Great Wall of China (000066): Attribution Attribution Eliminates Uncertainty PK System Firm Performer

Great Wall of China (000066): Attribution Attribution Eliminates Uncertainty PK System Firm Performer

Event: On June 24, 2019, Great Wall of China announced that its controlling shareholder, CEC, intends to hold Tianjin Feiteng 21 held by China Zhenhua Electronics.

46% of the equity was transferred to the company by agreement. Compared with the previous disclosure, the company ‘s proposed part of the Tianjin Feiteng equity transaction counterparty was expanded from the original Huada Semiconductor to Huada Semiconductor and China Zhenhua.13

54% to 35%.

Main points: 1.

All the shares of Feiteng held by CEC are placed under Great Wall, and the uncertainty will be announced soon. CEC intends to announce the internal allocation and division, which represents that Great Wall of China has actually re-established a part of the CEC domestic hardware platform.

As a representative of domestic CPUs, Feiteng is valued by investors. Its ARM architecture has the most competitive ecological environment in fact, and its next-generation products FT-2000 and FT-2000 + have superior performance, and continue to narrow the gap with foreign CPU giants.

However, CPU research and development needs to invest a lot of funds, Feiteng needs a good financing channel to support subsequent research and development.

Great Wall of China, as the listing platform that has the closest business relationship with the domestic CPU Feiteng. After all the CEC Feiteng shares are transferred to Great Wall, Great Wall will become a substitute company for the Chinese-made CPU of the listed company, and will be the core asset of the post-war domesticization trend of Sino-US trade.

2. Imitate Supermicro’s focus on the Feiteng motherboard business and serve the PK system. The PK system is CEC’s long-term commitment to solving the security of domestic IT infrastructure and promoting its software and hardware security ecosystem. However, the ecology cannot be limited to Feiteng and Kirin. How to improve on the hardware sideFeiteng’s share is a major issue for CEC.

With reference to the development history of foreign IT hardware, SuperMicro will launch a new CPU-based basic board as soon as Intel launches a new CPU, helping OEMs to quickly launch the whole machine, so that consumers can quickly enjoy Intel’s first-time technology.The convenience brought by the progress has realized the revenue growth of 5 times in 6 years, becoming an IT equipment company with accelerated growth in that year.

Currently based on Feiteng’s servers and PCs, Great Wall of China is immediately launched.

Years of OEM business experience 杭州夜网论坛 and senior motherboard technology team have created the powerful board design capabilities of Great Wall of China.

It is expected that in the future large-scale promotion of the domestically produced CPU industry, the chips, BIOS and manufacturing capabilities of Great Wall of China will work together to play a similar role as Intel’s in promoting Intel. In cooperation with other OEMs, the host and server equipped with Feiteng CPU will be quickly pushed toParty, government and army markets.

3. Feiteng helps domestic cloud computing to improve security. Cloud is the current IT development trend. Many domestic cloud computing vendors are fiercely competing with international cloud computing giants. However, because the IT hardware that carries the cloud is basically monopolized by American companies, it is extremelyInsecurity.

However, because the core of cloud technology is to virtualize and pool hardware, it does not have single CPU performance, and related domestic server CPU vendors have core advantages in security.

Therefore, domestic cloud computing vendors have started to use domestic CPU-based cloud computing platforms. For example, at the second Digital China Construction Summit, Tencent released the Tencent Cloud TStack based on Feiteng, and Alibaba Cloud released Alibaba’s proprietary Yunan based on the Feiteng hardware platform.The agile standard cloud computing platform, based on the Alibaba Cloud platform built by China Electronics Feiteng 1500A and 2000+, has been practically deployed and applied in some provinces and cities across the country.

Investment suggestion: The proposed equity transfer re-establishes the position of China Great Wall’s domestic CPU leader, and also resets the position of the fixed performer of the CEC “PK” system.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 11 respectively.

8.2 billion, 12.

1.5 billion and 13.

70 billion, EPS is 0.

40 yuan, 0.

41 yuan and 0.

47 yuan, given a “strong recommendation” rating.

Risk warning: Feiteng business promotion fails to meet expectations, Feiteng chip equity transfer progress is lower than expected.

Weifu Hi-Tech (000581): Proposed stock repurchase for equity incentives to demonstrate confidence in future development

Weifu Hi-Tech (000581): Proposed stock repurchase for equity incentives to demonstrate confidence in future development

The company’s board of directors approved the repurchase program.

The company announced that it intends to use its own funds to repurchase part of the A shares within 12 months of the adoption of the repurchase program by the board of directors for the purpose of implementing equity incentives.

