Midea Group (000333) Midea ‘s strong retail performance on the market in April

Midea Group (000333) Midea ‘s strong retail performance on the market in April
The recent situation of the company Ovie Cloud Network monitoring, the growth rate of China’s home appliance retail market in April fell, especially above the offline channel.Midea has a strong market retail performance on everyone’s wire, and it is divided into two categories. Comment on the US air conditioner retail growth in April is significantly higher than the market: 1) Since the US air conditioner launched its promotional strategy in late February, the retail sales growth has continued to significantly exceed the industry.In April, Midea ‘s online retail sales of air conditioners increased by 63% each year, ranking first in the market.2) Although Midea adopted a cost-effective strategy, which led to a decline in the average retail price, through the improvement of efficiency, Midea’s gross profit margin remained better.In addition, Midea has begun to restrict the development of Oaks.3) Due to the good retail growth in March and April, the channel inventory level of Midea is the lowest. 4) Gree is not cutting prices, and there is no price war in the market. Midea ‘s online appliance retail sales have grown rapidly: 1) Midea ‘s retail sales in the refrigerator and washing machine online market increased by 27% and 49% in April, significantly higher than the industry.The washing machine market, Midea, Little Swan’s differentiated positioning achieved good results.The average offline retail price of Little Swan in April was 3494 yuan, surpassing the Haier brand; the average online price was the same as Haier.Midea’s April offline average price has been reduced by 5% every year, strengthening its cost-effective positioning.Refrigerators are not as competitive as washing machines, so online growth is more likely to result in lower prices.2) Midea’s kitchen appliances business is still in an adjustment period. In April, online and offline retail continued to 杭州桑拿 shift; kitchen small appliances business performed moderately, and its growth was close to that of the industry. The impact of the trade war is small: the company’s exports to the United States are about 2 billion US dollars, accounting for about 6% of its revenue.Companies can transfer orders to overseas bases to resolve tariff barriers. Midea is temporarily suspending the merger of Little Swan, which will increase the company’s net profit attributable to the parent company by 1 billion in 2019, but will also increase its share capital. It is estimated that the merger of Little Swan will not be considered for the time being, and the EPS forecast for 2019/20 will be maintained3.46/3.88 yuan. Maintain recommended level and target price of 62.40 yuan, corresponding to 18/16 times P / E in 2019/20, compared with the current 23% increase.The company currently expects to correspond to 15/13 times P / E in 2018/19. Risk Market Demand Risk Risk; Sino-US Trade Friction Risk; Global M & A Integration Risk

Taoli Bread (603866): Launch of 2020 Employee Stock Ownership Plan Short-term Factors Disturb Confidence in Long-term Growth

Taoli Bread (603866): Launch of 2020 Employee Stock Ownership Plan Short-term Factors Disturb Confidence in Long-term Growth

The company’s recent situationThe company announced the launch of the 2020 employee stock ownership plan (plan), which plans to cover the company and its subsidiaries’ backbone employees not exceeding 602 people, the source of funds is the controlling shareholder’s equity, the size of which does not exceed 400 million US dollars, and the stock source is the secondary market purchase companyStocks, with a lock-up period of 3 years, will be finalized and awarded based on individual performance evaluation results.

This plan is in parallel with the existing employee shareholding plan (which has been carried out to the third phase). We believe that it reflects the company’s confidence in facing long-term growth in the face of disturbances such as the impact of short-term epidemics and market competition.

The review launched the 2020 employee stock ownership plan (budget) with great strength and coverage.

The company’s current employee shareholding plan (draft) is in parallel with the existing employee shareholding plan (which has been carried out to the third phase in 2019).400 million, with “shares” as the subscription unit, the maximum number of shares is 400 million, the stock source is the secondary market to buy company shares, and it is targeted to include the secretaries of the director and the chief financial officer of no more than 602 key employees of the company and subsidiaries, lockedFor a period of 3 years, the individual’s performance will be evaluated and divided into A (excellent), B, C, and D (failed) which essentially leads to the final allocation.

We believe that the employee stock ownership plan is conducive to binding the long-term interests of the company and employees, and helps to motivate employees and retain excellent management talents and business backbones.

The short-term performance may be affected by the epidemic situation, and long-term optimistic fundamentals remain stable.

We expect that the new coronavirus epidemic will have a certain impact on the company’s short-term performance, mainly reflected in the impact of factory production and reduced terminal passenger flow.

