup often in winter

Think healthy and drink more soup.

Especially in autumn and winter, various soups become delicious.

Different types of soups have different functions. Fu Jinru, the chairman of the Tianjin Nutrition Society, introduced the health effects of soups often used in the winter.

  Pork rib soup is anti-aging.

In addition to protein, traces, and vitamins, pork ribs also contain a large amount of calcium phosphate, bone collagen, osteoadhesin, etc., which can provide calcium for young children and the elderly.

The special nutrients and collagen in bone soup can promote microcirculation, especially for people aged 50-59 years. The bone age is fast. Drinking bone soup can strengthen bones and reduce the rate of aging.

Add melon, kelp or lotus root to the pork rib soup, and it can continue to clear heat and invigorate qi.

People who are physically weak and have sore legs and sore legs are especially suitable.

  Chicken soup is anti-cold.

Chicken soup, especially the old hen soup, has a good effect of tonic.

It can relieve the symptoms of colds and improve the body’s immune function.

Drinking more chicken soup in autumn and winter can help improve the body’s immunity and keep out influenza viruses.

But chicken soup has a warming effect, and people with inflammation should drink less.

  Fish soup for spleen appetizer.

Fish has spleen appetizer, cough and asthma functions. Taking it with winter melon and spring onion soup can relieve edema.

Fish soup contains comprehensive and high-quality protein that can relieve wrinkles caused by mental factors such as stress and lack of sleep.

  Trotter soup raises blood.

The trotter is flat and sweet. It can enter the spleen, stomach, and kidney meridians, can strengthen the waist and legs, nourish blood, dry the kidneys, and fill the kidney with essence.

Add some peanuts and trotters to the soup, especially for women. The folk also use it for postpartum yin deficiency and milk toxin.

Litang’s passion and romance

Litang’s passion and romance

Being able to see the scene of a horse racing in Litang, known as the High City of the World, is an unexpected harvest.

  Litang was not in the plan of my Shangri-La tour.

On the way to the Aden in Daocheng, I met Guangdong’s “Yuyou” Jingjing. She said that the horse racing festival in Litang is coming, and asked if I can’t go.

This is a good news that makes me excited.

Three years ago, the trip to Tibet, I missed the horse racing festival of Nagqu for some reason, and I have regretted it for a while.

  On the way to Litang, Jingjing told me about the origin of the Litang Horse Racing Festival.

It turned out to be related to the word “romantic”.

  When the six-day Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, who was known as the “Love Song Prince”, was still at the threshold of his hometown, there was a girl named Sangji Zhuoma who was born in Litang, often living with his father.The homes of my loved ones are beautiful and can sing and dance.

The two can also be regarded as a childhood friend.

I don’t want to, when Tsangyang Gyatso was 15 years old, he was chosen as the reincarnation of the fifth Dalai Lama and sent to the Potala Palace.

Since then, the two have been in the same place, but they have the same kind of lovesickness.

  Six years later, the two of them met again in Lhasa, and the fire of love ignited again.

However, the teachings of the Yellow Church are strict. In order to avoid the harm of the lama (protection law) lama, Zhuoma’s father quietly brought Zhuoma back to Litang.

Since then, the two have never seen each other.

Tsangyang Gyatso in Acacia once and again screamed: “The white crane between the clouds / please lend me a pair of wings / I will not go too far / at most only fly to Litang.

Later, after the 24-year-old Tsangyang Gyatso disappeared in Qinghai due to being trapped and ruined, people found his reincarnation Geng Sang Gyatso in Litang according to his poem, which is the 7th Dalai Lama.Lama.
Since then, Litang’s reputation has been greatly enhanced.

  To commemorate this event, the lama of the Changchunkol Temple, located on the northern hill of Litang City, summoned the full-length rider to antique the grand jockey on the Maotangba grassland on the edge of Litang City.

In the years to come, it will form the most important festival on the Khampa Prairie.

This makes those Khampa people, there have been a lot of show and passion for the big stage. Litang’s altitude is above 4200 meters.

Don’t look at her city is not big, but she is surrounded by vast grasslands, looking up, green and dazzling, a piece of green.

Baiyun swims in the blue sky, and the distant mountain snakes are in the sky.

Herders’ tents, such as white lotuses, bloom in the green waves, and groups of yak-like black whirls sway in the grasslands.

The vast grassland pastures and the faint distant snow peaks, the picturesque scenery, how can it not be refreshing and full of passion?

