Psychological contract should be signed before employment

“Psychological contract” should be signed before employment

In September, the restful workplace will usher in a new round of “Golden Nine, Silver and Ten” job change climax, and many new graduates this year also began to change jobs prematurely due to psychological expectations and the actual situation of the unit.
  Career experts reminded that you must be cautious when choosing units and positions, and be careful when signing a contract!
In addition to signing our common “labor contract”
, there is also a lesser-known “psychological contract”
. Ignoring the psychological contract in the job search will cause workplace loss due to blind signing.
  ”What keeps individuals and companies together for a long time is the degree to which they share their mission.
“American management guru Drucker concluded.
In fact, the extent of this sharing is the psychological contract between the individual and the company. Just as the marriage certificate is only a proof of the legal relationship between the husband and the wife, and the two parties can live together for a lifetime, they need both the relationship and the common life goal after marriage to maintain.
  Ignore the psychological contract for employment. Familiar with the company’s operation before employment. In November 2006, senior student Wu Jiamin from Sun Yat-sen University received a call from an employee of a well-known foreign company. The defendant’s counterparty had been assigned by the company as her mentor.
In the following months, the two met, ate, and talked a lot about the company’s culture and business.
When she graduated to work, she had a good understanding of her job responsibilities, psychological expectations and career direction.
  However, not everyone is as fortunate as Wu Jiamin. Some university classmates have already quit their jobs because they ignored the psychological contract when they were employed, or encountered an imbalance in the contract with the enterprise.
In this regard, Wu Jiamin analyzed that although most of the students are holding good salary, they did not hesitate to choose a job change and they all felt the same afterwards: this company is not like it imagined!
  Cognitive bias in corporate culture: These discrepancies occur most often in the mismatch between corporate culture and individual personality.
Those who are arrogant and accustomed to their own behaviors go to companies with strict hierarchies and feel that they are not respected, while creative people are restrained by the company’s rules and regulations.
Inadequate work environment is the second most important reason for leaving. When you graduate, you blindly search for a secure unit, but you find that excessively idle and easy-going work is completely inconsistent with the original intention of young people.
  ”The reasons for salary and benefits are put in the second place. When some students sign a contract, they just agree on the salary and other things, and the true inner consciousness expecting deeper things from the position and work is not involved at all.
It’s all because everyone knew neither the company nor themselves.
“Wu Jiamin said.
  心理合同比招聘合同更重要  今年7月加入广州市某知名民营企业集团的刘帅,准备到国庆节就辞职,“说实话,当初获应聘机会时我相当激动,能进入这样一个传闻中福利待遇A very good group company with huge development space is really lucky.
But over two months after joining the post, the reality is vastly different from the brilliant prospects outlined in Liu Shuai’s mind, without attractive treatment and benefits, and without comprehensive training.
The head of the company’s personnel department explained to them that we did not promise the benefits and benefits you imagined when we signed the contract.
  ”Although the treatment is good, I still can’t work happily and leave with dissatisfaction with the original company. Such cases widely exist among professionals, among which newcomers in the workplace perform better.
The neglect of the ‘psychological contract’ in job search is the main reason for this result.
Xu Gang, a senior consultant at Bermington Human Resources Management Consulting, pointed out.
  Usually when joining a company, a recruitment contract must be signed with the company, but this is only an institutionalized and standardized contract, which only restricts the labor relationship between the two parties.
“劳动关系的特点和劳动契约自身的局限性使得招聘合同不可能规范劳动关系的全部内容,雇佣双方对对方抱有一系列微妙而含蓄的期望,我们将这一期望称为‘心理契约’,即Psychological contract.
Xu Gang concluded that the psychological contract is a subjective psychological agreement of the laborer on the intangible psychology, and it is a psychological link between the individual and the enterprise. It affects a person’s job satisfaction, participation, identity, and achievement.
Even more substantive than hiring, once the psychological contract is violated, it will directly lead to the dissolution of the employment relationship.
  Individuals: 拟 Develop a “psychological contract” before signing a contract. 靖 Cai Jing, a well-known foreign company training and recruitment manager in Greater China, believes that the psychological contract between employees and enterprises should include the following aspects: a good working environment and relationship with colleagues, work tasks and career orientation.Consistency, security and belonging, reasonable increase in benefits and income, opportunities for training and development, promotion, respect and fair treatment, value recognition, etc.
“The more employees understand themselves and the company, the more they fit together in order to truly work together.
Cai Jing said that rational job seekers should understand scientific career positioning and planning, and based on careful analysis of their professional tendencies, abilities, experience and industry, scientific positioning and planning, including career planningDon’t be blinded by the high salary.
Find out what intangible resources you want to get?
What kind of work brings value and accomplishment?
What kind of ownership do you want?
  Xu Gang added that employees can’t just imagine what the company looks like based on their brains or wishful thinking. They must inspect the company to be signed from multiple parties.Employees, former employees, partners, competitors, etc.
The inspection content includes industry prospects, business operating conditions, development prospects, corporate culture, systems, human resource management and development of the enterprise, and the degree of occupational matching between individuals and enterprises.
“Enterprise: Try to meet the psychological expectations of employees as much as possible” In recruitment, we usually give employees the opportunity to fully understand themselves and the company in two stages, thereby completing the conclusion of psychological contracts.
“Said Cai Jing.
  The first stage is the period of initiation of recruitment to determine the position of new employees.In the past, the company used large-scale campus lectures to let senior management and status leaders present and share their workplace experience, so that people who want to join the team have a basic understanding of the company.

