Sleeping mask allows lazy women to have beautiful skin


Sleeping mask allows lazy women to have beautiful skin

Guide: Sleeping mask allows lazy women to have beautiful skin, everyone wants to have a beautiful face, because beauty is often the first pass of a person, so beauty has become an indispensable content of life, but what needs attention isNo matter how to do beauty and care, it is important to be healthy while being beautiful.

  Beauty always feels complicated and troublesome. Some lazy MMs simply don’t want to pay attention to beauty.

Don’t make excuses for your laziness. In this era of advanced technology, beauty is becoming more and more simplified and effective.

Sleeping mask is a good product to rescue lazy beauties.

  Don’t let the water slip away quietly: if your face is breathable, it should be very unfavourable to apply a plastic wrap.

Sleeping mask is really an indispensable equipment for autumn and winter. Touching the jelly-like sleeping mask, Beier has a moisturizing texture.

Get up in the morning, the skin is called tender.

  Tighten the skin and return to its hometown: Another benefit of the sleep mask is to make your skin taut, so that it can be attacked by “storm snow”.

Massage the masked face for two minutes before bedtime, and the new fine lines on the next day will be very few.

  Sleeping angels: With “wearing a jacket” on the body during the day, it might be better to “treat after an injury” at night.

It contains a plant essence sleeping mask to soothe the skin, and even makes you feel “skin care is a treat” even in your dreams!

  ”Satisfied” Changle: After washing your face, patting your face with a clap, it is refreshing and clean, without feeling greasy, indicating that your skin is full.

If black people have allergies, they need to change their brand.

  Intriguing “taste”: It is estimated that when you sleep with a full face of alcohol, you will also dream of falling out of the wine jar at night!

A mask without excessive odor is of course the best, but it is not boiling water after all, and the faint floral fragrance can promote sleep better.

  The “way” of good “color”: Do not mind the color of the sleeping mask, this mask usually does not intentionally add pigment.

The crystal color is the most dreamy color, and there is no trace on the face.

The blue and pale green pastes represent colors with hidden ingredients.

  Error Correction Sleep Mask Error Zone: Q: “Using a sleep mask every day works best?

A: Sleeping mask is used as a universal cream every day. Of course, NO, it is enough for the skin to be full if you do periodic care according to your skin type.

No matter how much it is used, it prevents the skin from repairing itself, and it is also difficult to please.

  Q: “Will pillows be placed at night?

A: As long as you use it according to the instructions, you don’t need to worry about this problem.

Because the sleeping mask needs to be massaged on the body before it can be absorbed by the skin, there is nothing to worry about naturally.

  Q: “Can’t everyone use the sleep mask?

A: Normal skin can be used for 7 consecutive days, and then use the next day; after using the sleep mask, dry skin needs to be used with moisturizing night cream or beauty liquid; oily skin and combination skin are used frequentlyKeep it a little less. After five days of continuous use, use it every 3 days to allow the skin more time to breathe freely.

