Xusheng shares (603305) 2019 third quarterly report comments: profitability slightly improved MoM waiting for Tesla volume

Xusheng shares (603305) 2019 third quarterly report comments: profitability slightly improved MoM waiting for Tesla volume

Guide to this report: Benefit from Tesla’s delivery volume in the third quarter +16 for half a year.

2%, the company achieved revenue of 2 in Q3.

740,000 yuan (at least -17.

53%, +8.

83%), net profit attributable to mother 0.

51 ppm (decade -47.

21%, +10.


Investment Highlights: Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Raise target price to 36.

50 yuan (originally 29.

31 yuan).

Company Q3 revenue 2.

740,000 yuan (at least -17.

53%, +8.

83%), net profit attributable to mother 0.

51 ppm (decade -47.

21%, +10.

86%), EPS is 0.

13 yuan, the performance was slightly lower than expected.

As Tesla discontinued the Model S / X 75D models this year, the company’s high-margin products decreased, resulting in a decline in comprehensive gross profit.

Are we downgrading the company 2019?
EPS is 0 in 2021.

56 (formerly 0.

92) / 0.

69 (Original 1.

11) / 0.

95 (original 1.

22) Yuan. Due to the intensive expansion of the company’s new production capacity and the immediate localization of Tesla, the company is expected to promote repairs and go up.

50 yuan (originally 29.

31 yuan), corresponding to 38 times PE in 2021.

Benefiting from localization, in the fourth quarter and 2020, the high probability Tesla will continue to increase its volume, thereby improving Xusheng’s profitability.

Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory is currently trial-producing cars, painting, and final assembly, and the total production is expected to reach 1,000-2000 units by the end of the year.

Production at the new plant is expected to begin in 2020, with annual production expected to reach 500,000 units after full replenishment.

The company’s 淡水桑拿网 operating and financial conditions in the third quarter were sound.

The gross profit margin was +2 from the previous month.


New products and new customers are advancing steadily.
The company’s No. 4 plant is gradually put into use, and the No. 5 and No. 6 plants are expanding production. New products such as gearbox housings, battery cases, and forged castings are in line with the future trend of lightweighting.
Clients, with the exception of Tesla, the company is actively exploring new customers such as Great Wall, GAC, and Mercedes-Benz.

Since the company went public, it has raised funds to invest in new aluminum alloy products through ipo, convertible bonds, and non-public issuance (planned) to open up room for growth.

Catalyst: Domestic Tesla prices announced.

Risk reminder: The uncertainty of the Sino-US trade war and the risk of increased competition in the electric vehicle industry.

Year of the Rat A-share strong aid continues, and smart money continues to flow in