Based 武汉夜网论坛 on the repurchase amount, the lower limit of 6 million, 3 million and the upper limit of the repurchase price are 24 yuan / share. It is estimated that the repurchase shares will be approximately 25 million and 12.5 million shares, respectively, and the repurchase shares will account for approximately 2% of the company’s total share capital.

48%, 1.

twenty four%.

The company’s financial status is good, and share repurchases show confidence.

The company has abundant funds. Since 11 years, its monetary funds + bills receivable + other current assets + transactional financial assets have generally increased, reaching 87 at the end of the third quarter of 19th.

3 trillion, while the asset-liability ratio is only 26.

0%, long-term capital debt ratio (non-current liabilities / (non-current liabilities + shareholders’ 天津夜网 equity)) is only 3.


The company’s board of directors adopted the repurchase program to demonstrate the company’s confidence in the future development prospects. If the equity incentive is implemented smoothly, it will be beneficial to shareholders’ interests and the company’s interests.

The company may benefit from the recovery of the entire vehicle industry and an orderly layout of emerging areas.

The company’s performance is mainly contributed by investment income. The sales volume of the vehicle industry in the third quarter of 19 years ago was 10%.

2%, its joint venture Bosch Automobile Diesel, Zhonglian Electronics’ performance was affected, and the company’s return to its mother’s net profit margin declined.


We believe that the improvement of the supply and demand structure of the heavy truck industry and the increase in sales stability have brought about the improvement in the stability of the profitability of Bosch Automobile Diesel. While the passenger car industry has picked up, Zhonglian Electronics is expected to support the company’s performance recovery.

Although recently affected by the pneumonia epidemic, the epidemic in the medium term does not change the company’s development trend.

In addition, the company laid out an emerging area in an orderly manner under the control of occupation. In March 19, it issued an announcement intending to acquire a supplier of fuel cell components.

Investment suggestion: The company’s product barriers are extremely high, the stability of downstream heavy trucks is higher than expected, and the passenger car industry is gradually picking up.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 2 in 19-21.

06, 2.

06, 2.

16 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 8 respectively.

5, 8.

5, 8.

1 times.

The company’s valuation is at a historically low level. Based on the company’s historical valuation, the SW auto parts industry currently has a PE estimate of about 20 times and the PE valuation hub of international parts companies in recent years. We give the company 15 times PE in 2020 with a reasonable value of 30.

9 yuan / share, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Macroeconomic growth is lower than expected; downstream prosperity is lower than expected; industry competition is higher than expected; epidemic effects are higher than expected.

Traditional Chinese medicine diet for stroke sequelae

Traditional Chinese medicine diet for stroke sequelae

Stroke, or stroke, is a sudden, acute cerebrovascular disease, mostly caused by hypertension or cerebral thrombosis.

Too many patients have not survived after treatment, but have lost their ability to work to varying degrees, manifested as hemiplegia, paralysis of the hands and feet, unfavorable language, and skewed mouth and eyes. They are commonly referred to as the sequelae of stroke.

For the sequelae of stroke, Chinese medicine has a wealth of experience in treatment. In addition to the principles of syndrome differentiation and treatment, drugs, acupuncture, massage, functional exercises and other methods are used. Pay attention to light diet, reasonable mix and rich nutrition.

The staple food is mainly rice, flour, corn, millet, etc .; eat more soy products and fruits and vegetables such as celery, spinach, cabbage, radish, cucumber, lotus root, orange, etc .; fish is the best protein (except for carp).Black fish, yellow croaker, catfish, etc .; eat less meat such as pork, beef and their internal organs; eat less salt, sugar and spicy products.

If combined with the corresponding drug therapy, it can further promote rehabilitation. Several methods that have become commonly used are introduced as follows: 1. Yiqihuoxue: shortness of breath and fatigue due to sequelae of stroke, limb weakness, numbness, paralysis, swelling and expansion of limbsEtc., optionally with the following medicated diet.

  ① Astragalus and Guizhi Porridge: 15 grams of astragalus root, 10 grams of fried white scallion, 10 grams of cinnamon sticks, 3 slices of ginger, 4 flavors of decoction, and 100 grams of rice and 5 jujubes are cooked for thin porridge.

Yiqi Yangxue and Wen Meridian.

  ② Astragalus Roe Deer: 30 grams of astragalus, 10 jujubes, angelica, 10 grams each of wolfberry, 100 grams of lean pork (sliced), stewed soup, seasoned with salt, eat soup with meat.

Can nourish yin and help yang, nourishing qi and activating blood.

