[6 most popular sex props for men and women]

[6 most popular sex props for men and women]

Unchanged sex is boring and you need to keep innovating to keep it fresh.

In fact, there are many common daily necessities around us that can be used as sex props, which can be used to both add points to sex and make it feel more wonderful.

Lighting a candle can help improve the survey. Women are more likely to be emotional in the atmosphere created by men, and women also like to provoke men by creating atmosphere.

Lighting a candle is a better way for men and women to love. It can increase romance and get closer to each other’s physiology. Under the light of the candle, the tension on both sides is more relaxed and the body contours are more touching.Both parties can enjoy sex more happily.

Candles with orange and lavender fragrance are the best choice. The essential oils in them can reduce the worry and make people happy.