Fresh white grass root

Fresh white grass root

[Synonyms]Maogen, Langen, Rugen (“Book of Classics”), Dioscorea, gluten, and Du (“Beilu”), Baihua Maogen (“Rihuazi Materia Medica”), ground knot root (“Qinghai”Medicinal materials”), thatch roots (“Jiangsu Zhiyaozhi”), hard grass roots, sweet grass roots (“Hebei medicinal materials”), silk grass roots (“Chinese herbal medicine”), cold grass roots (“Mindong Herbal Medicine”).

  [Source]Rhizome of Poaceae Poaceae.

  [Sexual taste]sweet and cold.

  ① “The Book”: sweet and cold.

  ② “Do not record”: non-toxic.

  ③ “Materia Medica”: sweet, cool.

  ④ “Renewal of Materia Medica”: sweet and bitter, cold, non-toxic.

  [Meridian]Enter the lung, stomach, and small intestine.

  ① “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: enter the stomach, small intestine two meridians.

  ② “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: Start with Shao Yin, Foot Tai Yin, Yang Ming.

  ③ “Deserve to Compile Materia Medica”: Start with Shaoyin, Taiyin, and Foot Taiyin, Yangming Sutra.

  ④ “Materia Medica seeking truth”: into the stomach, liver.

  [Function Indication-Efficacy of Bai Maogen]Cooling blood, stopping bleeding, clearing heat, and diuretic.

  Treatment of fever, thirst, vomiting blood, bleeding, lung fever, wheezing, stomach fever, gonorrhea, gonorrhea, adverse urination, edema, jaundice.

  ① “Ben Jing”: the main labor injury is dysentery, Buzhong Yiqi, in addition to blood stasis, blood closed cold and heat, urination.

  ② “Don’t record”: the next five drops, except for the heat in the stomach, thirst quenching, strong muscles, and women collapse.

  ③ “Rihuazi Materia Medica”: Housewives have irregular menstruation and drenched in blood.

  ④ “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: stop vomiting blood, bleed blood, treat gonorrhea, urinate, stop the woman from bleeding.

  ⑤ “Outline”: antiemetic vomiting blood, typhoid fever reversal, lung heat wheezing, edema, jaundice, antidote.

  ⑥ “Ben Jing Feng Yuan”: cure stomach upset, five gonorrhea fever and acne dry purple can not afford.

  Animals and Plants Folk Medicine: Treatment of athlete’s foot.

  [Usage and Dosage]Oral: Jiantang, 3-5 money (1-2 for fresh ones); mashed juice or ground.

  [Should avoid]Deficiency of the spleen and stomach;

  ① “Ben Cao Jing Shu”: due to chills, vomiting due to cold, stop drinking and fever due to wet phlegm, and do not take it.

  ② “Compendium of Materia Medica”: vomiting blood due to cold, it is not appropriate.

  [Selection]① More than cure vomiting: Bai Maogen.


  (“Qian Jin Yi Fang”) ② for the treatment of blood-heat rhinitis: a white grass root juice.

  Drink it.

  (“Women’s Recipes”) ③ More than cure rhinorrhea: Maogen is the last, Mishui water service two money.

  ”Sheng Hui Fang”) ④ cure asthma: a grip of Maogen (rotating mining), mulberry white skin equally divided.

  Water two, fry until one, go to warm clothes and eat.

  (“Sheng Hui Fang” such as Shen Tang) ⑤ Those who have fever and fever, and drink cold water: Maogen, Pueraria (each cut) half liter.

  Take 4 liters of water, boil 2 liters, and drink slightly, then stop.

  (“Xiaopinfang” Maogen Decoction) ⑥ cure stomach upset, vomit immediately when eaten, get angry: Lugen, Maogen each two or two.

  Finely cut, four liters of water, boil two liters, serve it, get good, good.

  (“Qian Jin Fang”) Zhizhi urinating hot shower: Bai Maogen four liters.