  ③ Astragalus Dilong lean meat porridge: 50 grams of fresh Dilong, cut open and clean the mud, 50 grams of lean pork, shredded, shared seasonings; take 10 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of rice, add water and boil,Take the ground dragon and lean meat and cook until the porridge is cooked.

  ④ Cordyceps turmeric chicken: 1 hen, 30 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, 50 grams of turmeric, sacrifice the chicken, wash it open, separate the cordyceps, turmeric and the right amount of seasoning, stew and simmer after sewing.

  Second, nourishing the liver and kidney: after the sequelae of stroke, hemiplegia is seen for a long time, shortness of breath, tinnitus, faintness, soft waist and knees, insomnia and dreams, numbness of the limbs, muscle tremor, etc., the following dietary methods can be used.

  ① Chestnut longan porridge: 10 chestnuts (shelled and cut into pieces), boil the porridge with 50 grams of previous rice, put 20 grams of longan meat when cooked, and cook for another 10 minutes.

  ② Braised persimmon and wolfberry stew: 200 grams of meat, 30 grams of astragalus, and 20 grams of wolfberry. Add the right amount of water and simmer until the meat is cooked and ready to serve.

  ③ Ertong fish belly porridge: Asparagus and wheat asparagus 30 grams each, decoction and juice, 20 grams of wolfberry, rice 50 grams porridge; when the porridge is cooked, add 10 grams of mashed fish belly gelatine, And then boil one, two boil, ready to eat.

  ④ Huangjing pearl oyster porridge: Huangjing 10 grams, mother of pearl, 30 grams each of oysters, decoction with 3 flavors of water, increase 50 grams of rice and cook for thin porridge.

It can flatten the liver and bury the sun, extinguish the wind and clear the collaterals, and it is suitable to meet those who are flushed and restless.

  Third, the spleen and phlegm: dizziness, dizziness, delirium, limb numbness, unfavorable movements, chest fullness, and lack of appetite, etc., you can use the following conditioning diet.

  ①Yam yam powder: 150 grams of yam, 200 grams of pueraria powder, 100 grams of millet.

  ②Huailian lemon paste: 18g of Huaishan and 30g of lotus rice, respectively roasted and ground into fine powder; another half of sour lemon is ground into a slurry, put 200ml of water in a small pot, boil, and pour into HuaishanStir in lotus rice flour to make a paste, add 40 grams of rock sugar to dissolve, and cool it to eat.

Suitable for those who have dry lips and dry stools.

  ③Orange peel and hawthorn porridge: 10 grams of orange peel, 15 grams of hawthorn meat (dry product), 12 grams of rice dumplings, first roasted separately and researched into fines; another 100 grams of glutinous rice are cooked, and porridge will be added when the porridge is ready.Cook a little bit, season a little salt, and eat at any temperature.

Suitable for those with high blood lipids.

The most fitness bike riding method

The most fitness bike riding method

The exercise bike is an aerobic exercise machine and is popular with young people and white-collar workers.

In the gym, we often see different ways of cycling.

Some people are accustomed to riding slowly and insisting on cutting down; others are concentrated on riding for a while and then suffocate; others like to ride fast and slow together.

So, what are the differences in the exercise effects of these riding methods?

  Long-term slow cycling Continuous slow cycling heart rate generally does not exceed 65% of the maximum heart rate.

For more than 20 minutes, more aunts will “burn” to replenish energy. Therefore, it is more suitable for those who are overweight for the purpose of reducing fat.

  Fast cycling Fast cycling transitions the heart rate to more than 85% of the maximum heart rate.

At this time, the body is mainly powered by glycogen anaerobic fermentation, which can improve the anaerobic capacity of the body, especially the thigh muscles, and help raise the anaerobic threshold.

In other words, the physical discomfort after vertical exercise will be replaced, which will help our army to exercise at a higher intensity or to persist for a long time during high intensity exercise.

In addition, fast riding is also very valuable for cardiopulmonary function.

  Fast and slow cycling In addition to combining aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, and cardiopulmonary function, it can also increase the enjoyment of exercise.

If you can get scientific guidance and adopt a more reasonable combination of speed and exercise, you will get better fitness results.

  Medium-speed cycling Medium-speed cycling is to control the heart rate at 65% -85% of the maximum heart rate, which is a good way to exercise cardiopulmonary function and aerobic capacity.

  It’s best to alternate the above methods when exercising, but one of them is mainly used in conjunction with the other methods to achieve better exercise results.