We believe that the impact of the epidemic is a 厦门夜网 short-term disturbance factor. We are still optimistic that the company’s long-term fundamentals are stable and differentiated in the core competitive advantages of the short-bread bread industry.Lead.

This employee stock ownership plan also demonstrates the company’s long-term growth confidence.

It is estimated that the consideration of the epidemic situation will have an impact on the performance of the industry and the company. We lower the EPS forecast for 2020/20213.

twenty four.

8% to 1.


32 yuan.

According to the profit reduction, the target price is reduced by 5% to 52 yuan, corresponding to 45/39 times P / E in 2020/2021, and the current price corresponds to 33/29 times P / E in 2020/2021. The current price has 36% upside and maintains outperformIndustry rating.

The scope and continual 杭州夜生活网 expansion of the risk epidemic situation, the risk of regional expansion, intensified industry competition, fluctuations in raw material prices, and food safety risks.

Gree Electric (000651) quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations

Gree Electric (000651) quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations

Event: The company released the 2019Q1 financial report, with single quarter revenue of 4.1 million yuan (+2.

5%), to achieve net profit of 56.

700 million (+1.


Single quarter gross margin was 30.

59% (-0.

27pct), with a single quarter net profit of 14.

05% (-0.

12pct) Under the keynote of reducing inventory, the revenue growth rate is relatively high compared to expectations.

In terms of the size of domestic sales: under the background of weak Q4 air terminal demand in the third quarter of 2018, and continuing to press the channel to the leading air conditioners, there are already about 45 million inventories in the channel, which is already at the absolute value of the high inventory in 2015Close.

Therefore, the keynote of Q2Q3Q4 in 2019 is to digest the channel inventory. In this context, the revenue growth rate of air-conditioning leaders is expected to be too high.

In terms of export indicators: In the context of the expected trade war in Q4 2018, there was a phenomenon of export rushing, and a certain length of overdraft of export demand in 2019Q1 was expected to improve in the future.

Expense rates remain stable.

2019Q1 company selling expenses 10.

2% (-0.

6pct), managing R & D expenses 5.

17% (+0.

43pct), financial expenses cost-0.

06% (+0.


The overall cost costs 15.

31% (+0.

05pct), the overall cost rate remains stable.

At the end of the first quarter, other current debt subjects increased by about 900 million compared with the end of the fourth quarter of 2018. It is expected that there will be no excess provision.

Re-examine the air-conditioning degassing cycle in 2015. When the performance of the air-conditioning faucet is the worst, it is the best 杭州桑拿网 point to buy.

When the inventory of the air-conditioning industry was eliminated in 2015, the revenue growth rates of 2015Q1-Q4 were 0.

3%, -21.

8%, -22%, -57.


However, starting from 2015Q4, the leading air conditioners continued to grow, with a range increase of up to 50%.

The core reason is that when the performance of a listed company is poor, it generally means that the industry has entered a critical period of destocking, and it has also entered the bottom of the expected performance of the listed company. Thereafter, the inventory is gradually decommissioned, and the performance expectation of the leading air conditioner is gradually reduced.Get better.

At present, the inventory of air-conditioning channels is above 40 million, and the inventory level is relatively high. The key period of this year’s inventory de-allocation is the same sales season Q3; and the lowest and expected lowest point for the leading air conditioner will appear in Q3.The inventory of air conditioners has gradually disappeared and gradually improved.

Considering that it is usually a quarter ahead of fundamentals, the air-conditioning leader has come to a time of strong investment value.

Investment suggestion: The company’s EPS is expected to be 4 in 2019-2021.

4 yuan, 4.

9 yuan, 5.

4 yuan; the corresponding PE is 12 respectively.

8, 11.6, 10.

5. Risk warning of maintaining “Buy” rating: terminal prosperity is lower than expected, inventory de-allocation is lower than expected

Some kind of kitchen use the kitchen to apply the face to the skin more tender and smooth

Some kind of kitchen use the kitchen to apply the face to the skin more tender and smooth

Everyone wants to have a beautiful face, so how to care for skin care naturally becomes the focus.

However, besides using various expensive skin care products, what other tricks can help us have beautiful skin easily?

In fact, in the kitchen, there are some magical tricks for skin beauty. As long as we use them in a simplified way, applying the mask to the face will make the skin smoother and smoother.

  Some kind of kitchen uses the kitchen to apply the surface to make the skin more tender and smooth. 1. White vinegar White vinegar is a common seasoning in people’s daily diet. However, because white vinegar is an acidic substance, many people worry that applying white vinegar to the body will cause bad skins damage.