The phenomenon of primary school in kindergartens

The phenomenon of “primary school” in kindergartens is getting worse

4 or 5 year olds know hundreds of words, know a lot of English words, know Chinese pinyin, learn abacus and mental arithmetic . Many things that should be studied by elementary school students have already started to involve many kindergarten children. This is the so-called “Early Childhood Education””Primary.”
In order to avoid the elementary education of early childhood education, the national education department has introduced a series of measures, and reporters found in interviews that parents expect their children to grow up happily, but want to enrich their children’s knowledge; kindergarten wants to meet the requirements of parents,They are often checked for “primary school” phenomena.
  私立园迎合家长需求教识字  昨天,记者以家长的身份走访了省城几所幼儿园后,发现不少私立幼儿园在招生时都会承诺要教会孩子多少汉字,而且在大班时会增加识字量,保证孩子There will be a certain amount of literacy in elementary school.
“Actually, there is no way for kindergartens, it’s all about fighting for more students.
“Ms. Liu, who worked in a private kindergarten, told reporters.
  ”Private kindergartens have to cater to parents’ requirements, otherwise how can they attract more students.
Ms. Liu said that parents are now keen on public parks. It can be said that private kindergartens are also very difficult to do. If they follow the relevant guidelines for early childhood education, these private kindergartens are basically difficult to recruit students.
Private schools will cater to the parents’ expectations of becoming a child and set up courses to make children’s learning tend to be elementary.
“Parents are looking forward to their children and hope that their children can learn more. Private schools have seen this kind of psychology of parents, so this phenomenon will occur.
“Ms. Liu said.
  Ms. Liu told reporters that she graduated from kindergarten. In fact, in the kindergarten, the cultivation of children’s emotions, habits and behaviors is more important.
In early childhood, the cultivation of emotions, feelings, habits, and behaviors is definitely more important than the cultivation of knowledge and skills.
And some parents, let their children memorize, even when the children began to read Pinyin, recognize Chinese characters when they were two or three years old, contrary to the laws of children’s physical and mental development.
“It can be said that there is a tendency for this kind of elementary education in early childhood in many private gardens. According to my personal point of view, the main reasons for this phenomenon are family education, parents’ reasons, parents are too eager to achieve success.
“Ms. Liu said.
  Educational departments: Children must be literate in a subtle way. The reporter learned that the Jinan Education Bureau has issued regulations to prevent the use of primary school textbooks, and not to teach pinyin and Chinese character writing.
A person in charge of Jinan Education Bureau told reporters that they also regularly check whether there is a tendency of “primary school” in kindergartens in Jinan.
  ”We make plans in full accordance with the guidelines for early childhood education. The content of kindergarten education is comprehensive and enlightening. It can be relatively divided into five areas, such as health, language, society, science, and art, and other different divisions.
The contents of various fields infiltrate each other, and promote the development of children’s emotions, attitudes, abilities, knowledge, skills and other aspects from different perspectives.
“Director Shi of the Education Bureau of Shizhong District of Jinan City said.
  It is understood that they will teach children literacy in the big class, but they are simple strokes and some characters commonly used in life. These are the words in the nursery rhymes and picture books to allow children to literate in a subtle way. These literacy is also convenient for
  What do all kindergarten children learn from abroad?[Australia]The most important thing for children is to play well. Australian kindergartens are very humane and free.
The main job of preschool teachers is to make children have fun in kindergarten, so as to cultivate their independent personality and help them better build partnerships with their peers.
In addition to teachers, there are child care assistants to assist teachers in their work, responsible for taking care of children’s diet and living.
The kindergarten recognizes the world through games and entertaining.
  [Japan]Cultivate children’s interest In Japanese kindergartens, a major feature is that they carry out a variety of outdoor activities, let children get close to nature, and play to cultivate their healthy mind and body and the ability to get along with others.
Japan also pays more attention to the guidance of parents’ education methods, such as the opening of mother classes and parent classes.
There are two classes, one for parents of infants and young children, and the other for those who are about to become parents.
The learning content is roughly the principles of early childhood psychology, physical health, and family education.
  [United States]Practice children’s hands-on skills. There are not many learning courses for children in American kindergartens, and most of them are handmade and outdoor activities.
Before the start of the new school year in September, each kindergarten is a summer camp period, and many collective outdoor activities have been added compared to usual times.
  One game, one small thing is learning “We take children to play games every day, but parents think that children play in kindergarten, and they have not learned anything.
Some parents will ask what they learned today when they see the child. If the child cannot answer, the parents will feel that the day is wasted and they have not learned anything.
“The principal of the provincial kindergarten, Li Yuan said, in fact, children’s activities and various games in the kindergarten stage are a kind of training for their ability.
“Each of our activities and games has a certain meaning.
Director Li said that sometimes interactive activities are organized to make children have this sense of cooperation and mutual help.
  The most taboo in early childhood education is “killing for quick success”
: The “Kindergarten Work Regulations”
formally promulgated in China clearly stipulates that “play is the basic activity and education is included in all activities”, and games are determined as the basic form of kindergarten activities.
Zhang Suling, an associate professor of the School of Education and Psychology of Jinan University, said in an interview with reporters on the issue of “primary education of early childhood education”. For young children, games are the most practical form of physical and mental development.Ample opportunity.  ”I strongly disagree with literacy in kindergarten. The key to education in kindergarten is to cultivate children’s various interests, including the interest in reading, literacy, etc. Of course, individual children do have a special interest in literacy. He may himselfJust go to school, of course you can train.

But if you include kindergartens, including kindergartens, and parents, forcing your children to learn and losing their interest in literacy, it will be counterproductive after your child enters primary school.

Zhang Suling said.

  With regard to the current serious problem of primary education in family education, Zhang Suling believes that quick success and shortcomings are a taboo for children’s education. “Many parents are extremely anxious when they face a problem in their children’s education.

There may be children who do not have a large amount of literacy before school, which will have an impact in a short time, which does not mean that your child will have an impact after the third or fourth grade.

The education of children must adhere to the correct position, and not change because of what others do.

“Parents set up a special study area for their children Yesterday, in a large community in eastern Jinan, five or six parents took their children to play in the yard. These children ranged from twins to two or three years old.

One of the little boys, less than two years old, was holding chalk to write Arabic numerals on the ground of the community, from 1 to 9. Although the writing was very far away, it still attracted the envy of many parents.