In addition, the bodybuilder should not ride too fast at the beginning of the exercise. The time is generally 20-40 minutes. If you feel tired during the period, you can ride slowly for 1 to 2 minutes to recover your strength.

After a period, gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise.

Four reasons to make white-collar workers Moonlight clan _1

Four reasons to make white-collar workers “Moonlight clan”

“Moonlight illuminates the hall .” As a child, this lyrics often accompanied us to sleep.
However, the reporter recently discovered in an interview that “Moonlight” has now become a true portrayal of the life of many white-collar workers in Tancheng.
Due to factors such as higher living costs due to rising prices, advanced consumption concepts, and inadequate financial management experience, many white-collar workers spend little in a few days after they receive their wages.In the days when the clothes were shrunk, even reaching out to family and friends for “relief” became an out-of-the-box “Moonlight clan”.
  For 6 years of habitual work, my dad “relieves” 爸 “Dad, my salary is running out this month. Can you send me 500 yuan?”
“This is a sentence that Xiao Wu, who works for a publishing house in Guangxi, called home two days ago.
Xiao Wu, 28, has been working for almost 6 years, but his deposit in the bank is still close to zero.
Speaking of his dilemma, Xiao Wu said to reporters with embarrassment: “I usually think about how to play with those friends around me as soon as I get paid, but I do n’t have to pay for food anyway.
“Xiao Wu’s family situation is quite generous. In his words, it means” never worry about money. ”
  Xiao Wu, who is used to living a superior life, is very dissatisfied with his current salary.
He said: “When I was in college, my family paid me 2,000 yuan a month for living expenses, but now my monthly salary adds up to less than 2,000 yuan, which is really boring.
“He is accustomed to using money generously.
“The other day I just took this month’s salary to buy a mobile phone I like, and then I can only use my own private house money. There is really no way I can only ask my father for relief.
“Xiao Wu said.
  Looking at his “bill” in March, Xiao Wu said, “The unit has too little money, which is enough for me to spend.
In fact, I really want to save a little bit. I especially envy those colleagues who can save money every month. A friend once advised me to make a financial plan every month, but I can only listen to it when I have no money.As soon as the money came in, I forgot my friend’s advice. ”
  In the last days of each month, Huatianjiudi borrows money. 日 Compared to some thrifty peers, Mr. Huang, who is the middle-level leader of a private company, is much more “cheerful”.
He said to the reporter quite proudly: “I will invite a few friends to go to the bar for a couple of drinks every three or five, or go to the latest movie blockbuster on the weekend, I think this life is interesting.
“But the” cheap “life will have to pay a certain price.
Mr Huang is always dissatisfied with his life in the last days of each month.
He said: “I am a person who pursues the quality of life, and I hope to enjoy the fun of life to the greatest extent, so when I spend money, I basically don’t think too much about it, as long as I feel worth it, I pay.
  Because of this, I have borrowed money for two or three months to spend the last few days of the last month, which is really disappointing.
“In February and March of this year, Mr. Huang felt a sense of suffocation. Regarding his” financial deficit “ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand yuan, Mr. Huang admitted frankly:” I do n’t know, I am scared.Jump, you can never do it again.
“Mr. Liang’s colleague Miss Liang has almost 1,000 yuan of” free money “deposited in the bank every month. When talking about the reason, Miss Liang frankly said:” I don’t have any special tricks to save money.I think that spending money must be within means, especially when spending large amounts of money, it is best to discuss with family or a few friends, so that you can be sure of spending every penny.

  入不敷出型最怕和女友一起去逛街   从事营销工作仅两年的张先生这段时间正忙着另找房子租,原因是张先生嫌现在每个月将近400元的房租太贵了,他想Find a house that costs around 200 yuan a month.
Speaking of his monthly income and expenditures, Mr. Zhang is really not happy.
  Looking at his expenses in March, Mr. Zhang told the reporter with a bitter smile: “This month is not enough to make ends meet, so the pressure is really great.
Talking, Mr. Zhang stated to reporters the “reasons” for each of his expenses.
He said, “Like we do sales, we ran outside all day, and almost every meal was settled at an outside fast food restaurant. For a meal, it would cost four or five yuan.
Sometimes I’m too tired to order something for myself, 450 yuan a month is already very small.
“Next, Mr. Zhang pointed to the two expenses of” mobile phone charges “and” motorcycle gas charges “and told reporters:” The sales performance mainly depends on our door-to-door sales and telephone contact.
Then, he pointed to his motorcycle and told reporters that my motorcycle had to run an average of 1200 kilometers a month. Now the price of gasoline has risen again. I originally added 93 gasoline and now I add 90.Can save province.
At the same time, I have to call about ten people every day. I want to save these expenses, but I dare not save.
Speaking of which, Mr. Zhang “pained” his head.
  Relatively “meek” towards himself, Mr. Zhang is more generous towards his friends and customers.
Looking at his entertainment expenses of nearly 300 yuan per month, Mr. Zhang said, “These three hundred dollars are the only ones I can choose freely. Last month, I spent nearly two hundred dollars to entertain several fellow villagers and classmates., The rest of the money is to buy some gadgets for customers.
I especially want to go shopping with my girlfriend on weekends, but the wallet is not thick enough, I am afraid of shopping.
夫妻 The monthly living cost for couples who provide houses and models is only a thousand yuan.
However, for some young white-collar workers whose monthly income is not too high, the days of having a house and a car are not so smart.   Speaking of his house and car, Mr. Hu, who has a monthly income of nearly 3,000 yuan, said frankly: “The pressure on repayment is too great.”

