Litang’s passion and romance

Litang’s passion and romance

Being able to see the scene of a horse racing in Litang, known as the High City of the World, is an unexpected harvest.

  Litang was not in the plan of my Shangri-La tour.

On the way to the Aden in Daocheng, I met Guangdong’s “Yuyou” Jingjing. She said that the horse racing festival in Litang is coming, and asked if I can’t go.

This is a good news that makes me excited.

Three years ago, the trip to Tibet, I missed the horse racing festival of Nagqu for some reason, and I have regretted it for a while.

  On the way to Litang, Jingjing told me about the origin of the Litang Horse Racing Festival.

It turned out to be related to the word “romantic”.

  When the six-day Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, who was known as the “Love Song Prince”, was still at the threshold of his hometown, there was a girl named Sangji Zhuoma who was born in Litang, often living with his father.The homes of my loved ones are beautiful and can sing and dance.

The two can also be regarded as a childhood friend.

I don’t want to, when Tsangyang Gyatso was 15 years old, he was chosen as the reincarnation of the fifth Dalai Lama and sent to the Potala Palace.

Since then, the two have been in the same place, but they have the same kind of lovesickness.

  Six years later, the two of them met again in Lhasa, and the fire of love ignited again.

However, the teachings of the Yellow Church are strict. In order to avoid the harm of the lama (protection law) lama, Zhuoma’s father quietly brought Zhuoma back to Litang.

Since then, the two have never seen each other.

Tsangyang Gyatso in Acacia once and again screamed: “The white crane between the clouds / please lend me a pair of wings / I will not go too far / at most only fly to Litang.

Later, after the 24-year-old Tsangyang Gyatso disappeared in Qinghai due to being trapped and ruined, people found his reincarnation Geng Sang Gyatso in Litang according to his poem, which is the 7th Dalai Lama.Lama.
Since then, Litang’s reputation has been greatly enhanced.

  To commemorate this event, the lama of the Changchunkol Temple, located on the northern hill of Litang City, summoned the full-length rider to antique the grand jockey on the Maotangba grassland on the edge of Litang City.

In the years to come, it will form the most important festival on the Khampa Prairie.

This makes those Khampa people, there have been a lot of show and passion for the big stage. Litang’s altitude is above 4200 meters.

Don’t look at her city is not big, but she is surrounded by vast grasslands, looking up, green and dazzling, a piece of green.

Baiyun swims in the blue sky, and the distant mountain snakes are in the sky.

Herders’ tents, such as white lotuses, bloom in the green waves, and groups of yak-like black whirls sway in the grasslands.

The vast grassland pastures and the faint distant snow peaks, the picturesque scenery, how can it not be refreshing and full of passion?

  The day after I and Jingjing came to Litang, they were catching up with the opening of the horse racing festival.

On the field more than ten miles away from the city, it can be said that it is a sea of people, shoulder to shoulder.

There are monks, journalists, and tourists from home and abroad. Of course, more Tibetans who came to participate in the grand meeting on the Khampa Prairie are estimated to have tens of thousands of people.

On the wide field, the riders of various walks are doing various warm-up activities across their love horses wearing ribbons.

After the opening ceremony, it was a variety of equestrian competitions, immediately throwing hydrangea, picking up Hada, shooting and archery, tilting upside down. It can be said that each style is full of style.

The game was full of excitement, and the crowd was excited. The sound of cheers, “Call, Humah,” came and went, and it rang through the grassland.

  The next day is the speed race.

The ten-mile long track stood on both sides of the audience waiting for the audience.

Jingjing and I did not go to the starting point, but to the red flag that fluttered in the wind at the end, hoping to see the first time the flag-bearer unplugged the red flag.

Through the telescope, I saw more than one hundred riders in the front of the black-pressed crowd at the starting point, and they were eager to try.

At about 9:20, a thunderous cannon was heard from the starting point, and then I saw from the telescope that the riders were riding and marching forward.

1. A whip flew in the air and screamed and sang on the grassland.

Because it was raining at night, there was water in the pits under the grass.

At the beginning, the horses fought and the hooves rang, only the ground beneath them felt vibrating.Like the flood of the gates, they took the road and rushed.

One rider, half a squat on the saddle, the front bow of the torso, the left hand holding the shackles, the right hand holding the whip, the sound of “driving”, such as Lei and Ming; horse racing, with the first squat, picking up four hooves, all the way.
Just over halfway through the race, more than a dozen horses stood out and gradually pulled the other riders behind.

They are like a sharp arrow shot, lightning fast, wrapped up in the blast, and the Tibetan robes on the riders are bulging.

  The dozen riders who ran in the forefront were, of course, the first riders to usher in a severe test.

As soon as they stepped on the grass, they quickly replaced the riders and were tripped or slipped. The other races were splashed and they passed by them in an instant.

The riders, who were almost the same, also quickly opened the distance because of horsepower and riding skills.

  At this time, I saw only a red horse like a lightning bolt. Under the control of the blue robe, all the riders swiftly slammed into the red flag of the finish line, and pulled the flag in the face of lightning.

After struggling to mount the mount, he just shook his voice and shouted two “hhh”, and he was wrapped up by the crowd.

Surrounded by excitement, he shouted: “No. 36!

No. 36!
No. 36!
“This is the entry number on his body, because no one knows his name at the time.”

  Just as the cheering crowd was still unfinished, the soldiers and the staff of several races quickly dialed out the crowd and handed the flag with the “first place” to “No. 36” and made him tall.Lifted in the high ground.

A soldier pulled up the stable of his mount and quickly walked to the main venue.

At this time, I noticed that the “No. 36” young man is a very typical Kangba man. It has a thick eyebrow, a wide nose, a long hair, a back, a strong body, and a young face with a plateau red.Charming and heroic.

  In the chaotic crowd, I actually met Jingjing again.

Jingjing said: “This kind of lovable Kamba boy, but do not know what the name is.

I want to know, you can help me.

“I also want to know, so I asked a few Tibetan compatriots in the flow of people to the main stadium, but they all waved their hands and said they didn’t know.”

Finally, I still know from a very awkward, beautiful Tibetan girl: “His name is Pupa.

Jingjing was happy to jump and said: “Puba, so cute name!”

“Oh, what is the name cute?”

Who knows how the handsome and handsome young rider who shines like a new moon on the Khampa Prairie will become a dream lover in the eyes of many Tibetan girls!