In fact, as long as we master a certain method, pay attention to the temperature of water and the amount of white vinegar when applying white vinegar on the face, there is no effect.

Because white vinegar itself has a certain activity, when the water temperature is high, it will begin to cause harmful damage to the active substances in the vinegar, which will greatly reduce the skin-beautifying effect of white vinegar, so you can use warm water when applying white vinegar to your face.Already.

In addition, white vinegar also has a good whitening and bactericidal effect, so long-term application of white vinegar to the face can very well increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, thereby improving the good skin rejuvenation effect.

  2. Sugar sugar is an important seasoning in life and an important ingredient to increase the sweetness of food.

However, in addition to adding sugar to the sweetness of the food, we can also use it to make the skin smoother and fairer.

White sugar is rich in vitamins, these granular important ingredients to maintain skin health and elasticity, so using sugar to cover the face can play a good role in smoothing the skin.

  In addition, the main substance in sugar is sugar, and the various nutrients contained in sugar itself have an excellent nourishing effect on the skin.

And it also has a good effect on promoting repair and healing of the wound, so often using sugar to cover the face can very well inhibit the repair of acne marks.

  When white sugar and water are fused together, white sugar will have a frosting effect, which can effectively remove the cuticles accumulated on the surface of the skin, thereby making the skin softer, smoother and smoother.

This is also a wise choice for some people with acne marks on their face.

  3. Honey Honey is a very nutritious thing. Many people also use honey as a health supplement in daily life. In this case, applying honey to the deep and nourishing and moisturizing effect of long-term adherence will surely make the skinBecomes softer, softer and more elastic.

Applying honey to the face can very well enhance the vitality of skin cells, and has an excellent effect on maintaining the metabolism of skin cells and improving the dryness of the skin.

  Consistently using this method can also make the skin softer and smoother, which is also excellent for preventing skin aging.

In addition, honey is also rich in amino acids, vitamins, sugars and other nutrients, these substances can enhance the skin’s elasticity, and play an important role in preventing skin dryness.

  4. Egg white The protein in eggs is very rich, which is well known to everyone, and eggs are also an important choice for people to supplement in daily life.

Not only that, eggs are also an excellent cosmetic “supplement” for the skin. Among them, we can use eggs to clean the face to help the skin become softer and smoother, and it has a good effect of eliminating wrinkles for a long time!

  In addition, the method of applying the egg white to the face is very simple. We only need to separate the egg white from the egg white, and then apply the egg white evenly in the body. After waiting for about 15 minutes, you can wash it with water.

Egg white is rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins, amino acids, potassium, magnesium, and egg white has a certain astringent effect.

So using egg to clean the face can very well suppress the secretion of facial oil. For some people with oily skin, this method can very well suppress the production of excess oil, which is also an important factor in reducing the generation of acne.

Parents must pay attention to vaccination

Parents must pay attention to vaccination


As a parent, how can you tell if your child ‘s immunization is successful?

  The success of judging the effect of vaccination is mainly from two aspects. The first child must not be a specific infectious disease after the vaccination, which should be successful.

In addition, sometimes we will withdraw a small number of children who have been vaccinated, withdraw a small amount of blood, and test the antibody. If the antibody reaches a protective level, it proves that the child has protected against certain diseases.

  Therefore, we welcome parents to take their children to participate in the “vaccine immunization success rate test” to confirm whether the child has been protected by testing for repeated antibodies.


Under what circumstances can a baby not be transplanted with a vaccine?

  At present, except for rabies vaccination, there are contraindications to any other vaccination. Common contraindications are ongoing serious organ diseases, especially those that are active; acute infectious diseases are feverish; allergies to vaccines, etc.Defective children cannot be vaccinated live.

When there are clear contraindications, it is really impossible to vaccinate, and the child should be vaccinated before getting ill.

  I think the parents of this child’s child may not be in a hurry to transplant, the child’s throat is congested, and the blood routine is abnormal, indicating that the child is in the stage of mild viral infection. It is recommended to observe for one week and check the blood routine after 2 weeks. The value is normal.After vaccination is appropriate.

In addition, if there is no further development, it can be implanted. Do not transplant it for the time being.

  Because sometimes the child is already infected with a disease and is in the asymptomatic stage. After the vaccine is infected, the symptoms of the infected disease appear. Parents will think that it is caused by a vaccination. It is not actually caused by vaccination, butThe disease development and the timing of vaccination are coupled.

  Therefore, when a child is found to have a mild attack, parents do not have to rush to take the child with a large vaccination. After a few days of observation, the disease does not develop before the decision is made to prevent the occurrence of coupled adverse reactions.