He said: “My wife and I earn about 5,000 yuan a month. I discussed with my wife last year, right?

East’s “Jade Garden” community bought a flat in the middle of the building. At the beginning, the two of us could still face a loan of more than 1,000 yuan a month.

With the improvement of living standards, our family borrowed a few more cars in the first two months.

However, the quality of life of our family has not been greatly improved because of this, but it has led to heavy debts. Our life seems to have suddenly returned to the level of alternative evidence in the years after graduation.

When Mr. Hu took a loan to buy a house last year, the bank loan repaid for a month was only 1,700 yuan. This year, when his family bought a car, the bank raised the loan interest rate. Now their family has to repay a bank loan of 3500 yuan per month.

In addition, each month you need to spend about 500 yuan to raise a car, and only 1,000 yuan is left.

Except for the food fee of 800 yuan, there is little left in the 1,000 yuan.

  ”In order to repay the loan, I almost dared not go out for social entertainment now. I could buy something for my wife after three chariots, and now I have done so with almost no expansion, let alone other activities.

“When it comes to this, Mr. Hu seems to regret the choice of buying a house or car.” I really don’t know when the bank will raise interest rates again. In that case, I don’t know what to do. “

Children take cold medicine with caution and prevention

Children take cold medicine with caution and “prevention”

[Introduction]Maybe someone will say, “If your child has a cold, take medicine!”
“You know, medicine can cure a disease, but when used incorrectly, the effect is counterproductive.
Experts suggest that if a child has a cold, parents should judge whether to take the medicine according to their severity, and they should not blindly or abuse the cold medicine.
  1慎 轻微感冒不一定用药  中山大学孙逸仙纪念医院儿科呼吸专科副主任医师檀卫平表示,有些家长在处理小孩感冒的问题上通常小题大做,孩子刚刚流点清鼻涕,或者咳嗽两声,就赶紧带着孩子I ran to the hospital and hoped that the doctor would prescribe medicine to stop the cold symptoms. As a result, the mild cold which was originally unharmed may become a severe cold due to cross infection in the hospital.
  Under what circumstances do I need to go to the hospital to prescribe medicine?
The doctor has clear instructions: if the child does not have a fever in the first 1-2 days of the cold and is in a good mental state, eating, drinking, pulling, and scattering are normal, and only some runny nose, stuffy nose or sore throat, do not rush to take medicine and see a doctor.
As long as you pay attention to rest, drink plenty of water, and eat lightly, most children can heal themselves.
If the child’s temperature is 38.
Above 5 ° C, parents should let their children take antipyretics.
If your child’s high fever persists, or his or her mental state is poor, he or she should seek medical attention.
However, Tan Weiping pointed out that even for a common cold, treatment requires a process, and medication cannot be immediate, so parents should not be rushed.
  2 Caution Parents should not repeat medications and buy cold medicines and eat them casually. This is also a misunderstanding of cold medicines.
Tan Weiping said that many parents think that cold medicine has no toxic side effects. In order to alleviate the symptoms, there are several types of medicines that can be bought at the drugstore. If you want to give your child this, you can eat it. Some even mix it together.”Separating poisons”, not to mention that some cold medicines have different drug names but have the same ingredients, and eating at the same time is equivalent to overdose.
The cold medicines of proprietary Chinese medicines are mainly for clearing and resolving the cold. If the child is physically cold, the effect will be counterproductive.
  Experts point out that many cold medicines on the market are generally compound preparations (including antipyretics, cough and anti-allergic ingredients), and parents are not recommended to take it to children under 2 years old.
The use of antibiotics must be more careful.
Since 90% of colds are caused by viruses, and antibiotics are only for diseases caused by bacterial infections, abuse of antibiotics is not only ineffective against colds, but may also cause “bacterial resistance” and even lead to the emergence of super bacteria, resulting in normal flora in children.Imbalance, which in turn leads to a decline in the child’s immune system.
“The use of antibiotics should be determined by the doctor based on the child’s symptoms and test reports. For example, chills and fever, tonsillal suppuration may be mostly bacterial infections, increased white blood cell and neutrophil counts, and elevated C-reactive protein are also characteristics of bacterial infections.
“1 prevent colds?
It may be allergic rhinitis. Tan Weiping also mentioned that parents often think of a cold as soon as they see a child’s nasal congestion and sneezing, but sometimes they take a lot of cold medicine and their symptoms do not improve.
Be alert to this situation: the child may not be a cold, but allergic rhinitis, the medication is completely wrong.
In general, children with allergic rhinitis and the common cold are difficult to distinguish, mainly because the symptoms of the two are very similar, such as stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, and sneezing.
However, allergic rhinitis occurs frequently during the seasons, usually caused by weather changes, and caused by food, pollen, mites and other allergens. It usually does not have systemic symptoms such as fever and is often accompanied by family history.
If allergic rhinitis is treated as a cold, it will not only delay the treatment of allergic rhinitis, but also cause damage to the body due to the toxic side effects of the drug.
Tan Weiping reminded that if children have nasal symptoms such as continuous sneezing and runny nose, parents should combine with a family history of allergic rhinitis, and pay special attention to whether the child has allergic rhinitis. It is best to seek medical treatment to determine the cause, and avoid seeing symptoms and medication.