  The day after I and Jingjing came to Litang, they were catching up with the opening of the horse racing festival.

On the field more than ten miles away from the city, it can be said that it is a sea of people, shoulder to shoulder.

There are monks, journalists, and tourists from home and abroad. Of course, more Tibetans who came to participate in the grand meeting on the Khampa Prairie are estimated to have tens of thousands of people.

On the wide field, the riders of various walks are doing various warm-up activities across their love horses wearing ribbons.

After the opening ceremony, it was a variety of equestrian competitions, immediately throwing hydrangea, picking up Hada, shooting and archery, tilting upside down. It can be said that each style is full of style.

The game was full of excitement, and the crowd was excited. The sound of cheers, “Call, Humah,” came and went, and it rang through the grassland.

  The next day is the speed race.

The ten-mile long track stood on both sides of the audience waiting for the audience.

Jingjing and I did not go to the starting point, but to the red flag that fluttered in the wind at the end, hoping to see the first time the flag-bearer unplugged the red flag.

Through the telescope, I saw more than one hundred riders in the front of the black-pressed crowd at the starting point, and they were eager to try.

At about 9:20, a thunderous cannon was heard from the starting point, and then I saw from the telescope that the riders were riding and marching forward.

1. A whip flew in the air and screamed and sang on the grassland.

Because it was raining at night, there was water in the pits under the grass.

At the beginning, the horses fought and the hooves rang, only the ground beneath them felt vibrating.Like the flood of the gates, they took the road and rushed.

One rider, half a squat on the saddle, the front bow of the torso, the left hand holding the shackles, the right hand holding the whip, the sound of “driving”, such as Lei and Ming; horse racing, with the first squat, picking up four hooves, all the way.
Just over halfway through the race, more than a dozen horses stood out and gradually pulled the other riders behind.

They are like a sharp arrow shot, lightning fast, wrapped up in the blast, and the Tibetan robes on the riders are bulging.

  The dozen riders who ran in the forefront were, of course, the first riders to usher in a severe test.

As soon as they stepped on the grass, they quickly replaced the riders and were tripped or slipped. The other races were splashed and they passed by them in an instant.

The riders, who were almost the same, also quickly opened the distance because of horsepower and riding skills.

  At this time, I saw only a red horse like a lightning bolt. Under the control of the blue robe, all the riders swiftly slammed into the red flag of the finish line, and pulled the flag in the face of lightning.

After struggling to mount the mount, he just shook his voice and shouted two “hhh”, and he was wrapped up by the crowd.

Surrounded by excitement, he shouted: “No. 36!

No. 36!
No. 36!
“This is the entry number on his body, because no one knows his name at the time.”

  Just as the cheering crowd was still unfinished, the soldiers and the staff of several races quickly dialed out the crowd and handed the flag with the “first place” to “No. 36” and made him tall.Lifted in the high ground.

A soldier pulled up the stable of his mount and quickly walked to the main venue.

At this time, I noticed that the “No. 36” young man is a very typical Kangba man. It has a thick eyebrow, a wide nose, a long hair, a back, a strong body, and a young face with a plateau red.Charming and heroic.

  In the chaotic crowd, I actually met Jingjing again.

Jingjing said: “This kind of lovable Kamba boy, but do not know what the name is.

I want to know, you can help me.

“I also want to know, so I asked a few Tibetan compatriots in the flow of people to the main stadium, but they all waved their hands and said they didn’t know.”

Finally, I still know from a very awkward, beautiful Tibetan girl: “His name is Pupa.

Jingjing was happy to jump and said: “Puba, so cute name!”

“Oh, what is the name cute?”

Who knows how the handsome and handsome young rider who shines like a new moon on the Khampa Prairie will become a dream lover in the eyes of many Tibetan girls!

Jia Jingwen ran out of a new relationship?

Running can also add points to love

Jia Jingwen ran out of a new relationship?
Running can also add points to love

There are many benefits to insisting on running and exercising. In addition to making your body awesome and increasing your charm, maybe you will encounter a small fresh meat or a goddess!

In addition, MM who wants to run to lose weight, each jogging must be at least 30 minutes to be effective, aunt really burned!

  According to Taiwan media reports, Jia Jingwen knew Xiu Jiekai through his brother Wesley. The two became attached to each other due to fitness and running, and interacted to transform their love.

Running can also run out of new love!

It can be seen that running and fitness made Jia Jingwen’s whole body refreshed and beautiful, and successfully attracted 9-year-old fresh meat to repair Jie Kai!