This year, Cai Jing found through internal investigations that in the previous job search process, employees usually considered their personal interests first, then determined which department was suitable for them, and finally decided which company they chose to enter.

In response to this phenomenon, they plan to increase the lectures of department managers based on previous university announcements, so that job seekers can understand the department work they are suitable for.

The second stage is within half a year after the graduate determines the position to enter the company.

Graduates usually determine their positions at the end of October. Although it is still more than half a year before they leave the campus, they are usually invited to participate in some activities customized for them, such as inviting new employees to the company to get to know each other.

  After that, they will arrange one-to-one work following and visiting with old employees in the same department one-on-one, so as to understand what kind of work content and environment they will be in after graduating. “In this activity,Graduates can have a personal experience, so as to compare and anticipate whether the job is expected by themselves, so that their psychological expectations and reality are in harmony.

“” Training and support will also be given to staff recruited by midway society.

Cai Jing introduced that generally, the staff recruited by the society does not have the buffer period and the study period before graduating from the freshman. Generally, they will be recruited soon after the position is determined, so they will develop a mentor plan for some “new staff”Appoint a senior manager as his mentor according to employees’ expectations, and give him long-term support for all aspects of his workplace and work. “Long-term can last up to 10 years, and the company’s semi-annual antique workplace training will continue to let themCharge and learn the latest knowledge needed for company development.

“In order to understand the psychological fit of employees to the company, the company will ask them to fill out detailed feedback forms every day during the one-week training period when all employees join the company.

In March each year, a large-scale “employee opinion survey” will be conducted to make detailed data and analysis of various opinions and feedback from employees for reference and improvement.

“Employees have multiple channels to tell the company that the company and workplace life they expect is something, and our job is to try to meet and meet their psychological expectations.

“Cai Jing said.

  Lawyer: Can complain about malicious deception of enterprises. “In reality, there are often companies that maliciously conceal their true situation during recruitment, creating a recruitment illusion completely inconsistent with their true situation, resulting in employees’ high psychological expectations of the enterprise, and finally psychological contract.Encountering malicious destruction.

Yang Guoping, a senior lawyer of Guangdong Shengbang Law Firm, reminded that in long-term labor contracts, any verbal commitments considered by the recruiter are deemed to have no legal effect, and it is recommended that job seekers do not easily believe that any negotiatedThe terms of the contract are clearly recorded in the labor contract, and in order to avoid pitfalls in the employment contract signed, it is best to entrust a lawyer to verify this.

“For soft promises for certain development prospects, it is recommended that job seekers seek verification from multiple sources, and do not blindly generate excessive expectations.

“If job seekers’ high psychological expectations are caused by false fabrications and malicious fraud, job seekers can go to the labor security supervision department to file a complaint. In serious cases, they can apply for labor arbitration.

Lawyer Yang Guoping introduced.

Office Yoga for total relaxation

Office Yoga for total relaxation

You spend most of your day in front of the office computer. Fatigue of the shoulders, restructuring, waist, etc. often hits your body.

  When using the computer, with both hands extended forward, the uneven movement of connecting the shoulders forward and backward will naturally cause pain in the shoulders, back and menstrual areas, and even cause diseases such as keyboard protrusion and migraine.