Year of the Rat A-share strong aid continues, and “smart money” continues to flow in
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  A-share support in the Year of the Rat has continued-“smart money” has continuously flowed in, and many 武汉夜生活网 places have adopted “temperature” policies to consolidate SMEs .Suddenly caught off guard, but recently, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have stated that they have confidence in the Chinese economy, that the Chinese government has enough policy space to deal with this epidemic, and has injected considerable market liquidityThese predictions can alleviate the losses caused by the “epidemic” to China’s economic growth.  At present, many regions have introduced “temperature” policies for enterprises.For example, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shandong and other places have successively introduced a series of policies to support the development of enterprises, especially to effectively reduce the burden on SMEs.  Affected by the short-term impact of the epidemic, the first trading day after the A-share market fell, and the market has continued to grow in the past two days.Some institutions claim that “A shares have the opportunity to make a dip.”It can be seen that the abundance of so-called “smart money” has continued to have a net inflow in the near future and has become a force that cannot be ignored in the A-share market.  Experts: China ‘s economy is improving. Emerging industries ‘contribution to the economy will continue to increase. Recently, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have stated their weight and are confident in the Chinese economy. The Chinese government has enough policy space to deal with this.The epidemic situation has injected a considerable amount of liquidity into the market, which can gradually alleviate the losses caused by the “epidemic situation” to China’s economic growth.  Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission Lian Weiliang frankly stated in the press conference of the State Council ‘s antiques on February 3 that from the current situation, the impact of the “epidemic” on the current Chinese economy, especially on consumption, is increasing, especially on transportation, Cultural tourism, hotel catering and film and television entertainment services have a greater impact on consumption.But to experts, this impact is only temporary and temporary, and will not change the fundamentals of China’s long-term positive economy.  Although Zhang Jun, chief economist of Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities, continues to have an “outbreak,” the long-term positive trend of China’s fundamentals can still be confirmed in the following two aspects: First, before the “outbreak”, someCompanies have appeared to replenish inventory funds.The PMI production index continued to rise, and the recovery of the global economy has boosted corporate production, and the cycle of corporate capital expenditures has expanded.At the same time, the gap between new orders and finished product inventory has increased, and raw material inventory has increased, which means that companies with overweight infrastructure and real estate share have gradually started to prepare goods in advance.Furthermore, the epidemic can only delay the pace of replenishing inventory, but cannot change the inventory replenishmentMegatrends; Second, the Ministry of Finance has launched a special debt issuance on January 2 with a higher issuance volume than the same period last year.At the same time, the country continues to add more to the development of emerging industries.Driven by industrial transformation, the contribution rate of emerging industries to economic development will increase, and the alternative tradition of investment will also emerge in two new sizes.  The intensive policies issued in many places to relieve the difficulties and to delay the payment of social insurance premiums are indispensable to face the epidemic situation. In many places, enterprises have adopted a “temperature” policy.Among them, deferred payment of social insurance premiums is indispensable. Shanghai adjusts the social security payment base only three months a month, which will reduce the burden on enterprises by more than 10 billion yuan.  On February 4th, Chongqing issued the “Twenty Policies and Measures to Support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to Solve the Pneumonia Epidemic of New Coronavirus Infection”, which covers financial support, tax and fee reduction, and optimization of services. These policies replaceWill be implemented until June 30, 2020.  On February 4, Shandong Province issued “Several Opinions on Supporting the Stable and Healthy Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Response to the Epidemic of New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia”, and proposed 20 specific measures from 4 aspects to support the SMEs in the province to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic and achieve stability.healthy growth.  Democracy, Shanghai, Beijing, and Beijing also successively introduced policies such as extending the collection period of social insurance premiums, and increased credit support and subsidies for SMEs affected by the epidemic.  In addition to social security, reasonable and rented policy support, Guo Yiming, director of investment consultants of Jufeng Investment Gu, also offers preferential policies on credit in many places, but the proportion of small, medium and micro enterprises receiving loans from the financial sector is still relatively low.It is recommended to establish a one-to-one assistance mechanism, or build a small and medium-sized enterprise micro-enterprise lyrical fund to effectively help small and medium-sized enterprises to rescue them; gradually, it can also properly guide the appropriate transformation and conversion of small and medium-sized enterprises, thereby reducing offline activities and actively shifting to onlineTo ensure the smooth progress of production activities.Of course, for some industries that have been severely affected by the epidemic, the government must provide some supplements.Finally, for small and medium-sized enterprises themselves, they also need to save themselves to minimize costs.  According to the statistics of the flush flush iFinD data from foreign stocks, A-shares underestimated the attractiveness of large stocks. According to statistics from the straight flush iFinD, from February 3 to February 5, there was a cumulative net inflow of northbound funds.01 billion.  From the perspective of the three trading days after the Spring Festival, Li Zhan, chief economist at Zhongshan Securities, said that foreign exchange inflows maintained the overall situation in January this year.Foreign institutional investors generally believe that the probability of the epidemic’s impact on the Chinese economy is seasonal. The intrinsic value and advantages of high-quality companies and A-share core assets will continue to maintain the buying trend and lower the A-share core quality assetsBottom.  At present, the stock market value of Beishang Capital accounts for nearly 3% of the total market value of A shares in circulation, which is continuing to rise steadily, and is closer to the proportion of domestic institutions.In the sense of leading the market, going northward has some predictability.In the context of the current epidemic situation and the rhythm of the A-share market, the large inflow of funds to the north is of great significance in stabilizing market sentiment, attracting long-term funds for value investment, and promoting the internationalization of A-shares.  The A-share market sentiment has gradually stabilized. It is expected that the capital of Kitakami will maintain a net inflow situation 杭州桑拿 in the short term, and the net inflow for the week after the holiday is expected to reach about 30 billion.Under the Shanghai-London Stock Connect, China-Japan ETF interoperability, amendments to the QFII / RQFII system rules, comprehensive launch of H-shares “full circulation” reforms, and other multiple measures, if the 2019 annual net inflow is used as a reference benchmark, it is expected to go north in 2020The net inflow of funds is expected to reach 300 billion yuan.