The child’s parents are proud: “Taught him from a little over a year old, and he has written well now.

“Another parent, whose child is only 3 years old, also told reporters that she will also teach some children about literacy now, but did not teach it very seriously.” I do n’t know if I should teach her, but just bought her some books.Anyway, there are none.

“Ms. Su’s child is 3 and a half years old. At Ms. Su’s house, the reporter saw a learning area specially opened for children.

In this small space of only a few square meters, dozens of simple Chinese characters are integrally formed.

Ms. Su told reporters that although her baby is only 3 and a half years old, she can already know dozens of Chinese characters. “In our community, children as old as my baby are not as good as him.

Talking, Ms. Su’s child read the words “East, West, North and South”, and Ms. Su was proud.

  The reporter learned in the interview that before the children went to primary school, most parents would buy some books for children to read and learn English.

In front of a children’s book stall in a supermarket, a salesperson told reporters that children’s books are now the best-selling products, especially those in the age range of 2-5 years. These readings are best-selling in addition to some children’s stories, some are cognitive, literateBooks that do not require bilingual teaching are also very popular. “Especially bilingual do not need to teach. Recently, sales have been good. Most parents buy them for children 4-6 years old.

“Mr. Zhu Xingguang, a soldier in our province who has worked for 20 years in education, told reporters that from his teaching experience, it can be found that more and more children now learn more and more from their parents before going to school.It is mainly the knowledge in books. As a result, the family has gradually become the main battlefield of “primary education of early childhood education”.

“Analysing the reasons is that the parents’ knowledge level has been significantly improved and replaced, and it is also because young parents are now extremely vulnerable to transforming some of the pressures of survival into the desired transformation to marry their children.

Several best recipes for spring beauty skin care

Several best recipes for spring beauty skin care

Everything springs up, and the spleen function of the human body is also strong.

Therefore, the spring beauty should be spleen, Huoxuetongluo diet therapy is better.

Chinese medicine believes that the quality of the complexion is related to the spleen. For example, acne is mostly caused by damp and hot spleen; butterfly spots are mostly caused by liver stagnation and spleen deficiency; yellow and dull face is a manifestation of spleen deficiency and qi and blood.

The following experts introduce to you the best recipes for spring beauty and skin care.

  Bird’s Nest Rock Sugar Porridge: Take 3 grams of bird’s nest, 100 grams of rice before, the right amount of rock sugar, cook a total of porridge and serve.

If you add 5 grams of sweet almonds and cook them together, the beauty effect is better.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of moisturizing the skin, nourishing blood and nourishing the face.

  Astragalus brown sugar porridge: 30 grams of astragalus and brown sugar, 100 grams of rice, 6 grams of peel.

Wash and slice astragalus, put it in a pot, add water to a proper amount and cook, remove the residue and juice; wash the previous rice, mix with tan peel and brown sugar into the pot, then pour astragalus juice, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook untilRice is ready to serve, served with meals.

  Efficacy: Brown sugar is sweet, gentle, moisturizing, and has cardiopulmonary rejuvenation. It has the effects of strengthening the spleen, relieving liver qi, invigorating blood, and removing stasis; Astragalus is sweet and warm, having solid antiperspirant and vitality for sores;, Bitter, warm nature, qi and stomach, phlegm and phlegm.

This porridge is beneficial for qi and nourishing the face, and is suitable for those who are pale and lacklustre caused by weak blood and qi.

  Jujube porridge: Take 60 grams of previous rice, 10 jujubes, cook porridge, and serve breakfast.

  Efficacy: Jujube is rich in vitamin E. Eating jujube porridge often can make people look rosy and refreshed.

  Beauty porridge: 100 grams of white rice, 1200 ml of chicken soup, 3 grams of chuanxiong, 10 grams of angelica, 5 grams of astragalus, and 2 grams of safflower.

Wash the rice, soak it with water; Angelica, Chuanxiong, Astragalus cut into thin slices, and put them in a small cloth bag with safflower; put the rice and medicine in a small cloth bag into a pot of porridge, add chicken soup, waterCook over high heat, boil over low heat, remove the medicine bag and serve. 1?
2 times, take when warm.

  Efficacy: The traditional Chinese medicine that supplements qi, blood, and activates blood can improve body function and make women’s skin moist and delicate.

  Longlian Egg Soup: 15 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of lotus seed meat, 2 eggs, 1 ginger, 4 jujubes, seasoned with salt.

Steam the eggs over water, remove the shells, and rinse with water; longan meat, lotus seed meat, ginger, and jujube are washed with water; lotus seed meat to remove the heart, retain the red-brown lotus seed coat; peel the ginger, cut two pieces;Jujube pitted.