  The following is a set of office yoga exercises for friends who are too violent and do n’t have time to exercise. Let ‘s take a look at office yoga: 1. Office yoga with exercise can adjust the uneven top of the exercise to promote shoulders, neckDepartment, head blood circulation.

Steps: Stretch your arms until they are parallel to the shoulders, grasp the fist at the same time, stretch forward to the other side, and then forcefully expand the volume to be equal to the shoulders. Repeat 20?
30 times, you will feel very comfortable muscles.

  2, office yoga shoulder and shoulder swing left and right can flatten the shoulder to achieve the effect of balancing left and right shoulders.

  Steps: Grasp your left leg with your right hand, and then place your left hand behind your back, so rotate the upper body and rotate left and right 3?
5 times.

  3, office yoga soothes fatigued spine and intervertebral disc protrusions, each bone segment of the spine will feel very tired, this action can achieve soft spine and complications, and promote blood circulation.

Steps: Put the center of gravity on the left and the back, and exercise repeatedly 20 times.

  4. Office yoga stretches the curved waist and shoulders, can stretch the curved waist and shoulders, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue, and can make your thinking clearer.

Step: Gently tilt your body downwards, don’t use too much force, as long as you feel refreshed, repeat about 10 times.

  5. Office Yoga adjusts the pelvis to protrude. The pelvis will become prominent when sitting continuously, and it will have an impact on the waist.

Steps: Put your hands on your knees, and then put your center of gravity on your left and right legs respectively. This is the full movement of the pelvis, which is repeated 50 times a day.

Place the center of gravity on the left and back, and repeat the exercise 20 times.

Self massage is painless and comfortable

Self massage is painless and comfortable

Most women have experienced dysmenorrhea, especially primary dysmenorrhea in young women is very common.

For the treatment of dysmenorrhea, pain is usually relieved by taking analgesics. In fact, massage is also very effective for dysmenorrhea without complications, and can be treated.

Attending physician Li Ming from the Massage Department of the Chinese Medicine Hospital of Foshan City, Guangdong Province introduced some massage techniques to female friends. The armor performs self-care in life to prevent dysmenorrhea.


Lump and lumbosacral massage method: Use your fists to tap your lumbar and sacrum parts gently with moderate strength. The speed is uniform, alternating left and right, at 100 times / div.

  Efficacy: Traditional Chinese medicine refers to menstruation as Tiangui. Tiangui is actually kidney essence, and the waist is the place of kidney. Therefore, beating the lumbosacral region can make up the effect of kidney filling and achieve the effect of pain relief and menstruation.


Kneading and pressing Taichong acupoint massage method: use your left thumb to twist the right Taichong acupoint (located at the midpoint of the first metatarsal space between the back of your foot), it is advisable to have a soreness, and then change the right thumb and abdomen after 1 minuteZuo Taichong acupoint for 1 minute.

  Efficacy: TCM believes that “Taichong pulse is flourishing, and the moon is the present day.”

Taichong is the most important acupuncture point on the liver meridian. It is also very effective for women’s irregular menstruation. Most women with dysmenorrhea have varying degrees of liver stagnation and qi stagnation, which causes pain if they do not pass through.effect.


Rubbing and rubbing the lower abdomen massage method: Put your hands on the middle of the lower abdomen, rub the abdomen with slow and gentle movements, and control the frequency at about 10 times per minute, until there is a feeling of heat in the lower abdomen. After 5 minutes, rub your abdomen with your hands.Wipe the back of the lower abdomen in a single direction from the back to the front, and forward the groin with the degree of heat penetration.

  Efficacy: The lower abdomen is where the cell palace is located. Rubbing and rubbing the lower abdomen can promote microcirculation in the lower abdomen and regulate menstruation and analgesia.


Point rubbing uterine point massage method: the uterine point is located in the lower abdomen, 4 inches below the umbilicus, and 3 inches beside the middle pole.

Stimulating the uterine points is a conditioning method directed at the female genitals. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and regulating qi and pain.


Click Zusanli massage method: Zusanli is located 3 inches below the outer knee of the front lateral of the lower leg, and a lateral finger on the lateral side of the anterior condyle of the upper bone. Rub the Zusanli acupoint with the thumb and abdomen slightly, taking the degree of acid swelling.

Gonghan dysmenorrhea can use moxa stick moxibustion.

  Efficacy: The popular statement of “Frequently pressing Zusanli, rather than drinking chicken soup” is widely known, especially for frail women with inadequate qi and blood, tapping Zusanli has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, warming menstruation and regulating menstrual pain.