Jiuyang shares (002242) 2019 first quarter report comments: revenue growth steadily climbed performance improvement logic gradually verified

Jiuyang shares (002242) 2019 first quarter report comments: revenue growth steadily climbed performance improvement logic gradually verified

Investment Highlights The company recently released its 2019 first quarter report, and the company achieved revenue in Q1 201918.

0 ppm / + 14.

7%, net profit attributable to mother 天津夜网 1.

600 million / + 10.

9%, deducted non-net profit1.

500 million / + 8.

3%, basically 0 benefits.

21 yuan, under the weak situation of the industry, relying on channel optimization and product promotion to sell expensive, the company’s revenue and profit growth rate is good, the overall performance is in line with expectations.

2019Q1 The growth rate of the small home appliance industry is limited, but the company’s revenue growth has steadily increased.

According to the total data released by Aowei Cloud, the retail sales growth of the small home appliance industry in 2019Q1 was zero.

Among the main products involved in Jiuyang, the retail sales of soybean milk machine, cooking machine and rice cooker industry increased by -15%.

8%, 11.

0% and 3.


Company 14.

The 7% revenue growth rate significantly exceeds the average value of the small household appliances industry. It is expected that the company’s Q1 revenue growth rate will mainly contribute to cooking machines, rice cookers and western-style small appliances.

On a sequential basis, the company’s 2018H1, 2018H2 and 2019Q1 growth rates were 11 respectively.

3%, 13.

8% and 14.

7%, the early channel adjustment benefits gradually emerge, and it is expected that the previous revenue growth rate is expected to exceed 12 last year.

Revenue growth of 7%.

The average price of the industry in Q1 2019 generally increased, but the company’s gross profit margin improved significantly.

According to Aowei Cloud Network data, the average price of the small home appliance industry in 2019Q1 dropped by 10 from last year.

3%, of which soybean milk machine, cooking machine and rice cooker decreased by 1.

4%, 24.

6% and 9.


In this context, the company’s gross profit margin for Q1 2019 exceeded growth1.


To 32.

7% is expected to be mainly due to the company’s active promotion of new expensive sales and the improvement of raw material prices.

The gradual listing of new products is expected to gradually follow, and the company’s gross margin improvement trend is expected to continue.

In 2019Q1, the expense ratio has increased, but the net profit rate attributable to mothers is still relatively high in the near future.

The company’s 2019Q1 sales expense ratio was 13.

2% / + 0.


; Management expense ratio 3.

4% / + 0.9 pages.

; R & D expenses 4.

2% / + 0.


; Finance costs 0.

4% / + 0.

1 page

Among them, the main main categories of rising management expense rate are fair incentive cost sharing and corporate structure adjustment. Travel expenses have increased.

The company’s gross profit margin increased by 1 in Q1 2019.


, But the cost rate increased by 1.


, Resulting in the company’s net profit margin attributable to the mother in the first quarter of 2019 decreased by 0.


To 9.

1%, but still at a higher level in the same period in the past five years.

Earnings forecast and investment advice: The early stage was hindered by the sluggish demand of the soybean milk machine and the optimization of the company’s channels, and the revenue growth rate was weak.

At present, the market generally expects the revenue growth to increase due to channel adjustments and continuous product expansion. Q1 performance basically validates the previous logic.