Is it possible to postpone the vaccination time?

  First of all, I want to clarify the fact that the parent said that the process required for the merger in Beijing is cumbersome. In fact, the prevention of children’s diseases is managed by the place of residence nationwide, not by the place of residence, so no matter where the child’s household registration is?

As long as the child is in Beijing, we can provide implant prevention services for the child, and the parent need not worry.

  The child’s enjoyment of immunization services in the place of residence is a state recognition of his rights. Beijing can provide him with the same services as children in this city. The parent only needs to take the child to the nearest immunization clinic for consultation and follow the regulations.Establish a vaccination card, you can get vaccination services, parents are advised to take their children to the immunization clinic in time.


Under what circumstances does the vaccine need to be re-implanted?

  Children in Beijing are vaccinated against hepatitis B with three doses of 10 micrograms, while the current national immunization plan requires a dose of 5 micrograms.

Therefore, it is more likely that individual children will not produce specific antibodies when they take a 5 microgram dose than when they take a 10 microgram dose.

In addition, sometimes if the quality of the reagent is not reliable, it will also affect the accuracy of the test results. It is not true that specific antibodies are not produced or even accurately detected.

  In addition, the immune protection produced by humans after vaccination is composed of humoral immunity and cellular immunity. There are reports in the literature that although some people have not detected specific antibodies after being vaccinated against hepatitis B vaccine, cellular immunity has been successful, so specific antibodies cannot be detected.It is not necessarily that immunity is not generated.

  In addition, the child is now 2 years and 4 months old. If the child’s 3-vaccine vaccine is given in time after birth according to the nationally prescribed immunization program, it may also transform the child’s growth, and its specific antibody level has decreased, or even cannot be detected.

  Because there are many factors affecting the success of vaccination, it is recommended that the parent can take the child to a more professional hospital for re-testing. If the antibody is negative, you can consult your local vaccination doctor and arrange for a vaccination.It is suggested that increasing the dose of the vaccine by injecting a dose of 10 micrograms per injection is also a solution.


What should I do if my child reacts after receiving the vaccine?

   It depends on what kind of reaction he has, because the vaccine reaction can be called an adverse reaction, which can be divided into general reactions and abnormal reactions, and the body can show systemic reactions or local reactions.

Usually, the child will have a general reaction after being vaccinated, which is a normal reaction and can be recovered. It is transient in time.

The probability of occurrence of abnormal reactions is extremely low, and it is even extremely rare, but it is necessary to be aware of it, and if it occurs, it needs special treatment and serious treatment.

  If the diabetic vaccine containing the adsorbent is implanted, after the hepatitis B vaccine, the induration may appear locally. If the induration is small and slight, it will naturally be absorbed gradually.

If it is large and hard, a local hot compress should be performed, usually the second day after the injection, that is, after the pinhole is closed, 3-4 times a day, 15-20 minutes each time, to remind parents of young childrenNote that the temperature of the hot pack is moderate, and do not use the adult’s temperature measurement.

Some children also develop fever when their temperature does not exceed 38.

It is not necessary to intervene at 5 ℃, it is enough to give the child plenty of water, if the temperature exceeds 38.

At 5 ° C, antipyretics should be taken once, but it should be noted that children’s antipyretics do not contain aspirin, and it is generally good to take only once.

  If the child’s temperature drops after taking the antipyretic medicine, and the fever will continue after the effect of the medicine, or even persist, it must be noted that this situation is usually not caused by vaccination, it should be a coupling infection, and parents should bringDon’t delay your child’s illness if you go to the doctor.

Can diarrhea be vaccinated against autumn diarrhea?
   The vaccine to prevent autumn diarrhea is a round attenuated live vaccine. It is an oral dosage form. Like this child, diarrhea is more frequent. If the vaccine is taken orally, the ash will be expelled from the body with diarrhea.Effect, reducing the immune effect of the vaccine.

Therefore, it is recommended that the parent wait for the child to recover from diarrhea, and then the oral vaccine will be more effective.

If we encounter a child who has taken the vaccine orally during diarrhea, we will recommend that he take another dose of the vaccine after the diarrhea has recovered.

  Experts preliminary parents have to follow a general principle: when the baby is sick, take the baby’s body to recover before transplanting.