  Obviously, the method of self-massage to correct painful menstruation should be started about a week before menstruation. The purpose of treatment is to clear the meridians and channels, draw blood down, and make the menstruation smooth. After the menstrual cramps, stop the manual massage and wait for the next time.Repeat the cycle.

If the examination reveals organic diseases such as endometriosis, specialist treatment should also be performed at the same time.

The most fitness bike riding method

The most fitness bike riding method

The exercise bike is an aerobic exercise machine and is popular with young people and white-collar workers.

In the gym, we often see different ways of cycling.

Some people are accustomed to riding slowly and insisting on cutting down; others are concentrated on riding for a while and then suffocate; others like to ride fast and slow together.

So, what are the differences in the exercise effects of these riding methods?

  Long-term slow cycling Continuous slow cycling heart rate generally does not exceed 65% of the maximum heart rate.

For more than 20 minutes, more aunts will “burn” to replenish energy. Therefore, it is more suitable for those who are overweight for the purpose of reducing fat.

  Fast cycling Fast cycling transitions the heart rate to more than 85% of the maximum heart rate.

At this time, the body is mainly powered by glycogen anaerobic fermentation, which can improve the anaerobic capacity of the body, especially the thigh muscles, and help raise the anaerobic threshold.

In other words, the physical discomfort after vertical exercise will be replaced, which will help our army to exercise at a higher intensity or to persist for a long time during high intensity exercise.

In addition, fast riding is also very valuable for cardiopulmonary function.

  Fast and slow cycling In addition to combining aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, and cardiopulmonary function, it can also increase the enjoyment of exercise.

If you can get scientific guidance and adopt a more reasonable combination of speed and exercise, you will get better fitness results.

  Medium-speed cycling Medium-speed cycling is to control the heart rate at 65% -85% of the maximum heart rate, which is a good way to exercise cardiopulmonary function and aerobic capacity.

  It’s best to alternate the above methods when exercising, but one of them is mainly used in conjunction with the other methods to achieve better exercise results.

In addition, the bodybuilder should not ride too fast at the beginning of the exercise. The time is generally 20-40 minutes. If you feel tired during the period, you can ride slowly for 1 to 2 minutes to recover your strength.

After a period, gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise.

Winter Diet and Health Recipe: Red Date, Wolfberry, Stewed Pig Skin

Winter Diet and Health Recipe: Red Date, Wolfberry, Stewed Pig Skin

Red jujube wolfberry stewed pig skin recipe: 100 grams of pig skin, 30 grams of wolfberry, and 20 jujubes.

  Method: Wash the pig skin, cut into small pieces, wash the red dates and wolfberries, put them in the same pot, add an appropriate amount of water, boil with Wuhuo, and simmer until the pig skin is cooked.

Eat pork, jujube, and wolfberry.

  Efficacy: This formula has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, improving eyesight, replenishing spleen and stomach, and is suitable for blood deficiency, dizziness, dizziness, palpitations, pale complexion, fatigue, and dry stool.