We are optimistic about the company’s development and raised its profit forecast. It is estimated that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.

09, 1.

23 and 1.

39 yuan, closing prices on April 26 corresponding to PE were 19.

9, 17.

7 and 15.

7 times.

Risk warning: market competition intensifies, Supor squeezes Jiuyang’s core products, and high sales costs

Healthy food that shiitake keeps women straight

Healthy food that shiitake keeps women straight

Korean women eat dried shiitake mushrooms every day, which is rich in calcium and vitamin D, and is a healthy food that keeps women straight.

  How to choose dried shiitake mushrooms: The shape of the mushrooms is thick, the surface of the mushrooms is smooth, and the size is uniform.

The color is yellow-brown or black-brown.

  Smell: It has a strong, unique aroma of shiitake mushrooms.

If there is no fragrance or other strange smell, the quality of musty smell is poor.

  Touch: Dried shiitake mushrooms should be dried, and the rich content is preferably 11% -13%.

But it shouldn’t be too dry, it will break when you squeeze it. This quality is not good.

  Jin Yanxiu, a former medical columnist for Korea ‘s “Culture Daily”, poses in her book that Korean women must eat dried shiitake mushrooms every day.

After a woman is over 50, her waist will bend and her height will decrease. The best way to prevent it is to add calcium in advance and vitamin D to help calcium absorption. Dried mushrooms are foods containing these two nutrients.

  It should be reminded that the mushrooms here must be dried mushrooms exposed to the sun. This is because the mushrooms contain ergosterol. This substance becomes vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight, which can promote the normal growth and development of the body.

After buying fresh shiitake mushrooms, spread them evenly on the newspaper and dry them once a time. After frying, make tea and take it daily.

Excessive dried shiitake mushrooms are now processed directly by machines, and Koreans often buy them home and dry them again, which is safer.

  Feng Lei, director of the Department of Health Management of Zhejiang Forestry College’s School of Tourism Management, reminded that in addition to eating some dried shiitake mushrooms, you should still eat more milk, soy products, and shrimp skins, so that calcium supplementation is more adequate.

And more sun exposure, vitamin D supplementation is more adequate.

  Dried shiitake mushrooms can be steamed, fried, braised and stewed.

It should be noted that the dried shiitake mushrooms are harsh on cleaning conditions, and improper operation will destroy their effective nutritional components.

When soaking dried shiitake mushrooms, first rinse off the dust on the surface with water, and then soak in an appropriate amount of warm water for about one hour. Be careful not to soak for too long.

Then use your fingers to rotate in one direction to place the pedestal of the shiitake mushrooms downward in the water to remove the sediment.

Several gynecological diseases related to her husband

Several gynecological diseases related to her husband

[Introduction]The closest partner in the journey of life is husband and wife; however, certain gynecological diseases suffered by a woman are often closely related to her husband.

  I. Injuries: The damage of female sexual organs is mostly related to the sexual life of husband and wife, such as vulvar abrasions, vaginal tears (especially deep rupture of the vagina), and damage to the vaginal vault.

Most of these injuries occur during newlywed honeymoon, puerperium, lactation, or due to various reasons such as poor reproductive organs, rough sexual intercourse, improper posture, and fragile vaginal mucosa in elderly women.

The obvious manifestation of sexual organ damage is blood replacement and pain after sexual intercourse.

Once sexual intercourse damage occurs, do not taboo against medical treatment.

Treatment should be checked in time to prevent future complications.

If there is congenital dysplasia, it should be treated in time.

  Second, infection: improper handling of husband and wife sexual life can induce vulvar infections, such as vulvitis, vestibular glanditis, vestibular gland cysts and so on.

Unfortunately, too many wives have unknowingly suffered from trichomoniasis or fungal vaginitis. Except for a small number of indirect infections in sexual life, the main way of infection is directly transmitted by couples’ sexual life.

Either trichomoniasis or mold can be quietly hidden in the husband’s urethra. They do not disturb the husband under normal circumstances, and such a healthy carrier of the husband leaves a hidden danger for the wife.