Add the right amount of water to the clay pot, first use the Wuhuo pot to boil the water, then add the above ingredients, and then use the Wenhuo pot for about 2 hours, add salt to serve immediately.

  Efficacy: It has the effect of calming the mind, nourishing blood and nourishing the skin.

  党参砂仁猪肚汤  [用料] 猪肚150克,党参15克,高良姜20克,砂仁5克,生姜20克,油盐适量。[制法] 将猪肚去掉油脂后,洗净切块备用;砂仁、党参分别洗净,高良姜和生姜磨成茸,与猪肚一起放进炖盅,加清水适量,炖盅加盖, Simmer for 2 hours under gentle heat, and immediately after seasoning.

  [功效] 理气温脾。  芪杜薏米乌龟汤  [用料] 乌龟1只(约300克),黄芪30克,薏米15克,杜仲10克,生姜2片,油盐适量。[制法] ①先将乌龟放进热水锅内,用文火慢慢烧开,直到把乌龟烫死,然后去掉乌龟壳和内脏,洗净后斩件备用;②黄芪、杜仲、生姜分别洗Net reserve; stir fry for a while; ③ Put all the above materials into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with Wuhuo and use low heat for 2 hours, and serve immediately after seasoning.

  [功效] 健脾、消肿、补肾。  眉豆陈皮鲤鱼汤  [用料] 鲤鱼300克,白眉豆100克,陈皮10克,生姜少许,油盐适量。  [制法] ①将白眉豆和陈皮(去白)、生姜分别洗净备用;鲤鱼去掉腮和内脏后洗净,然后放进油锅中略煎,直到显得稍黄即可,备用;②将白眉Beans, tangerine peel, and ginger are put into a casserole. After boiling with water and boiled with water, put the carp together and cook until the beans are cooked.

  [功效] 健脾养胃,利水消肿。  淮山党参红枣泥鳅汤  [用料] 泥鳅250克,黄芪15克,泥鳅15克,淮山30克,红枣15克,生姜3片,油盐适量,料酒适量。[制法] 首先将泥鳅的头去掉,然后洗净备用;黄芪、党参、红枣分别洗净,装入布袋子中,扎紧袋口,与泥鳅、生姜一起放进砂锅中,加清水,用After the high heat boils, use low heat to cook for 1 hour, then remove the medicine bag and serve after seasoning.

  [功效] 健脾和胃,补气养血。  鳙鱼党参汤  [用料] 鳙鱼1000克,党参10克,草果2克,陈皮、桂皮、干姜各3克,胡椒10粒,油盐适量。[制法] 将鳙鱼剖开,去掉内脏和腮,洗净备用;党参、草果、陈皮、桂皮、胡椒和干姜分别洗净,与鳙鱼一起放进砂锅中,加清水适量,用武Bring to a boil. Use a low heat to simmer until the fish is cooked and season with salt.

  [功效] 温补脾胃。

MM inedible coarse grains to lose weight

MM inedible coarse grains to lose weight

Weight loss measures include controlling diet and strengthening physical activity.

In terms of diet conditioning, proper consumption of whole grains can meet the needs of the human body and can also lose weight instead. This is increasingly favored by people.

Here are two types of weight loss coarse grains.

  Corn and corn are annual grasses, also known as Shibuya, Cob, and Liugu.

According to research, every 100 grams of corn contains 196 kcal conversion, crude fiber 1.

2 grams, protein 3.

8 grams, 姨 2.

3 grams, 40 carbonic acid.

2 grams, another mineral element and vitamins.

The crude fiber containing cobalt in corn is 4-10 times higher than that of polished rice.

Corn also contains a lot of magnesium, which can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis and promote the excretion of body waste.

The above ingredients and functions of corn are very beneficial for weight loss.

When the corn is mature, the spiked corn must have a diuretic effect and is also beneficial for weight loss.

  Corn can be cooked on behalf of tea, or it can be crushed and made into corn flour, corn cake and so on.

The puffed popcorn is very bulky, and can eliminate the drought of excessive people after eating, but the impurities after eating are very low, which is also one of the substitutes for weight loss.

  Sweet potato sweet potato is a convolvulaceae plant, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, hawthorn and so on.

According to the research, the denaturation of each 100 grams of sweet potato is only 127 kcal and the crude fiber is 0.

5 grams, 姨0.

2 grams, carbonic acid 29.

5 grams, including inorganic salts and vitamins.

Sweet potato contains only half of the taro.

Sweet potato can be used to feed the hunger.