Psychological contract should be signed before employment

“Psychological contract” should be signed before employment

In September, the restful workplace will usher in a new round of “Golden Nine, Silver and Ten” job change climax, and many new graduates this year also began to change jobs prematurely due to psychological expectations and the actual situation of the unit.
  Career experts reminded that you must be cautious when choosing units and positions, and be careful when signing a contract!
In addition to signing our common “labor contract”
, there is also a lesser-known “psychological contract”
. Ignoring the psychological contract in the job search will cause workplace loss due to blind signing.
  ”What keeps individuals and companies together for a long time is the degree to which they share their mission.
“American management guru Drucker concluded.
In fact, the extent of this sharing is the psychological contract between the individual and the company. Just as the marriage certificate is only a proof of the legal relationship between the husband and the wife, and the two parties can live together for a lifetime, they need both the relationship and the common life goal after marriage to maintain.
  Ignore the psychological contract for employment. Familiar with the company’s operation before employment. In November 2006, senior student Wu Jiamin from Sun Yat-sen University received a call from an employee of a well-known foreign company. The defendant’s counterparty had been assigned by the company as her mentor.
In the following months, the two met, ate, and talked a lot about the company’s culture and business.
When she graduated to work, she had a good understanding of her job responsibilities, psychological expectations and career direction.
  However, not everyone is as fortunate as Wu Jiamin. Some university classmates have already quit their jobs because they ignored the psychological contract when they were employed, or encountered an imbalance in the contract with the enterprise.
In this regard, Wu Jiamin analyzed that although most of the students are holding good salary, they did not hesitate to choose a job change and they all felt the same afterwards: this company is not like it imagined!
  Cognitive bias in corporate culture: These discrepancies occur most often in the mismatch between corporate culture and individual personality.
Those who are arrogant and accustomed to their own behaviors go to companies with strict hierarchies and feel that they are not respected, while creative people are restrained by the company’s rules and regulations.
Inadequate work environment is the second most important reason for leaving. When you graduate, you blindly search for a secure unit, but you find that excessively idle and easy-going work is completely inconsistent with the original intention of young people.
  ”The reasons for salary and benefits are put in the second place. When some students sign a contract, they just agree on the salary and other things, and the true inner consciousness expecting deeper things from the position and work is not involved at all.
It’s all because everyone knew neither the company nor themselves.
“Wu Jiamin said.
  心理合同比招聘合同更重要  今年7月加入广州市某知名民营企业集团的刘帅,准备到国庆节就辞职,“说实话,当初获应聘机会时我相当激动,能进入这样一个传闻中福利待遇A very good group company with huge development space is really lucky.
But over two months after joining the post, the reality is vastly different from the brilliant prospects outlined in Liu Shuai’s mind, without attractive treatment and benefits, and without comprehensive training.
The head of the company’s personnel department explained to them that we did not promise the benefits and benefits you imagined when we signed the contract.
  ”Although the treatment is good, I still can’t work happily and leave with dissatisfaction with the original company. Such cases widely exist among professionals, among which newcomers in the workplace perform better.
The neglect of the ‘psychological contract’ in job search is the main reason for this result.
Xu Gang, a senior consultant at Bermington Human Resources Management Consulting, pointed out.
  Usually when joining a company, a recruitment contract must be signed with the company, but this is only an institutionalized and standardized contract, which only restricts the labor relationship between the two parties.
“劳动关系的特点和劳动契约自身的局限性使得招聘合同不可能规范劳动关系的全部内容,雇佣双方对对方抱有一系列微妙而含蓄的期望,我们将这一期望称为‘心理契约’,即Psychological contract.
Xu Gang concluded that the psychological contract is a subjective psychological agreement of the laborer on the intangible psychology, and it is a psychological link between the individual and the enterprise. It affects a person’s job satisfaction, participation, identity, and achievement.
Even more substantive than hiring, once the psychological contract is violated, it will directly lead to the dissolution of the employment relationship.
  Individuals: 拟 Develop a “psychological contract” before signing a contract. 靖 Cai Jing, a well-known foreign company training and recruitment manager in Greater China, believes that the psychological contract between employees and enterprises should include the following aspects: a good working environment and relationship with colleagues, work tasks and career orientation.Consistency, security and belonging, reasonable increase in benefits and income, opportunities for training and development, promotion, respect and fair treatment, value recognition, etc.
“The more employees understand themselves and the company, the more they fit together in order to truly work together.
Cai Jing said that rational job seekers should understand scientific career positioning and planning, and based on careful analysis of their professional tendencies, abilities, experience and industry, scientific positioning and planning, including career planningDon’t be blinded by the high salary.
Find out what intangible resources you want to get?
What kind of work brings value and accomplishment?
What kind of ownership do you want?
  Xu Gang added that employees can’t just imagine what the company looks like based on their brains or wishful thinking. They must inspect the company to be signed from multiple parties.Employees, former employees, partners, competitors, etc.
The inspection content includes industry prospects, business operating conditions, development prospects, corporate culture, systems, human resource management and development of the enterprise, and the degree of occupational matching between individuals and enterprises.
“Enterprise: Try to meet the psychological expectations of employees as much as possible” In recruitment, we usually give employees the opportunity to fully understand themselves and the company in two stages, thereby completing the conclusion of psychological contracts.
“Said Cai Jing.
  The first stage is the period of initiation of recruitment to determine the position of new employees.In the past, the company used large-scale campus lectures to let senior management and status leaders present and share their workplace experience, so that people who want to join the team have a basic understanding of the company.