When the body’s resistance is low or the vaginal pH environment changes, they begin to multiply, and as a result, trichomoniasis or fungal vaginitis occurs.

In order to completely treat these two types of vaginitis, it is necessary for the couple to take drugs at the same time, and to avoid sexual life during the treatment. After testing to check that there is no pathogen carried in the couple, repeat the consolidation treatment for a course of treatment.

  Third, allergies: During the sexual life of couples, some wives had facial flushing, nasal congestion, pruritus of the whole body and vagina, hoarseness, edema of the throat and vocal cords, and even acute measles and vaginal edema, hyperemia and general discomfort.

These symptoms sometimes last 2?
3 days, also after each intercourse, this is the wife’s allergic reaction to her husband’s semen. You can bring a condom during sexual intercourse to expose the woman to these allergens.

If an allergic reaction has occurred, medications such as astemin can be taken.

  Fourth, sexually transmitted diseases: Sexually transmitted diseases are genital diseases caused by sexual behavior infections, which mostly occur in sexual intercourse groups.

If the husband has a sexually transmitted disease, the wife is inevitably infected.

Therefore, in addition to avoiding extra-marital sexual contact, couples should also avoid infection between each other.

  Fifth, other women with chronic cervical cancer who have not been healed before sexual intercourse stimulation, are not easy to heal, such as cervical polyps, cervical erosion, etc., sexual life of couples can lead to sexual cross-linked bleeding.

Wife with irregular menstruation during pregnancy, or intercourse during menstruation, only a small increase in vaginal bleeding, can also cause infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, due to uterine contraction during sexual impulses, and even squeeze endometrial debris into the pelvic cavity, causing endometriosisdisease.

Test your role in the circle of friends

Test your role in the circle of friends

Test your role in the circle of friends 1.Do you eat breakfast every day?

  yes-go to Q2 no-go to Q3 2.Have you ever owned a pet?

  yes-go to Q7 no-go to Q3 3.Do you have any work experience?

  yes-go to Q7 no-go to Q4 4.Are your motor cells good?

  yes-go to Q8 no-go to Q5 5.Are you losing weight?

  yes-go to Q9 no-go to Q66.
Do you think you must eat and drink while watching a movie at the cinema?

  yes-go to Q9 no-go to Q10 7.Do you think there are no aliens in the world?

  yes-go to Q11 no-go to Q8 8.Do you have many friends of the opposite sex?

  yes-go to Q12 no-go to Q9 9.Do you rarely read comics?

  yes-go to Q13 no-go to Q10 10.Can you sing as soon as you get to Karaoke?

  yes-go to Q17 no-go to Q14 11.Do you like to eat sandwiches?

  yes-go to Q14 no-go to 12 12.Are you good at finding different dishes?

  yes-go to Q15 no-go to 313 13.Do you know how to draw comics?

  yes-go to Q16 no-go to Q14 14 14.Do you like plaid patterns?

  yes-go to Q16 no-go to Q18 15.Ever since you were young you have wanted to study abroad?

  yes-go to Q19 no-go to Q16 16.
Have you ever attended an artist’s fan club or lingered on its website?

  yes-go to Q20 no-go to Q17 17.Are you easily moved and crying?

  yes-go to Q21 no-go to 818 18.Have you ever been in a two-footed relationship?

  yes-go to Z21 no-go to Z2219.
If there is no flashlight in your life, do you find it very inconvenient or even disruptive?

  yes-go to Q23 no-go to Q20 20.Do you watch the newspaper’s economic and TV news every day?

  yes — go to Q24 no — go to Q21 21.Are you afraid of watching horror movies?

  yes-go to Q22 no-go to Q25 22.Do you like coffee

  yes-go to Q26 no-go to Q25 23.Do you like to spray perfume?

  yes — A no-B 24..Do you have more than 5 bottles of skincare in your home?

  yes-C no-D 25.Are you a person who is not afraid of trouble?

  yes — E no — F 26.Are you often invited by friends to participate in different types of activities?

  yes -- G no -- HB A: You are a leader in general. No matter you are in a familiar or unfamiliar environment, you will take the initiative to say hello to others; you always have no hesitation when there are problemsThe ground immediately rushed forward to solve, like to enjoy the appreciation of others.