Older people with high blood pressure should eat less scaleless fish

Older people with high blood pressure should eat less scaleless fish

With its rich nutritional value, fresh and delicate taste, the fish is loved by the elderly and becomes a standing dish on the dinner table.

However, elderly people with coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases should choose less scaly disease with high plasma.

  Many elderly people suffer from coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other chronic diseases. These diseases are related to excessive misfortunes and complications, and dietary attention should be paid.

  Usually, every 100 grams of food contains more than 200 mg of cholesterol, medically known as “high cholesterol food.”

In every 100 grams of food, pork contains about 69 mg of cholesterol, about 60 mg of mutton, about 80 mg of chicken, and 361 mg of silverfish, about 177 mg of leeches, about 136 mg of loach, about 126 mg of scutellaria, about squid.114 mg.

  Therefore, like silverfish, river otter, loach, scutellaria, squid and other high-level scale-free scales, the elderly should try to eat as little as possible, the daily replacement should be controlled below 300 microns.

The plasma content of the caviar is higher than that of all kinds of fish, and it contains about 400 mg of plasma per 100 g. It is best not to eat it in the elderly.

  Other meats with high cholesterol should be eaten as little as possible. For example, beef, you should eat more vegetables to balance the body’s absorption, so that onions, fungus, celery, mushrooms, etc., can lower cholesterol and lower blood lipids.

Of course, not all scaleless fish contain high levels of cholesterol. Some fish contain only about 76 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams, which is not restricted.

Grapefruit skin can also cure cough and asthma

Grapefruit skin can also cure cough and asthma

The pomelo peel is recorded in the ancient books of the genus. It belongs to the peel of the pomelo plant of the genus Rutaceae. It has a warm temperature, has the effect of warming and digesting, and lowering the gasification and purifying phlegm. It can treat asthma, chest tightness and food stagnation.

  Grapefruit skin cures cough, asthma, and asthma. I have been catching a cold since last fall, and I have cough and asthma, but I don’t want to take medicine.

An old teacher told me to remove the inner white film from the grapefruit skin, chop it into a bowl, add a proper amount of honey, cover the steamed water, take a spoonful each morning and evening, and then wash a small amount of rice wine to treat cough.I ate it for three consecutive days as he said, and I stopped coughing and sputum.

  Tang Hongjuan, Senior High School of Tongxiang City, Tang Hongjuan, Chief Physician, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xu Jianzhong commented: The pomelo peel is recorded in the ancient books of the herbal medicine. It belongs to the peel of the pomelo plant of the genus Rutaceae. It has a warm temperature and has the effect of warming and digesting.Can treat asthma, chest tightness, and food stagnation.

For the treatment of cough and asthma, 6-9 grams of decoction can be used for pomelo peel or direct oral powder.

But today, this drug is rarely used in clinical practice.

