Test your role in the circle of friends

Test your role in the circle of friends

Test your role in the circle of friends 1.Do you eat breakfast every day?

  yes-go to Q2 no-go to Q3 2.Have you ever owned a pet?

  yes-go to Q7 no-go to Q3 3.Do you have any work experience?

  yes-go to Q7 no-go to Q4 4.Are your motor cells good?

  yes-go to Q8 no-go to Q5 5.Are you losing weight?

  yes-go to Q9 no-go to Q66.
Do you think you must eat and drink while watching a movie at the cinema?

  yes-go to Q9 no-go to Q10 7.Do you think there are no aliens in the world?

  yes-go to Q11 no-go to Q8 8.Do you have many friends of the opposite sex?

  yes-go to Q12 no-go to Q9 9.Do you rarely read comics?

  yes-go to Q13 no-go to Q10 10.Can you sing as soon as you get to Karaoke?

  yes-go to Q17 no-go to Q14 11.Do you like to eat sandwiches?

  yes-go to Q14 no-go to 12 12.Are you good at finding different dishes?

  yes-go to Q15 no-go to 313 13.Do you know how to draw comics?

  yes-go to Q16 no-go to Q14 14 14.Do you like plaid patterns?

  yes-go to Q16 no-go to Q18 15.Ever since you were young you have wanted to study abroad?

  yes-go to Q19 no-go to Q16 16.
Have you ever attended an artist’s fan club or lingered on its website?

  yes-go to Q20 no-go to Q17 17.Are you easily moved and crying?

  yes-go to Q21 no-go to 818 18.Have you ever been in a two-footed relationship?

  yes-go to Z21 no-go to Z2219.
If there is no flashlight in your life, do you find it very inconvenient or even disruptive?

  yes-go to Q23 no-go to Q20 20.Do you watch the newspaper’s economic and TV news every day?

  yes — go to Q24 no — go to Q21 21.Are you afraid of watching horror movies?

  yes-go to Q22 no-go to Q25 22.Do you like coffee

  yes-go to Q26 no-go to Q25 23.Do you like to spray perfume?

  yes — A no-B 24..Do you have more than 5 bottles of skincare in your home?

  yes-C no-D 25.Are you a person who is not afraid of trouble?

  yes — E no — F 26.Are you often invited by friends to participate in different types of activities?

  yes -- G no -- HB A: You are a leader in general. No matter you are in a familiar or unfamiliar environment, you will take the initiative to say hello to others; you always have no hesitation when there are problemsThe ground immediately rushed forward to solve, like to enjoy the appreciation of others.

You are born with leadership skills, often as part of a command in a group, and easily gain the trust of others.

  B: Pistachio You are good at engaging in the atmosphere, you will find things to do when you are fine, and you will talk when you are fine. There is laughter where you are.

Your interpersonal relationship is good, everyone likes to get along with you, and you are always cheerful and generous, so you have a lot of friends, but be careful of those endless parties that make you tired.

  C: Trendy people, you pay great attention to popular information. As long as someone talks with you about this type of topic, you can immediately become a good friend with whom he talks about everything.

At the same time, you are a very principled person. As long as there is no conflict with your principles, you will be able to discuss everything, but once you violate your principles, there is no room for negotiation!

  D: A good girl is very self-disciplined. You are very disciplined and have high self-requirements. On the other hand, you don’t relax with others. You like people with high self-discipline and people with loose personality cannot be friends with you.

You work very hard. You are a good girl in the eyes of others. You often ignore relationships because you are too focused on learning.

  E: At 13 o’clock, you don’t have any particular dislikes or dislikes for people. However, if someone can talk to you about topics of interest, you will want to get acquainted with him immediately without any thought.
People feel comfortable with you, so it’s easy to make friends. Even if you don’t actively expand your relationships, friends will automatically bury themselves.

  F: The exclusive village is in a group. You don’t have much to say, and you have reservations. Other people’s impression of you is “mysterious”.

In fact, you don’t like to be with the crowd, but you like to hide and observe, so you can very well trim what others are thinking about.
You like to discuss numerology, horoscope, divination and other topics with others.

  G: Little angel, you are a very easy-going person. It will not cause other people’s pressure. You will be considerate and sympathetic to your friends.

Anyone come to you for help, you will do what you can to provide?

Help, do n’t ask for returns, and you wo n’t be impatient, so your interpersonal relationship is very good, and it is a spiritual first aid station for many people.

  H: Xiao Tianzhen, you are a sloppy person. You have simple ideas, and you do n’t have any plans or think too far.

In principle, your friends will like you, but sometimes your innocence can cause some potential trouble for others.