Sweet potato is an alkaline food that can inhibit the growth and accumulation of subcutaneous sputum after eating.

In addition, sweet potato is also conducive to bowel movements, which is conducive to weight loss.

  Sweet potato can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, roasted and so on.

Before cooking, the sweet potato cubes can be boiled or baked in salt water for one or two hours to reduce the discomfort such as pantothenic acid, bloating and venting after eating.

  Health Reminder: It is good to have only one coarse grain of crude fiber per day, but the elderly, especially the elderly with weak gastrointestinal function, eat enough crude fiber food every day.

Regular consumption of crude fiber foods has good complications for diabetes, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease.

However, the elderly, especially those with weak gastrointestinal function, eat too much crude fiber food, which will promote bowel movements, prolong the time of digestion and absorption, increase the burden on the stomach, and make food difficult to be completely digested, absorbed, and reduced.Maximizing other nutrients may lead to malnutrition.

  Under normal circumstances, the elderly eat a thick fiber food every day, which can not only ensure the many benefits of crude fiber, but also does not increase the burden on the stomach. The staple food is mainly coarse grains, such as corn, sweet potato, etc., together with a crude fiber vegetable, such asCelery, radish and other vegetables and kelp of mushroom algae, mushrooms, etc.

Why does the elderly eat osteoporosis by eating too much meat?

Why does the elderly eat osteoporosis by eating too much meat?

Why does the elderly eat osteoporosis by eating too much meat?
Research by Walter William, a professor of nutrition at Harvard University, confirms that the greater the intake of animal proteins, the greater the chance of calcium replacement in vitro.

  In the daily diet of modern people, protein intake is already too much.

Foods containing animal protein are mainly chicken, duck, fish, pig, beef, mutton and other meats, and the protein content of cooked meat can be as high as about 60%.

Therefore, if you eat about 100 grams of meat a day, the intake of protein has reached about 60 grams.

While the normal protein requirement is 1 gram per kilogram of body weight, the daily intake of an adult is best to replace 100-150 grams.

  In addition, high animal protein diets can easily cause calcium deficiency.

Experiments have shown that ingesting 80 grams of animal protein per day will cause 37 mg of calcium to be lost; when the amount of protein is increased to 240 grams per day, at this time, even 1400 mg of calcium will be added, and the total calcium loss will eventually reach dailyMore than 100 mg.

This shows that calcium supplementation cannot prevent bone loss caused by a high protein diet.

Common considerations for exercise

Common considerations for exercise


The muscles are still sore after the previous exercise, can I continue to exercise A.


Muscle soreness is a manifestation of muscle fiber damage. If the damaged muscles are not restored, even little exercise will not progress.

Over time, even permanent damage will result.

Therefore, there should be sufficient rest time between the two exercises, the brakes can restore physical fitness and repair the injured area.


Is there any benefit to changing exercise styles for fitness?

For the following reasons, bodybuilders should consider ways to change exercise regularly: ① Prevent the tediousness caused by repeated repeated exercise.

  ② Prevent or delay the arrival of the exercise platform period, thereby accelerating the effect of fitness.

Studies have long shown that changing exercise patterns can enhance a person’s mobility and make it easier to keep fit.

  ③ Changing exercise methods also helps maintain a strong physical fitness.

Many physiological systems of the body, such as the muscular system, undergo 6?
After 8 weeks, you will adapt to a certain exercise method, and exercise efficiency will begin to decline.

  At this time, if you do not make appropriate adjustments to the exercise method, you will enter the plateau period because your body adapts to the day-to-day exercise strategy.

  There are various ways to adjust the exercise method, including increasing exercise intensity. For example, if you are currently running, you may wish to add a few sprint exercises or run uphill.

In addition, you can add some strength training, which is good for improving your body’s fat burning ability.

  However, it should be pointed out that the same exercise of the army day after day is not necessarily a bad thing.

Some people like this methodical method of exercise. They don’t care if they will enter the platform stage, but only content to use a comfortable exercise method to maintain physical health and maintain their fitness level.

In short, as long as you exercise, it is better than not exercising.


What is excessive exercise?

Are there any signs of excessive exercise?

Excessive exercise is a term that describes the imbalance between exercise and physical recovery. The signs of excessive exercise will vary from person to person and behave differently.

In this way, they still have some things in common, as follows: 1.

Poor exercise status; 2.

Low fitness interest; 3.

4. Heart rate increases and blood pressure rises at rest;

Chronic muscle or joint aches;

5. Frequent damage to bones and muscles;

Increased chance of colds and infections; 7.

Slow recovery of physical fitness after exercise; 8.

Obviously feel strenuous during normal military exercise; 9.