This year, Cai Jing found through internal investigations that in the previous job search process, employees usually considered their personal interests first, then determined which department was suitable for them, and finally decided which company they chose to enter.

In response to this phenomenon, they plan to increase the lectures of department managers based on previous university announcements, so that job seekers can understand the department work they are suitable for.

The second stage is within half a year after the graduate determines the position to enter the company.

Graduates usually determine their positions at the end of October. Although it is still more than half a year before they leave the campus, they are usually invited to participate in some activities customized for them, such as inviting new employees to the company to get to know each other.

  After that, they will arrange one-to-one work following and visiting with old employees in the same department one-on-one, so as to understand what kind of work content and environment they will be in after graduating. “In this activity,Graduates can have a personal experience, so as to compare and anticipate whether the job is expected by themselves, so that their psychological expectations and reality are in harmony.

“” Training and support will also be given to staff recruited by midway society.

Cai Jing introduced that generally, the staff recruited by the society does not have the buffer period and the study period before graduating from the freshman. Generally, they will be recruited soon after the position is determined, so they will develop a mentor plan for some “new staff”Appoint a senior manager as his mentor according to employees’ expectations, and give him long-term support for all aspects of his workplace and work. “Long-term can last up to 10 years, and the company’s semi-annual antique workplace training will continue to let themCharge and learn the latest knowledge needed for company development.

“In order to understand the psychological fit of employees to the company, the company will ask them to fill out detailed feedback forms every day during the one-week training period when all employees join the company.

In March each year, a large-scale “employee opinion survey” will be conducted to make detailed data and analysis of various opinions and feedback from employees for reference and improvement.

“Employees have multiple channels to tell the company that the company and workplace life they expect is something, and our job is to try to meet and meet their psychological expectations.

“Cai Jing said.

  Lawyer: Can complain about malicious deception of enterprises. “In reality, there are often companies that maliciously conceal their true situation during recruitment, creating a recruitment illusion completely inconsistent with their true situation, resulting in employees’ high psychological expectations of the enterprise, and finally psychological contract.Encountering malicious destruction.

Yang Guoping, a senior lawyer of Guangdong Shengbang Law Firm, reminded that in long-term labor contracts, any verbal commitments considered by the recruiter are deemed to have no legal effect, and it is recommended that job seekers do not easily believe that any negotiatedThe terms of the contract are clearly recorded in the labor contract, and in order to avoid pitfalls in the employment contract signed, it is best to entrust a lawyer to verify this.

“For soft promises for certain development prospects, it is recommended that job seekers seek verification from multiple sources, and do not blindly generate excessive expectations.

“If job seekers’ high psychological expectations are caused by false fabrications and malicious fraud, job seekers can go to the labor security supervision department to file a complaint. In serious cases, they can apply for labor arbitration.

Lawyer Yang Guoping introduced.

Walk calmly through the confused freshman

Walk calmly through the “confused freshman”

The university is about to start, and psychologist Zhang Bin reminded prospective college students who received the university admission notice to make psychological preparations and life preparations to adapt to the new university environment.
To adapt to university life as soon as possible, the first thing is to deal with interpersonal relationships. Whether it is life or study, interpersonal relationships are the main factors that are prone to psychological problems.
  Experts remind that to enter the freshman year, we must first establish a practical and effective goal to weaken the impact of psychological problems.
When you encounter problems, you should continue to adjust your psychology and always treat life with an optimistic, strong, and confident attitude.
Then you have to divert your attention and learn to let yourself go.
If you are depressed, you can actively take part in outdoor activities, such as playing basketball, taking a walk, and talking with a close friend.
In addition, you need to be online and actively find friends in real life. Don’t indulge in online dating and online dating.
We must integrate into the group as soon as possible and make some new friends.
Find people with similar personalities first, and then try to communicate with students with different personalities to achieve complementary personalities.
The important point is to change cognition and learn to care about, understand, and tolerate people.
Learn to overcome yourself, adapt to others as much as possible, endure grievances, and increase your frustration.
If you cannot concentrate your studies due to psychological problems, you should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible to seek professional psychiatrist consultation and treatment.

