Jia Jingwen ran out of a new relationship?

Running can also add points to love

Jia Jingwen ran out of a new relationship?
Running can also add points to love

There are many benefits to insisting on running and exercising. In addition to making your body awesome and increasing your charm, maybe you will encounter a small fresh meat or a goddess!

In addition, MM who wants to run to lose weight, each jogging must be at least 30 minutes to be effective, aunt really burned!

  According to Taiwan media reports, Jia Jingwen knew Xiu Jiekai through his brother Wesley. The two became attached to each other due to fitness and running, and interacted to transform their love.

Running can also run out of new love!

It can be seen that running and fitness made Jia Jingwen’s whole body refreshed and beautiful, and successfully attracted 9-year-old fresh meat to repair Jie Kai!

  In love, maintaining vitality, beauty, and self-confidence are essential. In addition to the usual basic skin care diet, exercise is also vital. It is recommended to you, the mmmm’s most popular sports sport-running, running has many benefits, let youCharm greatly increases, Rong Guang exudes, adds points to love!

  Four benefits of running. If you don’t run again, you will go out and make you beautiful. People who love to run, especially women, are very good-looking. As soon as you start running, you will definitely become beautiful.

It is said that whitening is an added effect of running. Long-term running is almost like “steaming the face” on the face. The sweat left behind accelerates the skin’s metabolism and cleans the “dirty things” of the arms.
List expensive cosmetics, the cost performance of running is not high.

  Running beauty, because the body is slightly reduced, the whole body muscles become firmer, and the movement will become agile and healthy, accelerate the metabolism, and the skin will naturally become delicate and shiny. Running with coffee can also effectively reduce skin cancerIncidence.

  Running allows you to have a good figure Running allows you to have a good figure Running is aerobic exercise. It uses exercise to reach the aunt who consumes excess body, to achieve the purpose of weight loss and weight loss, so that you have a good figure.

So this kind of exercise needs to be carried out under aerobic state, jogging is in line with this state.

MMs don’t think that the faster you run, the better the effect of weight loss.

In fact, this method is wrong. Although running quickly consumes more performance, it causes a burden on the calf, rapid muscle growth, and the calf becomes thicker.

The real burning time for adults is after 30 minutes of continuous exercise, so jogging for more than half an hour is the most effective way to lose weight.

  Running IQ will also improve running and make everyone fit, but it is still a “brain job”.

A scientific research report from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom has revealed to people the relationship between running and intelligence.

According to the results of the study, jogging for a few days a week can stimulate the brain and improve one’s thinking ability.

Tens of thousands of people have new brain cells in the memory-associated areas of the brain after a few days of running, which obviously enhances people’s memory ability and makes people’s learning changes efficient.

No wonder many scientists and big coffees in various fields are running enthusiasts.

  Run more and more everyday, “Mom no longer has to worry about my learning”

  Running makes you more confident and happy. Running is the source of health, confidence and happiness.

In addition to running for the benefit of physical health, running can also release stress, expand the social face, make people independent, confident, and emit light from the inside out.

  Running, people have a younger look and mentality, have a more optimistic and open-minded attitude to life, always full of vitality and positive energy.

And women’s natural love and beauty complex makes them more beautiful.

When you are in a good mood, you can make yourself more confident and motivated during running; when you are in a bad mood, you can relieve your depression and relax from running.

In short, insisting on running can be full of confidence in one’s physiology, family, work, and life.

Running is part of life.

This is a very positive energy exercise, it brings health, happiness and self-confidence.