Loss of appetite; 10.

Significant weight loss; 11.

Poor sleep; 12.

Depression, irritability, and worry.


The doctor thought I was jogging incorrectly because I was 52 years old.
At present, I am healthy, I always like sports, and often go to the gym to exercise.

What should I do?

First of all, you need to figure out the difference between jogging and walking. Jogging and joints cause some impact, so in your case, walking is better than jogging.
However, if you like jogging, it’s okay to do this kind of activity, but it is best to run on soft ground and pay attention to choosing a pair of good quality sports shoes to reduce the impact on the joints.


Recently, when I was doing strength training, I lifted a lot more weight than before. But after training, I have a strong muscle tearing pain. I need to rest for a few days to recover. I wonder if I will lose muscles during this period

When should I continue practicing?

If muscle pain is reduced, does it slow muscle development?

The sore muscles that appear after exercise are called “late onset muscle soreness”. This is because the muscle fibers appear to be slightly torn during training, causing pain caused by inflammation.

This pain usually lasts for a few days, during which time the muscle fibers will repair themselves and recover excessively, so no muscle loss will occur.

The ideal time for the next exercise is to wait until the muscle soreness has been basically eliminated, and it will not affect your exercise.

In fact, it is not only muscle soreness that is caused by intense soreness. As long as proper training, diet and rest can also increase muscle mass.

Conversely, intense soreness may also be caused by muscle strain and requires attention.


I am 45 years old and recently participated in a jogging exercise. I want to know how many times my pulse is maintained per minute during the jogging process. A.

You just need to calculate your maximum heart rate.

Calculating Wanfa is easy, ie 220 your initial age.

Based on this, you know that your maximum heart rate is 175, and your heart rate during exercise should be maintained at 60% of the maximum heart rate?
80% is better.


My body is very thin. How can I make my body strong and firm without losing weight?

You can do some strength training as well as step by step exercises.

In addition, you need to add enough nutrition and eat more protein-supplemented foods.

It’s really important for low-weight people to exercise, because exercise has the effect of two-way adjustment, and can also maintain the health of the heart and lungs.

Therefore, you’d better press up some strength training and assist with some aerobic exercise, which is very beneficial for gaining weight and maintaining good health.

Eat less spicy and eat more sour in autumn

Eat less spicy and eat more sour in autumn

“Less Xinxin Acid” is a principle of Chinese medicine nutrition about the autumn diet.

The so-called Shaoxin is to eat less spicy food. This is because the lungs are gold, ventilated in autumn, the lungs are in the autumn, and the spicy taste is less, so as to prevent the lungs from being too strong.

  From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the time from Liqiu to Lidong for 3 months. It is characterized by the weather turning from heat to cold and yang to yin.

Therefore, the health care in autumn must follow the principle of “cultivating income”. The diet should be based on moistening and tonifying the qi, tonifying the spleen, nourishing the liver, clearing the lungs, and eating more foods with clear and sweet taste.

  The pungent and sour taste in “small acid and acid” cannot be exactly equal to the spicy and sour taste we usually say.

  The five flavors of spicy flavor, also known as spicy, can be divided into hot, spicy and spicy flavors, often expressed in spices such as pepper, pepper, pepper, onion, garlic, ginger and curry.

  In the traditional taste of the five flavors, it also contains the inside of the astringency, which has astringent and solid effect. It is used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis and diarrhea, frequent urination, and nocturnal emission.

In addition, the combination of sourness and sweetness has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening.

  In the fruit, the most acidic species are the number of hawthorn, followed by the grape.

In addition, grapefruit and pomegranate are also sour fruits that are often eaten in the fall.

4 steps to teach you to choose the right gym suit

4 steps to teach you to choose the right gym suit

You also want to go to the gym early in the afternoon, but you are afraid to expose your imperfect body shape.

If that’s the case, go for a fitness suit that suits you and rebuild your confidence and step into the gym: 1.

If you have narrow shoulders, a thin chest, a wide waist, and your waist is easy to accumulate, and the body curve is not obvious, then you are diamond-shaped.

You can choose light-colored sports pants with “n” -shaped dividing lines on the side of the crotch, or a one-piece suit with dark track pants. Use the dark edges to reduce the visual area of the crotch and thighs.


If your chest, waist, and cymbal changes are not obvious, and the curve does not fluctuate greatly from the front, then you belong to a straight body, that is, H-shaped body.

You should choose a one-piece fitness suit with a dark waist or a one-piece fitness suit with a large waist jigsaw puzzle.

If the body is a little fat, you can choose a split-type fitness suit with a shirt that is longer than the abdomen. This can effectively reduce the waist area visually.