  In love, maintaining vitality, beauty, and self-confidence are essential. In addition to the usual basic skin care diet, exercise is also vital. It is recommended to you, the mmmm’s most popular sports sport-running, running has many benefits, let youCharm greatly increases, Rong Guang exudes, adds points to love!

  Four benefits of running. If you don’t run again, you will go out and make you beautiful. People who love to run, especially women, are very good-looking. As soon as you start running, you will definitely become beautiful.

It is said that whitening is an added effect of running. Long-term running is almost like “steaming the face” on the face. The sweat left behind accelerates the skin’s metabolism and cleans the “dirty things” of the arms.
List expensive cosmetics, the cost performance of running is not high.

  Running beauty, because the body is slightly reduced, the whole body muscles become firmer, and the movement will become agile and healthy, accelerate the metabolism, and the skin will naturally become delicate and shiny. Running with coffee can also effectively reduce skin cancerIncidence.

  Running allows you to have a good figure Running allows you to have a good figure Running is aerobic exercise. It uses exercise to reach the aunt who consumes excess body, to achieve the purpose of weight loss and weight loss, so that you have a good figure.

So this kind of exercise needs to be carried out under aerobic state, jogging is in line with this state.

MMs don’t think that the faster you run, the better the effect of weight loss.

In fact, this method is wrong. Although running quickly consumes more performance, it causes a burden on the calf, rapid muscle growth, and the calf becomes thicker.

The real burning time for adults is after 30 minutes of continuous exercise, so jogging for more than half an hour is the most effective way to lose weight.

  Running IQ will also improve running and make everyone fit, but it is still a “brain job”.

A scientific research report from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom has revealed to people the relationship between running and intelligence.

According to the results of the study, jogging for a few days a week can stimulate the brain and improve one’s thinking ability.

Tens of thousands of people have new brain cells in the memory-associated areas of the brain after a few days of running, which obviously enhances people’s memory ability and makes people’s learning changes efficient.

No wonder many scientists and big coffees in various fields are running enthusiasts.

  Run more and more everyday, “Mom no longer has to worry about my learning”

  Running makes you more confident and happy. Running is the source of health, confidence and happiness.

In addition to running for the benefit of physical health, running can also release stress, expand the social face, make people independent, confident, and emit light from the inside out.

  Running, people have a younger look and mentality, have a more optimistic and open-minded attitude to life, always full of vitality and positive energy.

And women’s natural love and beauty complex makes them more beautiful.

When you are in a good mood, you can make yourself more confident and motivated during running; when you are in a bad mood, you can relieve your depression and relax from running.

In short, insisting on running can be full of confidence in one’s physiology, family, work, and life.

Running is part of life.

This is a very positive energy exercise, it brings health, happiness and self-confidence.

Fresh white grass root

Fresh white grass root

[Synonyms]Maogen, Langen, Rugen (“Book of Classics”), Dioscorea, gluten, and Du (“Beilu”), Baihua Maogen (“Rihuazi Materia Medica”), ground knot root (“Qinghai”Medicinal materials”), thatch roots (“Jiangsu Zhiyaozhi”), hard grass roots, sweet grass roots (“Hebei medicinal materials”), silk grass roots (“Chinese herbal medicine”), cold grass roots (“Mindong Herbal Medicine”).

  [Source]Rhizome of Poaceae Poaceae.

  [Sexual taste]sweet and cold.

  ① “The Book”: sweet and cold.

  ② “Do not record”: non-toxic.

  ③ “Materia Medica”: sweet, cool.

  ④ “Renewal of Materia Medica”: sweet and bitter, cold, non-toxic.

  [Meridian]Enter the lung, stomach, and small intestine.

  ① “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: enter the stomach, small intestine two meridians.

  ② “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: Start with Shao Yin, Foot Tai Yin, Yang Ming.

  ③ “Deserve to Compile Materia Medica”: Start with Shaoyin, Taiyin, and Foot Taiyin, Yangming Sutra.

  ④ “Materia Medica seeking truth”: into the stomach, liver.

  [Function Indication-Efficacy of Bai Maogen]Cooling blood, stopping bleeding, clearing heat, and diuretic.

  Treatment of fever, thirst, vomiting blood, bleeding, lung fever, wheezing, stomach fever, gonorrhea, gonorrhea, adverse urination, edema, jaundice.

  ① “Ben Jing”: the main labor injury is dysentery, Buzhong Yiqi, in addition to blood stasis, blood closed cold and heat, urination.

