[Can the mousse cake be frozen]_How to freeze_How to freeze

[Can the mousse cake be frozen]_How to freeze_How to freeze

Mousse cake is a fresh method of cake. The cream on this mousse cake tastes like jelly, but it is really delicious, and everyone knows that the cake is kept for a short time, especiallyIn the summer, it is especially easy to experience the sun, so it is best to keep the cakes that have not been eaten in the refrigerator. Can the mousse cakes be frozen?

It is best to keep it sealed to avoid skewers. For health reasons, eat less overnight.

Added: Mousse cake is a kind of pastry based on mousse flour.

Mousse in English is mousse, which is a kind of jelly-like dessert. It can be eaten directly or used as a cake sandwich. Usually, cream and coagulant are added to create a thick frozen effect.

Mousse was translated from French.

Mousse cakes first appeared in Paris, France, the capital of gourmets. At first, the masters added various ingredients to the cream to stabilize and improve the structure, taste and flavor, so that the appearance, color, structure, and taste changed.After freezing, it tastes endless and becomes the best in cakes.

Mousse is a kind of dessert like pudding, which is softer than pudding and melts at the mouth.

The difference between mousse cakes and ordinary cakes: 1. Mousse cakes are custard-style desserts, and consumers can eat or make cake sandwiches directly.

To put it simply, mousse eggs are a common cake with jam added to the cream, and this mousse cake will not deform at room temperature!

The manufacturing process of innocent mousse cake is very complicated, and the temperature control is very strict. Because the jelly raw material used for mousse is animal glue, it is in a low temperature environment during the entire production process.

The mousse cake chef cooks with gelatine condensed whipped cream or other ingredients (sesame or coffee, etc.), pours the cooked paste into a mold, and freezes and releases the mold.

The special manufacturing process makes the edible mousse cake different from ordinary cream cake: 10 seconds is its optimal serving temperature. At this temperature, the mousse cake can retain the original flavor of the mousse and bite.Going down, my mouth is full of the rich scent of mousse, enjoying silky and memorable.

2. Ordinary cake refers to the flour and eggs, which are baked after years of fermentation. The cake body used for mousse cake is ordinary cake.

Compared to ordinary cakes, mousse cakes are more particular about the way they are eaten. The taste is more sweet than ordinary cakes.

In addition, the biggest feature when making mousse cakes is that the protein, egg yolk, and whipped cream in the recipe must be passed separately with sugar, and then mixed together, so it is slightly loose, a bit like whipped fresh cream.