The short leg type is suitable for the one-piece fitness suit with high heels and dark fitness shorts. This style can reduce the length of the short upper body, visually lengthen the leg lines, and can also be decorated with a waist line.Lined fitness tops to divert others’ focus.


There is also a very plastic inverted triangle shape, that is, the Y font type, the top is full, the top is wide, and the crotch is relatively small.

Choose a two-color split style of the rotator cuff, and widen the waist appropriately as a whole. The shoulders are divided and narrowed to balance the feeling of wide and narrow.

Thinking is the greatest wealth of people

Thinking is the greatest wealth of people

miss you.

It is the thinking that one person and another person are walking on the same street at the same time. Clothes and decorations are all external things. What is really different?

– It’s just that two people think different things. In other words, there are different things in the minds of two people.

Conversely: Where is the difference between yourself and others?

Where is the value of your existence?

Where is your other half?

Is she?

What advantages do you have?

What is the value of your advantage in the eyes of others?

What do you think is the advantage of others?

It seems that they are related to what others think of themselves. In the end, do you care about other people’s opinions?

Is your Social Democratic Party and the benefits you receive from society alternative?

Alternative: Is the existence of your value proportional to your wealth?

It seems that you have a lot of questions today, can you answer yourself?

Do you know what kind of question you are asking yourself?

“I am not very clear.”

“So, when humans think, God laughs.

“Milan Kundera once said a very famous words: “God laughs as soon as humans think.

“He is wrong.

If he really thinks that his words are correct, then his “human thinking” may also cause “God to laugh.”

  When human beings think, they should not be like God or cats and dogs, but only human beings.

The history of human thinking is also a history of laughter.

Human beings can only think of mistakes, and even laughter itself is a mistake.

  Rather, human thinking continues, and humans are still worth thinking about.

Thinking is an important sign that distinguishes humans from other animals is a human patent.

  The temporary time in a person’s life is thinking.

Except in a few coma.

People just can’t forget to think in their sleep.

No matter what you do, you have to think about it. The state of inertia is short-lived and fragile. If you don’t pay attention, you will slip into thinking.

It is also said that physical labor is also inseparable from thinking.

  Thinking is the greatest wealth of people.

  Although a person’s skeptical thinking is meaningless and useless, without these meaningless and useless thinking, there will be no thoughts that are beneficial to human beings, and no new things created by human beings will exist.
Thinking is the root of human superiority to animals.

  Rodin’s “Thinker” is immortal.

The sculpture is a naked man sitting on a stone thinking, the author used him to symbolize the author of Divine Comedy Dante.

In my opinion he symbolizes us all of us human beings.

His right arm is between the thighs, his right hand holds the lower jaw, his mouth is biting his right hand, his left hand is on his lap, and the whole body is shrunk into a ball. Each muscle is in extreme tension, the skin is cracked, and huge power is accumulated.***.

He doesn’t seem to be thinking with his brain, but with the power of the whole body muscles in his mind.This image is a true portrayal of human beings.

He seems to be saying to us “Look!

Human beings are thinking about it!

“Humans even have to think about the trivial things around them, and sometimes they have to think about life, think about philosophical thinking, and think about death.

The serious thinker is meditating – “What is the soul?”

What is the substance?

What is the universe?

If everything is due to the feelings and memories of the self, then what is the self?

“(Following the blessings). These thoughts may not be able to find the final answer, because “there is no label for a great genius, no great book is marked, because humans are always doing it, neverOne end”.

But it cannot be said that these thoughts are meaningless.

Thinking itself is what it means.

Every kind of thinking is worthy of recognition.

Whether it is so-called wisdom or so-called stupidity, as long as it is a reflection on justice, it is worthy of our praise.

  Similarly, not just thinking, every labor of the human military is like this.

As long as we participate in the process, it is worthy of recognition. Not every dream can be realized on the road of life. Not all love is maintained forever. Not every flower can bear fruit, as long as we have worked hard for our dreams.It has been opened like a flower, and we are worthy of appreciation!

  God smiled and said to humans – “What are you busy with?

Busy and busy.

In order to make some of the flower heads busy on the earth.

You still have to rest.

You are not busy with some secular things all day long, and you will never be able to figure out the philosophy of life.

“Mankind said to his old man without pride – “You gave us the brain, we think, thinking is our purpose.”

Application of external treatment of rheumatism _1

External application for rheumatism

According to Chinese medicine, wind, coldness and dampness are mixed with each other, and they are combined.

The wind, wind, dampness, and other six kinky evil qi invades the human body, stasis the joints, and the meridian is blocked, so there is pain in the limbs and joints, and the cold is in the meridians.