Practicing lying can cure waist and leg pain

Practicing “lying” can cure waist and leg pain

10 years ago, when I was in Huajia, I traveled to Huangshan, Anhui. Walking on the mountain road was like walking with my feet under my feet. I always walked in the forefront of my companions. I walked continuously for 8 hours without feeling tired.
But after 65 years of age, he walked much worse, walking, walking, feeling sore below the left waist, buttocks and the outside of the thighs. Later, he developed soreness in these parts when he walked for twenty or thirty minutes, and his thighs were as heavy as lead.It is difficult to walk, sit down and rest for a few minutes, the soreness in the waist and legs disappears, so I walk around and rest, again and again.
As a doctor, I noticed that this is typical of intermittent claudication.
After acupuncture and physical therapy in my hospital for 3 months, the symptoms of back and leg pain did not decrease.
  What causes it?
  X-ray and CT examinations revealed that the problem was not small: the fifth lumbar spine was displaced backwards, and the diagnosis was lumbar spinal stenosis caused by lumbar spondylolisthesis.
Narrow neural tubes such as the spinal canal and intervertebral foramen will inevitably compress the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots of the lumbar spine, which will cause pain in the lower back and legs while walking, and the symptoms will gradually increase.Part of the tactile loss, I am really worried that maybe the left lower limb will eventually become disabled and become a wheelchair family.
  It seems that this is a degenerative change from the elderly to the elderly. With age, the body ages, chronic strain of the lumbar muscles, weakened muscle contraction function, and intervertebral ligament transformation, unlike the ligaments that are tight in the young age.The body was tied tightly, causing the vertebral body to slip out. Of course, acupuncture and physiotherapy were difficult to work. Although the “near the water tower” saw medical treatment first, I didn’t want to operate.
The orthopaedic surgeon said that the effect of the operation may not be satisfactory, and he will continue to walk to work every day.
  One year ago, I moved the house. I moved small things by myself. The child pedaled a tricycle. I pushed it hard in the back. I was exhausted after a day. I thought that the symptoms of lower back pain would be worse.Too much, how can this be?
I thought, the posture of lying on the cart may help the lumbar vertebra that has slipped out to be partially reset temporarily, widen the diameter of the lumbar spinal canal, relieve spinal cord compression, and reduce the symptoms of low back pain.
I got inspiration from it, just do it like this: before walking to work every morning, always lie on the bed with a quilt and pillows on the chest pad, keeping the torso at a 30-degree angle with the bed surface.
When you go to bed at night, you should also do the “lying” action first, and do it for half an hour each morning and evening, and persevere.
Every time you go to the bathroom, you have to soak in a large pool and do a prone position in the water for 20 minutes.
One year later, the lower back pain and intermittent claudication that occurred during walking have been alleviated, and it seems that the pain of spine surgery can be avoided.
In the future, I will continue to practice this “laying down” exercise, and strive to further improve the condition of back and leg pain.
  Lumbar spinal stenosis due to lumbar spondylolisthesis is not uncommon in middle-aged and elderly people. It has been plagued by low back pain for a long time, and is very distressed and helpless. This medical exercise exercise is simple and effective, and it is recommended that those who “comfort with the same disease” may wish totest.

Children want to kill people and get angry

Children want to kill people and get angry

An 18-year-old high school student in Nanjing viciously announced: “If I kill the twins, I will only kill one of them and make the other dead!

“Recently, psychologist Zhou Zhengyi was trembled with a vicious and cruel thought by a young patient.

  It is understood that the 18-year-old patient with mental illness surnamed Wang is a high school student in a middle school in Nanjing. His parents had high expectations of him since childhood. He has strict requirements in all aspects of study and life.In a meal, the fists will be added together.

As a result, Xiao Wang became very rebellious and cruel, and lacked love.

  Chief physician Zhou Zhengyi of Nanjing Urban Psychological Counseling Center believes that the root cause of cases like Xiao Wang is that parents have too high expectations for their only children, and they are usually too harsh on their children, which triggers the rebellious psychology of children with strong self-esteem.Evolved into revenge.

With the increase of children’s age, if parents do not change unreasonable education methods, this kind of revenge will soon be strengthened. From revenge parents to revenge society, the consequences are unimaginable.

Bypassing misunderstandings and practicing yoga properly_1

Bypass mistakes and practice yoga properly

There are tens of thousands of movements in yoga asanas, including bending, stacking, folding, prone, twisting, restraining, flexing, stretching, lifting, pressing, etc. Improper practice can damage health and disturb the mind.

Be sure to practice under the guidance of your coach.

Note the following: ▲ Avoid greasy and spicy foods.

Do not eat for at least 3 hours before the exercise. It is more scientific to eat 1 hour after the exercise.

  ▲ Before practice, you should try to solve the problem of large and urinate.

  ▲ Bathe at least 15 minutes after practicing yoga.

  ▲ Don’t do yoga under the hot sun.

  ▲ Do not do the upper body inverted posture, high blood pressure, hypotension patients, people with head injuries, dizzy patients, heart failure, do not do it, women during menstruation, so as to avoid head congestion and danger.

  ▲ Don’t worry about your bones and bones being hard to withstand various kinds of torture. In fact, as long as you follow the teacher’s practice procedures, and cooperate with the breathing and body skills guided by the teacher, let it go slowly.

  ▲ Practice yoga as simple as possible and loose.

It is best to practice barefoot and remove watches, belts or other accessories.

  ▲ Try to practice at the same time every day.

  ▲ Maintaining air circulation during practice is very important for Pranayama exercises.

  ▲ The mat must be supportive. It is not good to be too soft or too hard. Do not let your feet slip.