For a medicine or a formula, it cannot be used because one or two people are effective, and it is completely certain that it should be randomly designed and distributed according to evidence-based medicine, and confirmed by statistical processing.

If it is a Chinese medicine or a proprietary Chinese medicine, it will go through two phases, and the phase III clinical trial will be available.

Therefore, the prescription recommended by Ms. Tang does not hinder her as a “prescription”, and it may improve her cough for a few people.

  Cooked stewed meat to treat kidney deficiency and fire. I am more than 30 years old this year. My gums are often inflamed, pain is unbearable, nocturia is repeated, 2-3 times a night, and 4-5 times more.

The neighbor’s old man introduced me to a method: 50 grams of cooked land, 250 grams of pork, and stewed for half an hour.

I ate 3 times, it was so good, multiple gums no longer swollen, nocturia was significantly reduced, and only one urination was solved every night.

  Zhang Guozhen, Professor of Xiyuan Hospital of Zhenglun Chinese Medicine Research Institute, Jiangyang District, Cangzhou City, Sichuan Province, China. Comments: Zheng Lun’s readers have applied certain effects to the treatment of kidney deficiency and anger by cooked land stews, mainly using the “cultivation of nourishing blood and nourishing yin”.effect.

As a result, Zheng reader’s nocturia recovery is caused by yin deficiency, but nighttime urination is more common in the elderly with weak constitution.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, liver qi stagnation and yin deficiency can sometimes cause urinary frequency.

The nighttime urinary frequency of the elderly is mainly accompanied by old body failure, lack of kidney deficiency, and kidney gas can not be fixed in urine.

The principle of treatment should be based on kidney and urine.

Traditional Chinese medicines commonly used in treatment are mainly velvet antler, bay 戟 ,, 仙仙, 淫羊藿, 智仁仁 and other kidney-reinforcing drugs and hawthorn, sakura, mulberry, raspberry and other solid kidney urinary drugs.

Rehmannia is a traditional Chinese medicine for blood supplementation. Although it has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing yin and replenishing essence and purifying marrow, it is relatively ineffective in tonifying kidney and urinating.

Therefore, if the elderly have frequent urination at night, the effect may be better with the treatment of Yizhiren, Hawthorn, and Rosary.

  In short, kidney deficiency may be caused by a variety of reasons, if the effect of applying food therapy is not obvious, you should go to the hospital to ask a doctor for treatment.

  I used the houttuynia to cure “acne”. I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for more than 20 years. I have pain when I have a complete defecation, and there is bleeding. It is simply miserable.

An old man told me that he can be treated with Houttuynia. I will wash the hout, wash the soup, and drink a small amount of white wine according to his instructions. Then use the slag of the houttuynia to soak the hot water and smoke the anus.Therefore, the internal and external treatment for 3 days, the stool is normal, no pain when defecation, no bleeding.

Since then, I have bid farewell to the acne that has been suffering for nearly 20 years.

  Later, once I had a lump next to my anus, it was hard, itchy, and the pain was unbearable. I tried to wash the anus with Houttuynia decoction, no more, itching and swelling disappeared.

  Zhang Xiaoming, director of the Department of Anorectal Surgery, Chongqing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Genghis Khan Farm, Inner Mongolia. Comments: According to a letter from Li Daozong, I have three opinions.

First, the diagnosis is not accurate.

Acne is divided into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids generally have bleeding, prolapse symptoms, but will not hurt; and external hemorrhoids are divided into thrombotic external hemorrhoids and inflammatory external hemorrhoids, which generally can be without any symptoms, only after the friction will cause pain, but will not bleed.

Li Daozong has pain and bleeding. According to the analysis, I think he may have small acne, and he may have an anal fissure.

Second, Houttuynia has a heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.

Patients with anal fissure often cause pain and bleeding during defecation because of dry stool.

Houttuynia cordata has a function of clearing heat and smoldering, and relieving laxativeness.

The stool is smooth, and the anal fissure will not increase when defecation, causing pain and bleeding.

This also shows that Li Daozong’s reader may be suffering from an anal fissure.

Third, if a nucleus has been formed, it is impossible to cure it by the above method.

Li reader later used Houttuynia to cure the lump on the anus. It is estimated that this lump is caused by folliculitis. Traditional Chinese medicine is called “bloody”. This is possible with fumigation, because folliculitis is a kind ofSterilization, and Houttuynia has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, and local cleaning can help reduce inflammation.

Therefore, the diagnosis should be confirmed and then treated.

The order of medication is very important!

The order of medication is very important!