Reduce cholesterol and stay away from heart disease

Reduce cholesterol and stay away from heart disease

People’s caring diets often focus on fruits and vegetables and low-fat diets, and recent test results were published at the China Diabetes Education Program Media Roundtable: The results of nutrition and food safety trials by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that:In the alternative structure, eating a certain amount of whole grain oats for 6 consecutive weeks can effectively reduce serum plasma and low-density lipoprotein plasma levels.

  High cholesterol is an important risk factor for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

According to the statistics bulletin of China’s health development, cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases account for 39 of the top 10 causes of death among urban residents in developing countries.

3% is the leading cause of death.

Studies have shown that elevated serum total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol are independent risk factors for coronary heart disease and graded stroke.

Professor Hu Dayi, director of the Chinese Diabetes Education Program and chairman of the Cardiovascular Physician Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said: “From this year, we will expand preventive medical education from clinicians to the public.

“Zhang Jian, Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that this clinical trial is the first large-scale human intervention test in China. The test results show that in the cumulative structure of urban residents, oats can be used as a representative.Whole grain substitutes Some refined grains have a good effect on reducing hemoglobin levels. It is recommended that all people with high cholesterol metabolism do not prevent eating a certain amount of oats in daily supplements, instead of some daily processed rice.Surface, lower plasma by anticipating structural changes.

  Oatmeal is a cereal with high nutritional value and can absorb fiber.

In this study, the intake of the oat group was 100 g of oats per day, and no other nutritional interventions were maintained. The previous diet and lifestyle were maintained. After eating some staple foods of 100 g of oat substitutes, the substitution structure changed, and the total energy,Protein, adult intake slightly increased, fiber intake is expected to increase by nearly 50%, and low-density lipoprotein plasma appears to decrease significantly.

Because it has increased intestinal viscosity, promotes bile acid excretion, and inhibits enzyme absorption, β-glucan is considered to be the main functional ingredient of oats to reduce oral intake. It needs to be proposed that, as a β-glucan,Whole grains, oats also contain vitamins, trace elements, polyphenols, phytoestrogens and many other beneficial components to the cardiovascular system.

  这一项目支持者桂格及新产品开发研发部副总监蔡廖华博士表示:“早在1997年,美国食品与药物管理局就特别为桂格品牌作出健康声称‘每日摄取3克由燕麦片提供的水溶性膳食纤维(相当于约70克纯燕麦片),配合低饱和脂肪低胆固醇膳食,有助于降低胆固醇,有助于降低心脏疾病的风险’。”Tip 1: The secret of oatmeal degreasing. New discoveries about the role of oats in reducing the risk of high blood pressure include reducing cholesterol through oatmeal.

The smaller the volume of LDL particles, the higher the density, the easier it is to oxidize, and the more difficult it is to remove. Compared with the edible wheat group, the size of the edible oat group in the blood is smaller and the number of high-density LDL particles is reducedUp to 16.


Oat is unique in a phenolic compound called oat threonamide. Tests have shown that the substance may interfere with early atherosclerosis after it is absorbed by the body.

As a whole grain food, oats have many positive effects on cardiovascular protection.

Investigations have shown that fine grains contain three times as much metabolism as whole grains, and increasing oat food intake can also have a beneficial effect on blood pressure control.

  Tip 2: The four major benefits of oatmeal The American Supplementary Scientific Steering Advisory Committee’s approach is: Eat at least 3 servings of whole grains a day to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A series of new research results have shown that whole grain foods can improve the sensitivity to complications, thereby avoiding or even preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Cereal oats may also have a beneficial effect on glucose homeostasis by providing a wealth of soluble fiber.

Sufficient amount of soluble viscous fiber can continuously empty the stomach and build a physical barrier for the absorption of the small intestine from the effects of digestive enzymes, thereby slowing the postprandial blood glucose rise.

Whole grain foods and plenty of fiber supplements themselves can help to maintain better weight.

In the preliminary evidence-based research conducted by the World Health Organization, there is already sufficient evidence that a high-fiber diet can reduce the occurrence of excess.