You are born with leadership skills, often as part of a command in a group, and easily gain the trust of others.

  B: Pistachio You are good at engaging in the atmosphere, you will find things to do when you are fine, and you will talk when you are fine. There is laughter where you are.

Your interpersonal relationship is good, everyone likes to get along with you, and you are always cheerful and generous, so you have a lot of friends, but be careful of those endless parties that make you tired.

  C: Trendy people, you pay great attention to popular information. As long as someone talks with you about this type of topic, you can immediately become a good friend with whom he talks about everything.

At the same time, you are a very principled person. As long as there is no conflict with your principles, you will be able to discuss everything, but once you violate your principles, there is no room for negotiation!

  D: A good girl is very self-disciplined. You are very disciplined and have high self-requirements. On the other hand, you don’t relax with others. You like people with high self-discipline and people with loose personality cannot be friends with you.

You work very hard. You are a good girl in the eyes of others. You often ignore relationships because you are too focused on learning.

  E: At 13 o’clock, you don’t have any particular dislikes or dislikes for people. However, if someone can talk to you about topics of interest, you will want to get acquainted with him immediately without any thought.
People feel comfortable with you, so it’s easy to make friends. Even if you don’t actively expand your relationships, friends will automatically bury themselves.

  F: The exclusive village is in a group. You don’t have much to say, and you have reservations. Other people’s impression of you is “mysterious”.

In fact, you don’t like to be with the crowd, but you like to hide and observe, so you can very well trim what others are thinking about.
You like to discuss numerology, horoscope, divination and other topics with others.

  G: Little angel, you are a very easy-going person. It will not cause other people’s pressure. You will be considerate and sympathetic to your friends.

Anyone come to you for help, you will do what you can to provide?

Help, do n’t ask for returns, and you wo n’t be impatient, so your interpersonal relationship is very good, and it is a spiritual first aid station for many people.

  H: Xiao Tianzhen, you are a sloppy person. You have simple ideas, and you do n’t have any plans or think too far.

In principle, your friends will like you, but sometimes your innocence can cause some potential trouble for others.

When do babies need sleep pillows?

When do babies need sleep pillows?

People are used to thinking that pillows are necessary for sleeping, so a small pillow is also given to newborn babies.

We say this is completely contradictory, which is not conducive to the normal development of newborns.

The newborn’s spine is straight, so when lying down, the back and back of the head are on the same plane, which will not cause muscle tension and lead to pillow fall. In addition, the newborn’s head is large, almost as wide as shoulders, and lying on its sideNaturally, newborns do not need pillows.

If the head is raised, it will easily cause head and neck bending, affecting the newborn’s breathing and swallowing, and even accidents may occur.

To prevent spitting, the baby’s upper body can be slightly raised by 1 cm.

When the baby grows to 3?
At 4 months, the implanted spine began to bend forward. At this time, a one-centimeter-high pillow can be pillowed while sleeping.

Grow to seven?
When CO2 begins to learn to sit, the baby’s chest and spine begin to bend backwards, and the shoulders develop and widen. At this time, the child should pillow about 3 cm high when sleeping.

Too high and too low are not conducive to sleep and normal body development, often pillows high pillows are easy to form humpback.

In the folks, the pillows that are hard on newborns (often made of sorghum rice) and high in pillows have affected the development of the newborn’s spine.

For the normal development of children, according to the physiological characteristics and developmental characteristics of newborns, do not give newborn pillows pillows.

If your baby’s pillow is too high or too low, it will affect breathing patency and initial blood circulation, and affect the quality of sleep and mental state during the day.

So how high is your baby’s pillow?

It depends on your baby’s age and physical characteristics.