  Five liters of water in one bucket, boil five liters of it, suitable for cold and warm drinks, three servings a day.  (“Behind the elbow”) ⑧ cure urinary bleeding: a handful of Maogen.
  Cut, take a large piece of water, fry to five minutes, remove to simmer, and take it frequently.
  (“Sheng Hui Fang”) Treating drowning and drowning blood: Mao Gen, dried ginger equal.
  Add one spoon of honey, two minutes of water, one minute of frying, and one serving daily.
  (“Outline”) ⑩ treatment of hematuria: Bai Maogen, psyllium one or two, sugar and five dollars.
  (Inner Mongolia “Selected Materials of New Chinese Herbal Medicine Law”) Treatment of chyluria: half a catty of fresh grass root.
  Add 2000ml of water and fry to about 1200ml, add the right amount of sugar.
  Take it orally three times a day, or substitute tea, even for five to fifteen days as a course of treatment.
  (“Selection of Exhibition Materials of New Medical Law of Chinese Herbal Medicine in Jiangsu Province”) ⑿ Treatment of nephritis: one or two of white grass root, one or two of yellow flower, five dollars of gourd shell, one dollar of liquor.
  Decoction, take twice a day, one dose daily, avoid salt.
  (“Selected Survey Data for Unilateral Recipes”) Zhi Zhi Yang deficiency can not turn yin, unfavorable urination, or stagnation of dampness and heat, which makes urination unfavorable and accumulates edema: a pound of white grass root.
  Dig fresh people, remove the skin and internode roots, and cut them carefully. Boil the grass roots in four large bowls of water. Boil them and place them near the stove. Wait for ten minutes. If the grass roots do not sink, cook again.Boil, move its pot next to the stove, and despise the roots are sinking into the bottom, the soup is ready, take the slag warm clothes, most of the cup, five or six times a day, two or three times a night, so that the medicine is sequential, 12 o’clock a week, Urinate self-interest.
  (Bai Maogen Decoction of “Medicine in the West and Participating in the West”) ⒁ Treatment of large ascites due to stroke: a large number of white Maogen, three liters of adzuki bean.
  Three liters of water, boil it dry, remove the edible beans, and the water will urinate.
  (“Behind the back of the elbow”) ⒂ cure jaundice, valley jaundice, wine jaundice, female jaundice, labor jaundice, yellow sweat: a handful of grass roots.
  Finely cut, cooperate with a pound of pork, and eat as much as you can.
  (“Behind the back of the elbow”) ⒃ treatment of blood heat through dry and closed: Maogen, Achyranthes bidentata, Health Rehmannia, Tong Fei.
  (“Ben Cao Jing Shu”) Detoxification of Datura Poisoning: One or two white grass roots, one pound of sugar cane.
  Mash, squeeze, and fry with a coconut water.
  (“Mainly poisonous plant in the south”) ⒅ temperature disease fever 哕 (the stomach has volt fever, which makes the chest full, causing Qi reversal, Qi reversal is claimed to be radon).
  Use Maogen, Pueraria pueraria, Pueraria lobata, each half a catty, and add 3 liters of water to fry into a liter and a half.
  Take one cup of warm water with each serving.
  Stop serving immediately.
  Nausea, vomiting when eating meat.
  Use grass roots and reed roots two or two each, add 4 liters of water, cook to 2 liters, and serve once.
  ⒇ Lung fever asthma.
  Use raw grass root, bite into the mouth, add two bowls of water, cook into a bowl, and serve warm after meals.
  Three servings healed.
  The name of this party is as god soup.
  (21) Deficiency and edema (unfavorable urination, but drinking a lot of water).
  Use a large handful of white grass root, three liters of adzuki beans, and add three liters of water to boil.
  De Mao food.
  Water urinates.
  (22) Five types of yellow disease (jaundice, trough jaundice, wine jaundice, female jaundice, labor jaundice.
  The body is slightly fat, sweating like yellow juice).
  Use raw grass root, cut it into pieces, and eat it with a pound of pork.
  (23) Hot urine.
  Use 4 liters of white thatch, add 5 liters of water to a bucket, cook to 5 liters, and warm.  Take it once a day.

  (24) Hematuria due to injury.

  Use grass root and dried ginger to divide equally, add one spoon of honey, two cups of water, and fry into a cup.

  Take it once a day.
  (25) Nosebleeds.

  Grind it with Maogan, send it for rice water for two yuan per serving.

  (26) More than vomiting blood.

  Use white grass root and decoction.

  (27) Bamboo and wood enter the meat.

  Burn the ground with white grass root and apply lard to the wound.

  [Clinical application]① The treatment of acute nephritis has a better effect and can shorten the course of the disease.

  According to the observed observations, urination usually increases significantly after taking the medicine within 1-5 minutes, and can reach about 1500-3000 ml per day.

  As a result, the edema disappeared, and the changes in hypertension and urine tests gradually improved and became normal.

  According to some case statistics, the average time to disappear of edema is about 4-5 days or about 1 week; the time to return to normal blood pressure is 5-20 days, an average of 7-9 days; the average time to disappear changes in urine tests, from 11 days to 26.

4 days.

  It is also used for chronic nephritis to diuretic swelling and certain antihypertensive effect.

  But for ascites caused by liver disease and edema caused by heart failure, there is no diuretic swelling effect or the effect is not significant.

  Therefore, some people think that the role of white grass root is mainly to reduce the rupture of glomerular blood vessels, which will increase renal blood flow and renal filtration rate and produce a diuretic effect; meanwhile, it will improve kidney contraction, reduce renin production, and return blood pressure to normal.

  Therefore, it has a good effect on acute nephritis and a poor effect on chronic nephritis, but it has little effect on liver and heart edema.

  Except for a few dizziness or nausea during the medication, no adverse reactions were seen.

  Usage: Generally take half a catty of white grass root (dry product), wash and chop, decoction, and take 2-3 times a day.

  Served for 1-2 weeks or until healed.

  There are also compound treatments with large thistle, small thistle, raw land or ephedra.

  At the same time as taking the medicine, pay attention to bed rest, limit water and salt intake, and keep warm.

  If necessary, other drugs can be appropriately added to control complications and infections. ② For treatment of acute infectious hepatitis, use white grass root (dry product) 22, decoction, and take twice daily.

  Twenty-eight cases were treated, and clinically cured (45 minutes of major symptoms, signs disappeared, and liver function returned to normal). 21 cases were improved (clinical symptoms improved, 45 cases of clinical liver function decreased by more than half, or fully recovered to normal after 45 days).

  After treatment, the main symptoms mostly disappeared at 10, and the hepatosplenomegaly disappeared at about 20 days; 80% of the patients who recovered alanine aminotransferase recovered normally after 45 days, and the jaundice index averaged 20.

15 days to normal.

  No prefix is seen.

  In addition, Bai Maogen has been used for the treatment of hypertension, and it has a certain effect when it is used in the treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding with celestial grass.