  ② “Don’t record”: the next five drops, except for the heat in the stomach, thirst quenching, strong muscles, and women collapse.

  ③ “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: Housewives have irregular menstruation and drenched in blood.

  ④ “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: stop vomiting blood, bleed blood, treat gonorrhea, urinate, stop the woman from bleeding.

  ⑤ “Outline”: antiemetic vomiting blood, typhoid fever reversal, lung heat wheezing, edema, jaundice, antidote.

  ⑥ “Ben Jing Feng Yuan”: cure stomach upset, five gonorrhea fever and acne dry purple can not afford.

  Animals and Plants Folk Medicine: Treatment of athlete’s foot.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 3-5 money (1-2 for fresh ones); mashed juice or ground.

  [Should avoid]Deficiency of the spleen and stomach;

  ① “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: due to chills, vomiting due to cold, stop drinking and fever due to wet phlegm, and do not take it.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: vomiting blood due to cold, it is not appropriate.

  [Selection]① More than cure vomiting: Bai Maogen.


  (“Qian Jin Yi Fang”) ② for the treatment of blood-heat rhinitis: a white grass root juice.

  Drink it.

  (“Women’s Recipes”) ③ More than cure rhinorrhea: Maogen is the last, Mishui water service two money.

  ”Sheng Hui Fang”) ④ cure asthma: a grip of Maogen (rotating mining), mulberry white skin equally divided.

  Water two, fry until one, go to warm clothes and eat.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang” such as Shen Tang) ⑤ Those who have fever and fever, and drink cold water: Maogen, Pueraria (each cut) half liter.

  Take 4 liters of water, boil 2 liters, and drink slightly, then stop.

  (“Xiaopinfang” Maogen Decoction) ⑥ cure stomach upset, vomit immediately when eaten, get angry: Lugen, Maogen each two or two.

  Finely cut, four liters of water, boil two liters, serve it, get good, good.

  (“Qian Jin Fang”) Zhizhi urinating hot shower: Bai Maogen four liters.

  Five liters of water in one bucket, boil five liters of it, suitable for cold and warm drinks, three servings a day.  (“Behind the elbow”) ⑧ cure urinary bleeding: a handful of Maogen.
  Cut, take a large piece of water, fry to five minutes, remove to simmer, and take it frequently.
  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) Treating drowning and drowning blood: Mao Gen, dried ginger equal.
  Add one spoon of honey, two minutes of water, one minute of frying, and one serving daily.
  (“Outline”) ⑩ treatment of hematuria: Bai Maogen, psyllium one or two, sugar and five dollars.
  (Inner Mongolia “Selected Materials of New Chinese Herbal Medicine Law”) Treatment of chyluria: half a catty of fresh grass root.
  Add 2000ml of water and fry to about 1200ml, add the right amount of sugar.
  Take it orally three times a day, or substitute tea, even for five to fifteen days as a course of treatment.
  (“Selection of Exhibition Materials of New Medical Law of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Jiangsu Province”) ⑿ Treatment of nephritis: one or two of white grass root, one or two of yellow flower, five dollars of gourd shell, one dollar of liquor.
  Decoction, take twice a day, one dose daily, avoid salt.
  (“Selected Survey Data for Unilateral Recipes”) Zhi Zhi Yang deficiency can not turn yin, unfavorable urination, or stagnation of dampness and heat, which makes urination unfavorable and accumulates edema: a pound of white grass root.
  Dig fresh people, remove the skin and internode roots, and cut them carefully. Boil the grass roots in four large bowls of water. Boil them and place them near the stove. Wait for ten minutes. If the grass roots do not sink, cook again.Boil, move its pot next to the stove, and despise the roots are sinking into the bottom, the soup is ready, take the slag warm clothes, most of the cup, five or six times a day, two or three times a night, so that the medicine is sequential, 12 o’clock a week, Urinate self-interest.
  (Bai Maogen Decoction of “Medicine in the West and Participating in the West”) ⒁ Treatment of large ascites due to stroke: a large number of white Maogen, three liters of adzuki bean.
  Three liters of water, boil it dry, remove the edible beans, and the water will urinate.
  (“Behind the back of the elbow”) ⒂ cure jaundice, valley jaundice, wine jaundice, female jaundice, labor jaundice, yellow sweat: a handful of grass roots.
  Finely cut, cooperate with a pound of pork, and eat as much as you can.
  (“Behind the back of the elbow”) ⒃ treatment of blood heat through dry and closed: Maogen, Achyranthes bidentata, Health Rehmannia, Tong Fei.
  (“Ben Cao Jing Shu”) Detoxification of Datura Poisoning: One or two white grass roots, one pound of sugar cane.
  Mash, squeeze, and fry with a coconut water.
  (“Mainly poisonous plant in the south”) ⒅ temperature disease fever 哕 (the stomach has volt fever, which makes the chest full, causing Qi reversal, Qi reversal is claimed to be radon).
  Use Maogen, Pueraria pueraria, Pueraria lobata, each half a catty, and add 3 liters of water to fry into a liter and a half.
  Take one cup of warm water with each serving.
  Stop serving immediately.
  Nausea, vomiting when eating meat.
  Use grass roots and reed roots two or two each, add 4 liters of water, cook to 2 liters, and serve once.
  ⒇ Lung fever asthma.
  Use raw grass root, bite into the mouth, add two bowls of water, cook into a bowl, and serve warm after meals.
  Three servings healed.
  The name of this party is as god soup.
  (21) Deficiency and edema (unfavorable urination, but drinking a lot of water).
  Use a large handful of white grass root, three liters of adzuki beans, and add three liters of water to boil.
  De Mao food.
  Water urinates.
  (22) Five types of yellow disease (jaundice, trough jaundice, wine jaundice, female jaundice, labor jaundice.
  The body is slightly fat, sweating like yellow juice).
  Use raw grass root, cut it into pieces, and eat it with a pound of pork.
  (23) Hot urine.
  Use 4 liters of white thatch, add 5 liters of water to a bucket, cook to 5 liters, and warm.  Take it once a day.