In a baby, the spine is almost straight, the head is relatively elongated, and it is almost as wide as the shoulders. When lying down, the back of the head and the side are on the same plane, so there is no need to use a pillow. You can also use adult towels to be folded into fourWhen used as a pillow.

When the baby will look up in 3 months, the cervical curve of the spine’s neck will appear, and the development of the main spindle body will be transferred, and the shoulder will gradually widen.

At this time, in order to make you fit during sleep, you should start using pillows.

Baby pillows are about 3-4 cm high, while children are 6-9 cm high.

Your baby’s pillow needs to be soft.

If it is too hard, it will cause deformity of lentils. It will rub off a circle of hair on the pillow and cause alopecia areata.Danger.

Wash your baby’s pillow often.

When the child sleeps, sometimes he sweats, and sometimes he cries and sheds tears, leaving a lot of sweat stains or dirt on the pillow.

Therefore, it is necessary to wash the pillows frequently for children. It is better to change the two pillow cores once a year to keep the pillows clean, dry and free of odors, so as not to cause some allergic diseases and skin diseases.

Love dormancy

Love dormancy

Xiao Li’s dormant period can’t understand why his wife who has been married to him for only one year will suddenly become so indifferent to him!

At home, she was always working hard, not even looking at him, Xiao Li was sad!

What worries him even more is that she often said that she had to go out at night. “Did she have an affair?

“This conjecture put him in tension and pain.

This night, the wife said that she would return to the unit to work the night shift. He finally couldn’t bear it and said to her, “You’re lying!

“It was the two who quarreled.

As soon as his wife went out, he followed.

In the end, it was confirmed that his wife was telling the truth, he apologized to her, and the couple reconciled.

  Although the storm calmed down, Xiao Li may not have a wife who was tired of him and deliberately hid him because their love dormancy period had come.

  Five Stages of Emotion The experts in the Soviet Union’s marriage problem found in research that changes in the relationship between husband and wife can be divided into five stages according to the degree of their emotional impulses and the tendency of emotions: lingering passionate love period.

That is, during the period of complete affirmation, the image of the lover in the heart is perfect; began to appear a certain cooling.

When one party is absent, the time that the other party appears in the mind gradually decreases. Once the other party is present, the passion for him can be re-awakened; the emotional relationship is further weakened.

Even if the other party appears, it cannot ignite the enthusiasm for him, and he or she must make some order (she) to be happy to restore his or her feelings;Disgusting.

The defect of the spouse is used as the cause of the quarrel; is almost completely under the influence of the negative trend, thinking that the common life has lost its meaning.

  Every couple is likely to face emotional crisis over and over again.

Many people in life feel incomprehensible about the need for rest in love. Once they find that the state of sleep in love is frightened, they think that their feelings are beginning to deteriorate.

  Treating Love Sleep Properly In order to prevent couples or the other party from making regretful decisions during the love sleep period, the couple must learn to treat their other half appropriately when the “cold love” arrives and spend the sleep period of love.

  First of all, we must be fully prepared for forming a family.

Before each couple, they should understand the concept of the family, understand the characteristics of the relationship between husband and wife, and do not blindly imagine great love.

  Thoroughly cultivate common interests between husband and wife.

The same hobbies also include that one party can satisfactorily accommodate the hobbies of the other. In this way, the genes for the generation of emotions will continue to increase, supplement, and form mutual respect between each other. Only then will the fatigue of love be relatively reduced and continueThe time will be relatively shortened.

  Correct your shortcomings.

It is more effective to consciously change yourself to adapt to the relationship than to try to change the other person often.

  Take the initiative.

Taking the initiative to take responsibility is not just obeying the other party.

Of course, it is a wise method to take the initiative to show remorse and make concessions. It can move and soften the self-esteem and conscience of the other party, and can also start to make concessions.

  Give love a chance to rest fully.

Treat each other’s waywardness with friendliness, tolerance, and sympathy, and how to create conditions for the other party to have time alone.

If she doesn’t want to see you, then you can find an appropriate excuse to leave for a while and don’t “offend” in front of her.

Avoid each other, panting to forget the unpleasantness.