Nowadays, most of the elderly suffer from chronic diseases. Many elderly people need too much medication, and the irregular medication of the elderly will bring a lot of harm. The substitution of drugs is also very harmful to the body.

In fact, the order of taking medicine for the elderly is something that older friends need to pay attention to. We will introduce the precautions for taking medicine for the elderly. The elderly should take good care of the medicine. This is a very important method of medication.

  First confirm the diagnosis, then determine the treatment, when the body is found to be unwell, you should promptly seek a doctor to confirm the diagnosis, and then according to the condition, refer to the doctor’s advice to determine the treatment plan.

Do not take care of the drugs yourself, otherwise it will lead to the drug is not symptomatic and cause adverse drug reactions.

  The first diet, after the medication, as the saying goes, is a drug three-point poison.

Therefore, you can use the diet first.

After the diet is still not effective, consider using physical therapy, massage, acupuncture and other methods, and finally choose to use medication.

  For external use, after oral administration to reduce the toxicity of drugs to the body, diseases that can be treated with external drugs, complications of skin diseases, gingivitis, sprains, etc. can be first detoxified with topical drugs, swelling, and then no longer take oral anti-inflammatory drugs.

  First use oral medicine, then use injection medicine. Some middle-aged and old people want to inject an injection, thinking that the injection is so fast, it is not.

When the injection is injected, the drug will flow directly through the blood to the whole body, into the heart, endangering the blood vessel wall and the heart.

  First use old drugs, then add new drugs, new drugs, special drugs continue to emerge, generally they have unique benefits in some aspects, but due to the shortened application time, its shortcomings and side effects, especially long-term complications have not beenPeople know that new drugs that can’t stand the test of time and are finally eliminated are not uncommon.

Therefore, it is best for the elderly to use Chinese and Western medicines when they are sick. It is really necessary to use new drugs, and special drugs should be used with caution.

  First, Chinese medicine is used, and Western medicine is mostly a natural medicine. Its toxicity and side effects are generally smaller than those of western medicine.

Older people often suffer from chronic diseases or old roots. Under normal circumstances, it is best to take Chinese medicine for conditioning.

  Many of the elderly nowadays are self-medicated. There are many irregularities. It is recommended that the elderly medication should be consulted according to the doctor’s prescription. Do not use it casually. This will aggravate the harmful effects of the drug, which is not conducive to good health. Hope can help the elderly.Friends, pay attention to medication safety issues.

Chinese medicine prescription for hyperprolactinemia

Chinese medicine prescription for hyperprolactinemia

The concentration of prolactin in the blood is many times higher than the normal standard and can occur in many clinical diseases.

Among them, infertility, amenorrhea, delayed menstruation (sometimes a few months), menstrual blood volume is less pale, and the menstrual period is very short (mostly 1-2 days), and very few have pituitary hypertrophy and pituitary mass formation.

  Under the fast-paced shortcuts of life and work, many women of childbearing age are highly destabilized and psychologically stressed, resulting in endocrine disorders.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a disease.

The origin of Yu Benlai disease.

  Long-term weakness is often caused by blood stasis.

Chinese medicine is a virtual disease.

Virtual is the phased result of the development of the disease.

  The blood caused by Yu Yu is not running smoothly, and it is long and cumbersome.

It is a serious and serious consequence of the development of this disease.

  Western medicine treats this disease, and there is no good law.

TCM treatment only needs to be decompressed in advance, and the consistency of replenishing and dilating phlegm can receive satisfactory results.

  Medicinal: 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of Chuanxiong, 15 grams of raw land, 6 grams of safflower, 10 grams of peach kernel, 10 grams of Korean ginseng, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 10 grams of medlar, 20 grams of Chinese yam, 15 grams of Bupleurum10 grams of turmeric, 10 grams of Yuanhu, 10 grams of golden bells, 10 grams of Huang Jing, 10 grams of capsules, 10 grams of curculigo, 10 grams of Morinda, 6 grams of licorice.

  30 doses for a course of treatment.

  Amenorrhea, served to menstrual cramps, can be suspended.

Continue to take after menstruation is clean.

  If the menstruation is not adjusted, take it between two menstrual periods, and take 2-3 menstrual cycles continuously until the symptoms are basically improved.

  When the infertility is conceived, the amenorrhea is restored to menstruation, and the menstrual irregularity is restored to normal menstruation, and the prolactin concentration in the blood that is several times higher than the normal standard can naturally return to normal.

Even in patients with complication of pituitary hypertrophy or mass under NMR, after a variety of clinical symptoms disappear, the original hypertrophy or mass will disappear.