For this type of joint pain disease, warmer menstrual pain and collaterals are more commonly selected, and the method of dispersing cold and analgesics is the law. Both internal and external treatment methods can be applied.

  The external treatment method is mainly to stimulate the meridian points on the human skin to achieve the purpose of treatment.

The meridians are internal organs, externally connected to the limbs, communicate internally and externally, and transition up and down, linking the tissues and organs of the human body into an organic whole, running qi and blood to nourish the whole body, so that the functional activities of the human body can maintain coordination and relative balance.
  In the past 3 years, the special medical department of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine adopted a homemade “joint stick” acupoint application to treat common joint pain diseases such as lumbar and leg pain during the three-volt period.

Judging from the feedback from a large number of patients, this method is indeed effective and the method is correct, which may be one of the good methods for treating lumbar and leg joint pain.

  Case selection criteria: According to the diagnostic criteria for stroke and dampness in the “Diagnosis and Cure Standards of TCM Diseases and Diseases” issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1994, we selected painkillers, classified the syndromes in waiting list, and used the symptoms of limb joint pain and fear of coldness as symptoms.Patients, exclude case selection.

  ”Joint stick” drug selection: It consists of a total of 24 Chinese medicines such as warm meridian and collaterals, scattered cold and analgesic cinnamon sticks, chicken blood vine, weilingxian, white mustard, dried ginger, honey and so on.

  Among them, Guizhi Xinganwen is used for wind cold and dampness paralysis, shoulder and back limbs soreness, dispelling wind cold and dampness, warming meridians, dispersing cold and warming to relieve pain.

“Ben Jing Shu Zhu” cloud: “Nengli joints, Wen Jing Tongmai.

The chicken blood vine is bitter and warm, and its muscles are active, and it is used for rheumatism and pain such as joint pain, numbness of hands and feet, limb paralysis, etc. It can be used for blood stasis and blood deficiency.

The “Compendium of Compendium of Materia Medica” stated that it “strengthens bones and bones, has soreness, treats the elderly with weak blood, numbness in hands, feet, and paralysis.”

Wei Lingxian Weixin, salty, warm, rheumatism, pass through the meridians, Xinsan temperature, and pass through the meridians, pass through the twelve meridians, can be used to remove rheumatism, and can also pass through analgesic pain, rheumatism and pain, numbnessIt can be used both up and down. It is the cure for rheumatism and pain.

White mustard seed Xinwen Sanjie, Tongluo analgesic, used for limb joint pain caused by phlegm dampness, and numbness.

Dried ginger is hot and cold in the middle of Huiyang.

  The application of the drug is mostly hot, positive, those with yang deficiency should use tonic and yang medicine, and those with internal coldness should use Wenli Quhan medicine.

Applying traditional Chinese medicine to the acupuncture points can make yang more vigorous. It can adjust the yin and yang qi and blood of the whole body through the meridians, which can stimulate yang, invigorate the righteousness, get rid of the evils, improve the immunity, and achieve the purpose of removing Chen Han from the body.The body reserves yang.

The potential for yang is that it is not easy to be hurt by external evils during the season of the disease.

  Application time: three days for each volt, and three volts for one period.

  Application points: Dazhui acupoint is located under the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra. It is one of the representative points of Dumai. It is nicknamed Bailao. It is the place where the Sanyang Meridian of Hand and Foot meets Dumai.

“Acupuncture A and B Classic” means that Dazhui is the “Sanyang Governor’s Meeting”.

Therefore, the vertebrae can pass through the superficial veins, and can flow away from Sanyang. In addition to regulating the Meridian Qi, the Meridian Qi can also be adjusted.

The diarrhea can clear the evil heat of the Zhuyang Jing, and it can relieve the frustration of the governor; it can strengthen the body’s yang, and solidify the camp.

It is precisely because of the special part of the large vertebra in the superficial vein, the frequency of clinical use is very high. The disease prevention disease involves almost all clinical departments. It is an important point for treating disease and strong health care.

  Mingmen Point is located under the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebrae. It treats deficient low back pain, strong spine reversal, enuresis, frequent urination, diarrhea, nocturnal emission, white turbidity, impotence, premature ejaculation, repeated fetal fall, five injuries and seven injuries, dizziness, tinnitus, epilepsySeizure, panic, cold hands and feet.

  The knee-eye acupoint takes the knee flexion position, the depression on the patellar ligament, the inner knee eye above, and the outer knee eye on the outside.

Indications for various reasons such as knee joint disease, patella sclerosis.

  For waist and leg joint pain, in addition to the above points, you can also choose Ashi, Heding, Liangqiu, Shenshu and so on.