Cooked oat foods are also high-volume, low-energy-density foods.

Common considerations for exercise

Common considerations for exercise


The muscles are still sore after the previous exercise, can I continue to exercise A.


Muscle soreness is a manifestation of muscle fiber damage. If the damaged muscles are not restored, even little exercise will not progress.

Over time, even permanent damage will result.

Therefore, there should be sufficient rest time between the two exercises, the brakes can restore physical fitness and repair the injured area.


Is there any benefit to changing exercise styles for fitness?

For the following reasons, bodybuilders should consider ways to change exercise regularly: ① Prevent the tediousness caused by repeated repeated exercise.

  ② Prevent or delay the arrival of the exercise platform period, thereby accelerating the effect of fitness.

Studies have long shown that changing exercise patterns can enhance a person’s mobility and make it easier to keep fit.

  ③ Changing exercise methods also helps maintain a strong physical fitness.

Many physiological systems of the body, such as the muscular system, undergo 6?
After 8 weeks, you will adapt to a certain exercise method, and exercise efficiency will begin to decline.

  At this time, if you do not make appropriate adjustments to the exercise method, you will enter the plateau period because your body adapts to the day-to-day exercise strategy.

  There are various ways to adjust the exercise method, including increasing exercise intensity. For example, if you are currently running, you may wish to add a few sprint exercises or run uphill.

In addition, you can add some strength training, which is good for improving your body’s fat burning ability.

  However, it should be pointed out that the same exercise of the army day after day is not necessarily a bad thing.

Some people like this methodical method of exercise. They don’t care if they will enter the platform stage, but only content to use a comfortable exercise method to maintain physical health and maintain their fitness level.

In short, as long as you exercise, it is better than not exercising.


What is excessive exercise?

Are there any signs of excessive exercise?

Excessive exercise is a term that describes the imbalance between exercise and physical recovery. The signs of excessive exercise will vary from person to person and behave differently.

In this way, they still have some things in common, as follows: 1.

Poor exercise status; 2.

Low fitness interest; 3.

4. Heart rate increases and blood pressure rises at rest;

Chronic muscle or joint aches;

5. Frequent damage to bones and muscles;

Increased chance of colds and infections; 7.

Slow recovery of physical fitness after exercise; 8.

Obviously feel strenuous during normal military exercise; 9.

Loss of appetite; 10.

Significant weight loss; 11.

Poor sleep; 12.

Depression, irritability, and worry.


The doctor thought I was jogging incorrectly because I was 52 years old.
At present, I am healthy, I always like sports, and often go to the gym to exercise.

What should I do?

First of all, you need to figure out the difference between jogging and walking. Jogging and joints cause some impact, so in your case, walking is better than jogging.
However, if you like jogging, it’s okay to do this kind of activity, but it is best to run on soft ground and pay attention to choosing a pair of good quality sports shoes to reduce the impact on the joints.


Recently, when I was doing strength training, I lifted a lot more weight than before. But after training, I have a strong muscle tearing pain. I need to rest for a few days to recover. I wonder if I will lose muscles during this period

When should I continue practicing?

If muscle pain is reduced, does it slow muscle development?

The sore muscles that appear after exercise are called “late onset muscle soreness”. This is because the muscle fibers appear to be slightly torn during training, causing pain caused by inflammation.

This pain usually lasts for a few days, during which time the muscle fibers will repair themselves and recover excessively, so no muscle loss will occur.

The ideal time for the next exercise is to wait until the muscle soreness has been basically eliminated, and it will not affect your exercise.

In fact, it is not only muscle soreness that is caused by intense soreness. As long as proper training, diet and rest can also increase muscle mass.

Conversely, intense soreness may also be caused by muscle strain and requires attention.


I am 45 years old and recently participated in a jogging exercise. I want to know how many times my pulse is maintained per minute during the jogging process. A.

You just need to calculate your maximum heart rate.

Calculating Wanfa is easy, ie 220 your initial age.

Based on this, you know that your maximum heart rate is 175, and your heart rate during exercise should be maintained at 60% of the maximum heart rate?
80% is better.


My body is very thin. How can I make my body strong and firm without losing weight?

You can do some strength training as well as step by step exercises.

In addition, you need to add enough nutrition and eat more protein-supplemented foods.

It’s really important for low-weight people to exercise, because exercise has the effect of two-way adjustment, and can also maintain the health of the heart and lungs.

Therefore, you’d better press up some strength training and assist with some aerobic exercise, which is very beneficial for gaining weight and maintaining good health.