Walk calmly through the confused freshman

Walk calmly through the “confused freshman”

The university is about to start, and psychologist Zhang Bin reminded prospective college students who received the university admission notice to make psychological preparations and life preparations to adapt to the new university environment.
To adapt to university life as soon as possible, the first thing is to deal with interpersonal relationships. Whether it is life or study, interpersonal relationships are the main factors that are prone to psychological problems.
  Experts remind that to enter the freshman year, we must first establish a practical and effective goal to weaken the impact of psychological problems.
When you encounter problems, you should continue to adjust your psychology and always treat life with an optimistic, strong, and confident attitude.
Then you have to divert your attention and learn to let yourself go.
If you are depressed, you can actively take part in outdoor activities, such as playing basketball, taking a walk, and talking with a close friend.
In addition, you need to be online and actively find friends in real life. Don’t indulge in online dating and online dating.
We must integrate into the group as soon as possible and make some new friends.
Find people with similar personalities first, and then try to communicate with students with different personalities to achieve complementary personalities.
The important point is to change cognition and learn to care about, understand, and tolerate people.
Learn to overcome yourself, adapt to others as much as possible, endure grievances, and increase your frustration.
If you cannot concentrate your studies due to psychological problems, you should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible to seek professional psychiatrist consultation and treatment.

Wet bed technology makes the climax

Wet bed technology makes the climax

The wet sex bed technique makes the orgasm surge and the harmonious sex life is the love of overwhelming water. It is the entanglement of dry fire and fire. It is a hot and hard fight, and it is a heavenly world.

The male sperm is up in the brain, but there are many requirements for women to go to bed.

This article summarizes the sexual skills of bed overturning the rain, and teaches you how to do sex and sex, so that making love is more crazy.

1, leaving a little restrained clothing for women does not strip her at once, not just for slow and slow.

Leave her little vest close to her, or don’t take off her high heels; in fact, even if only one necklace and two earrings are left, it is enough to make you excited.

Moreover, these restrained clothing and accessories will also greatly stimulate her physical and psychological sexy valves.

The moment that causes a woman to long for cravings requires men to have this power.

2, give her a little more freshness. Don’t think that your three tricks and two styles that have made other girls cool are equally effective in front of her!

Not only women and women are different, even the same woman will have different needs through different emotions and atmosphere.

Learning the form of observation and the contingency is the martial arts of the top players.

The taste of the stir-fry will never be more savory than the slow-cooked stew.

When you kiss, you should stick the glass like your lips. When you are licking, you should brush the dust like an antique. When you touch it, apply a cream to the back of the burned hand. In short, direct your mouth, tongue, and hand according to the speed of the movie slow motion.Make her skin more sensitive than ever.

3, don’t always be the same, don’t always do the same thing before going to bed after dinner, and still fixed in bed!

Such a woman will be distracted because she is not fresh and irritating. Of course, she cannot call the bed. The consequence of not being able to call the bed is that your orgasm is difficult to achieve.

Change some places, some on the floor, in some cars.

Change time, sometimes on the weekend morning or in the sun and warm afternoon.

4. Don’t go directly to the subject and use your temperature to lead your movements, instead of burning them with your fire.

This should be the rule for any next skill you use.

For example, she doesn’t touch them until she doesn’t take the initiative to seduce the seductive skin; she only wanders around her waist and lower abdomen before she grabs your hand between her legs.

Even if you think you can’t even achieve it, you can reach her climax, but the difference between a master and you is here: they can make a reversal.

5, can be a little rough. Of course, for a real man, if you just slap the call, you can also call passionate house!

As long as the time is ripe, you can try the very male and masculine way; grabbing the hair, holding your wrist, holding your shoulders, and even tapping it is no problem, which will also cause her to be greatly stimulated.

However, some of the more intense moves require a flaw that she fully trusts, and never hurt her.

6, before the play, the women must like the foreplay, but unfortunately, few men are fond of foreplay, and few have patience to do foreplay. This stems from the fact that men who are already very laborious, totalIt is a way to consider sex and relieve fatigue.

And if they want to spend a certain amount of time to stroke, kiss, or even let them go to sex preparation, they will feel impatient and not angry.

Just like a movie, in addition to the theme song, there will be a ending song, in addition to advance notice, there will be behind-the-scenes making of the tidbits.

In fact, every perfect sex has a perfect opening and a gorgeous collection. However, it is not until the ejaculation that the ejaculation is done. In fact, the man always feels that after ejaculation, he is done. In fact, the post-play is justStart.

Therefore, foreplay and after-play are an indispensable part of perfect sex.