  (24) Hematuria due to injury.

  Use grass root and dried ginger to divide equally, add one spoon of honey, two cups of water, and fry into a cup.

  Take it once a day.
  (25) Nosebleeds.

  Grind it with Maogan, send it for rice water for two yuan per serving.

  (26) More than vomiting blood.

  Use white grass root and decoction.

  (27) Bamboo and wood enter the meat.

  Burn the ground with white grass root and apply lard to the wound.

  [Clinical application]① The treatment of acute nephritis has a better effect and can shorten the course of the disease.

  According to the observed observations, urination usually increases significantly after taking the medicine within 1-5 minutes, and can reach about 1500-3000 ml per day.

  As a result, the edema disappeared, and the changes in hypertension and urine tests gradually improved and became normal.

  According to some case statistics, the average time to disappear of edema is about 4-5 days or about 1 week; the time to return to normal blood pressure is 5-20 days, an average of 7-9 days; the average time to disappear changes in urine tests, from 11 days to 26.

4 days.

  It is also used for chronic nephritis to diuretic swelling and certain antihypertensive effect.

  But for ascites caused by liver disease and edema caused by heart failure, there is no diuretic swelling effect or the effect is not significant.

  Therefore, some people think that the role of white grass root is mainly to reduce the rupture of glomerular blood vessels, which will increase renal blood flow and renal filtration rate and produce a diuretic effect; meanwhile, it will improve kidney contraction, reduce renin production, and return blood pressure to normal.

  Therefore, it has a good effect on acute nephritis and a poor effect on chronic nephritis, but it has little effect on liver and heart edema.

  Except for a few dizziness or nausea during the medication, no adverse reactions were seen.

  Usage: Generally take half a catty of white grass root (dry product), wash and chop, decoction, and take 2-3 times a day.

  Served for 1-2 weeks or until healed.

  There are also compound treatments with large thistle, small thistle, raw land or ephedra.

  At the same time as taking the medicine, pay attention to bed rest, limit water and salt intake, and keep warm.

  If necessary, other drugs can be appropriately added to control complications and infections. ② For treatment of acute infectious hepatitis, use white grass root (dry product) 22, decoction, and take twice daily.

  Twenty-eight cases were treated, and clinically cured (45 minutes of major symptoms, signs disappeared, and liver function returned to normal). 21 cases were improved (clinical symptoms improved, 45 cases of clinical liver function decreased by more than half, or fully recovered to normal after 45 days).

  After treatment, the main symptoms mostly disappeared at 10, and the hepatosplenomegaly disappeared at about 20 days; 80% of the patients who recovered alanine aminotransferase recovered normally after 45 days, and the jaundice index averaged 20.

15 days to normal.

  No prefix is seen.

  In addition, Bai Maogen has been used for the treatment of hypertension, and it has a certain effect when it is used in the treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding with celestial grass.